Want to get away this Spring and wondering what the best places to visit in Europe in April are? Well, that’s an excellent decision, and I’d love to give you a dozen of different options to think about for your upcoming travels! 

The smell of orange blossoms and sweet sunny days is the epitome of Springtime in Europe. Known as the ‘shoulder season’, April offers fewer tourists, cheaper airfares and accommodation, yet pleasant weather conditions, making it an ideal time to visit! 

From fairytale cobblestone streets, iconic cities, and seaside cafes, come with me and explore what I think are the top places to visit in Europe in April!

Amsterdam in April

1) Paris, France

Paris, the ‘City of Lights’ is an obvious choice! From Louis Armstrong to Frank Sinatra, just about every person has expressed their joys of visiting Paris in April. It’s known to have a milder climate, pleasant weather conditions perfect for sightseeing, and modest crowd sizes. 

Its history, culture, different cuisines, and its stunning architecture is something you won’t want to miss. 

Easter often falls in April. The hunt for decorated eggs and chocolate-coated bunnies is a chocolatiers dream this time of year, especially in Paris! 

  • The average high temperature in April: 60F/ 16C
  • The average low temperature in April: 46F/8C

Take a read through my 4 Days in Paris Itinerary & Travel Guide for an in-depth look at this iconic destination

Paris - Europe in April Places to Visit

Best things To Do In Paris In April

The Eiffel Tower

Obviously, taking a trip to Paris is incomplete without visiting one of the most famous landmarks in the world! This is one of the best things to do in Paris and not to be missed. The lawns near the Eiffel Tower in April are coated in hues of greens, an excellent spot to have a picnic and relish this beautiful piece of history. It was built in 1889, sitting at 1, 063 feet. 

Seine Dinner Cruise


To see many of the major sights in Paris at once, take a cruise with a panorama view on the Seine river. The Seine Dinner Cruise is one of the most romantic things you can do in Paris.  Most companies offer an hour-long cruise that passes iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Musse D’Orsay, the Louvre, Grand Palais, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Chocolate & Pastry Tour of Saint-Germain


Just hearing that first chatter of chocolate in France is the ultimate dream for any chocolate lover. Looking through Paris chocolatiers decorated windows is complete heaven and art on its own. 

For 95€ ($106) you get to taste the most exquisite food, including wine, cured meats, chocolate, pastry, and cheeses. 

Where To Stay In Paris

Paris is a pretty massive city, and there are so many wonderful neighborhoods to explore and hotels to stay at. I’d recommend reading through my article on the Top 20 Paris Hotels With Eiffel Tower Views

Recommended Airbnbs in Paris in April

Recommended Hotels in Paris in April

2) Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is my favorite city in the world, and I think it’s a top destination to visit all year long! It’s absolutely gorgeos during the spring, but more importantly – is far less crowded than during the peak summer season! It makes sightseeing much more enjoyable, but still has that lively Barcelona atmosphere that I love so much! 

Barcelona is best known for its architecture, art, food, and nightlife. You’ll truly get swept up into the Spanish culture and love everything about your visit! So get that ticket booked, find an awesome Barcelona Airbnb or Hotel, and start planning your Spanish adventure!

  • The average high temperature in April: 64F/18C
  • The average low temperature in April: 47F/8C
Barcelona in April

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Best Barcelona Activities In April 

Explore Gaudi’s Architecture – From the famous Sagrada Familia to Park Guell, spending a couple of days exploring this amazing work will surely amaze you, and there’s a whole lot to visit! Check out this article for 10 Must-See Gaudí Buildings in Barcelona

Barcelonetta Beach Day – While the water may still be a bit cold, the beaches in Barcelona are still a perfect way to spend a day. Grab a towel and bring some cash, and you can sit there all day listening to music, drinking mojitos, and getting massages! 

Flamenco Barcelona – Watch the famous Flamenco dancers at one of the Flamenco shows: Tablao Cordobés Flamenco Show or at Barcelona Flamenco Pasion show. No trip to Barcelona is complete without watching the famous Flamenco dance!

Portaventura Day Trip – An hour’s drive from Barcelona puts you at Portaventura World, a fun day trip, and during April, it’s a great time to be outdoors. It has three gorgeous parks, namely; Caribe Aquatic Park, Portaventura Park, and Ferrari Land. 

Festivals In Barcelona In April:

While most of the music festivals in Barcelona occur during the summer, you could check out this while is basically an April celebration 

Feria de Abril (April Spring Fair ) – 26th April – 2nd May!Delicious food, Flamenco dancers, sexy performances take part at the annual Spring Fair, celebrating Andalusian traditions and customs. 

Where To Stay In Barcelona

Personally, I think the best way to visit Barcelona is to stay in one of the city’s THOUSANDS of amazing Airbnb rentals! It’s one of the most popular cities in the world for utilizing Airbnb, and all of the hosts go above and beyond to make sure you jave an enjoyable stay. I’ve now stayed at nearly 5 or 6 different Barcelona Airbnbs, and have loved my experience every time! 

Recommend Airbnbs in Barcelona in April

Recommended Hotels in Barcelona in April

If you’re more of a fan of a hotel with daily maid service and a concierge, here are some other accommodation options for you to take a look at!

3) Reykjavík, Iceland

The Northern Lights. Need I say more? Reykjavik, Iceland’s Capital city, offers the most beautiful dramatic landscapes frozen in time, clear skies, and it’s perfect for thrilling adventure-packed activities. 

During April, say goodbye to the long winter and hello to brighter sunshine-filled days. The wildlife is plentiful, including whale spotting and spotting white-beaked dolphins, porpoises, and humpbacks. 

The weather is much warmer, but you still have a pretty good chance at marveling at the magestic views of the Northern Lights. But if you get unlucky, there’s plenty do to keep you busy in Reykjavik, as well as the rest of the other planet-like country. 

  • The average high temperature in April: 40F/7C
  • The average low temperature in April: 37F/2.8C

Take a fun read through my article on 122 Fun, Fascinating, and Interesting Facts About Iceland to learn all about this unique country!

Reykjavik in April

Things To Do in Reykjavík In April 

Northern Lights Tour


These heavenly lights in the Skye are something you won’t want to miss, and surely on your bucket list? The best way to see these stunning Auroras is to hop on a Northern Lights Tour either on a boat, getting on an affordable bus tour, or jumping onto a jeep tour. 

Reykjavik: Golden Circle Full Day Tour with Kerid Crater


“Take a full-day tour of Iceland’s iconic Golden Circle. Experience the stunning natural scenery and see the spectacular Geysir area, Gullfoss waterfall, and Þingvellir National Park.”

Festivals In Reykjavík In April

AK Extreme Music Festival – April 4th – 7th

AK Extreme is a four-day music festival, with snowboarding and skiing events held at Iceland’s best ski resort on the slopes of Mt. Hlíðarfjall in the center of Akureyri town (next door to Reykjavik). 

With over 7,000 spectators who turn out to enjoy the Festive atmosphere and witness some extreme athleticism. 

Accommodation In Reykjavík

I’ve written a full guide about Where to Stay in Iceland that goes over the best accommodation options in the country, but here are my top hotel choices in this northernmost capital city in the world!

4) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Venice of the north, is undoubtedly made for spring. There are so many amazing things to uncover in the city. 

The city is gorgeous in summer but more pleasant and inexpensive in the spring. Eat a ‘space cookie’ or smoke some marijuana in one of the various cafes, explore Vondelpark or some of the exhibitions in the Van Gogh Museum. 

  • Average high temperature in April: 56.3F/ 13.5C
  • Average low temperature in April: 40.3F/ 4.6C

Take a read through my article on How to Spend 2 Days in Amsterdam for a closer look at how to make the most of a quick trip to the Dam! 

Amsterdam in April

What To See In Amsterdam In April 

Heineken Experience  – I visited this place on my very first visit to Amsterdam, and it really is a must experience! I’d recommend booking your Heineken Experience Tickets in advance though to save some time and money (and be sure to take advantage of the free canal cruise that comes with the ticket) 

Day Trip to Keukenhof – In spring, the Netherlands is draped in tulips. You cannot come to Amsterdam in April and not see the flowers in full bloom. Keukenhof has the most extensive garden and many flower species in Europe.

Red-light district – The Red-light district is well-known around the world. When visiting, it is advised to follow some rules. Take a walk through the most famous street, Warmoesstraat, or visit a brewery in Chinatown. It’s an experience not to be missed. 

Festivals In Amsterdam In April

Imagine Film Festival – April 16-25, 2020


It was created as the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival in 1991 and is one of the most significant events of its kind. The festival exhibits and showcases films from around the world. 

Amsterdam Places to Stay

You can read through my article on the Top 20 Airbnb’s in Amsterdam for some really awesome recommendations, or you can book one of these spots for below for top-rated hostels and hotels. 

5) Montreux, Switzerland

Montreux is world-renowned for its clean air, breathtaking landscapes, and yummy wines. Freddie Mercury was a fan of the town and recorded his last album “Made in Heaven” there. 

Sitting at the foot of the Alps, with its lakes, landscapes and breathtakingly beautiful views, this place is heaven on earth.

  • The average high temperature in April: 57F/13.9C
  • The average low temperature in April: 41.9F/5.5C
Montreux in April

Flowers, Mountains and Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland

Things To Do In Montreux, Switzerland

Château de Chillon (Chillon Castle) – Switzerland’s most visited historical building, the 13th-century fortress, finds its way onto numerous postcards and books. Explore the haunting interiors for yourself in this medieval castle. 

The Gardens of Montreux Palace – The Gardens of Montreux Palace are dappled in statues of famous people such as Carlos Santana and Ella Fitzgerald.

April Festivals In Montreux

Montreux Choral Festival – April 15-18, 2020


“A unique musical competition without constraints, the Montreux Choral Festival makes it a point of honour to give all types of choirs a chance, allowing them the freedom to select the programmes they prefer.”

Hotels In Montreux, Switzerland

6) Rome, Italy 

Rome is nothing short of spectacular, and a city that is filled with historical ruins, awe-inspiring art and is one of the world’s most romantic destinations! I lived in Rome for nearly a full year (and will always hold a special place in my heart), and while this is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe year-round, April in Rome brings supreme weather for sightseeing. Over Easter, the town fills up, and the Vatican hosts fun family events! 

Rome offers many outdoor attractions, such as the famous Coliseum, which can be enjoyed in the pleasant spring weather.  

  • The average high temperature in April: 63.9F/ 17.7 C
  • The average low temperature in April: 45.5 C/ 7.5F

Take a read through my 3 Days in Rome Itinerary & Travel Guide and my 10-Days in Italy Itinerary that will serve as a really helpful guide for a trip to Italy!

Rome in April

Ways to Keep Busy In Rome In April 

Visit the Colosseum & Roman Forum –  If this is your first visit to Rome, then this should be at the top of your priority list! It’s truly and unforgettable experience, and will be a highlight of your visit! Just book your Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill Priority Tickets: “Get into the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum in central Rome through the fast track entrance with a combined package. Enjoy a hassle-free experience at your own pace. Marvel at the remains of some of the greatest monuments of the Roman Republic.”

 Stroll along the Tiber River at Sunset – So this will forever be one of the best free things to do in Rome! I did this quite often while living in Rome, and I’m simply obsessed with all the different bridges, gorgeous buildings, and relaxing Roman vibes! I’d suggest beginning around Castel Sant’Angelo, and walking down to Ponte Sisto, which is the main entrance to Trastevere, my favorite neighborhood in Rome (more on that later). 

Easter at the Vatican: “Easter is one of the most important holidays, if not THE most important holiday in the Catholic calendar. And Rome can be famously crowded at Easter, due to all the pilgrims pouring in from around the world for the (church-related) festivities”

Festivals In Rome In April

Festa Della Primavera


“In April, when Rome is celebrating the spring, all the city is filled of flowers, and the Spanish Steps are decorated with azaleas.”

During the Rome Spring Festival, a yearly event, various events are held throughout the city, such as sporting events, theater, concerts, and exhibitions. The streets are decorated with beautifully arranged colorful flowers. 

Rome’s Birthday – April 21

The city of Rome comes alive to celebrate its birthday weekend with cultural events such as the Circus Maximus and gladiator displays. As well as fireworks at the Colosseum, concerts, parades, and reenactments of historical events.

Check out this article 7 Ways to Celebrate Rome’s Birthday for some fun ideas!

Where To Stay In Rome In April 

Recommend Airbnbs in Rome in April

Recommend Hotels in Rome in April

7) Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal is one of the best European cities to visit in April! It has one of the most desirable climates throughout the year, and April has much less tourists than the busier summer months. There are direct flights from most major cities in Europe, and you’ll never run out of incredible things to do in Lisbon!

Lisbon is a great city to start your tour of Europe with easy access to other countries such as France. Find yourself at Padrão dos Descobrimentos or ride the waves at Caxias beach! Lisbon is also a fantastic jumping-off point for exploring the rest of Portugal. You can head up to Porto, or choose to go south to visit the magical Algarve region!

  • The average high temperature in April: 67F/19C
  • The average low temperature in April: 53F/12C

Lisbon in April

Lisbon Things To Do In April

 St. Jerónimos Monastery – This astonishingly beautiful monument was built in Manueline style, an essential part of Portuguese history and built-in “the Age of Exploration.” A huge landmark and one of the cities UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Ride Tram 28 – The Tram 28 has been trailing along steep cobblestone roads for decades. It makes its journey from the palm-spotted hills of Graça and moves towards Escolas Gerais, finally coming to a halt at Estrela Basilica. A great way to discover decades of history passing castles and palaces. 

Take a Day Trip to Sintra – With it’s gorgeous castle complexes and beautiful landscape, visiting Sintra is a must for anyone making their way to Lisbon in April! 

Where To Stay In Lisbon In April

Lisbon is another city I find perfect to utilize Airbnb! I wrote an article about The 18 Coolest & Best Airbnbs in Lisbon, but here are a few of my top picks!

8) Split, Croatia

While Dubrovnik may be the most famous tourist town in Croatia (thanks to Game of Thrones), Split is considered better for most people and is a much larger city! 

Located along the idyllic coastline, Split offers that bucket-list-worthy Croatian beach holiday experience. You can swim in the salty sea, explore the historic parts of the neighborhood, or soak up the unique Croatian culture and friendly locals!

Split also has an excellent transport hub, and it is easy to get to one of the nearby islands. It’s rather overcrowded in summer, so April is a great month to see Split where you’re able to skip queues and have pleasant weather. 

  • The average high temperature in April: 63F/17C
  • The average low temperature in April: 51F/11C

Split, Croatia in April

April Activities In Split

Diocletian’s Palace – This enormous palace of the Roman emperor dominates the city’s core. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is at such a scale of monstrosity it’s more of a citadel than a palace. 

Krka National Park – An hour from Split, this national park moves along the Krka River. It offers a large natural pool (400 by 100 meters) and feeds the travertine waterfalls. While here, be sure to see the cascades at Roški Slap and Visovac Island. 

Visit the Starigrad Fortress – Incredible history, stunning views, and a must-do Split experience!

Where To Stay In Split In April 

Recommend Airbnbs in Split

Recommend Hotels for Split in Apil:

9) Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, known as “The Spa City,” offers thermal springs and rejuvenation spas at just about every corner. In springtime, Gellert Hill becomes a sea of blooming trees, and lovely cafe terraces open up.  

The city offers a cultural experience. It’s home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the banks of the Danube and the Castle district of Buda. Spring in Budapest offers longer evenings giving you a chance to stroll around this magnificent city. 

Budapest is definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe with its gorgeous attractions, delicious food, and affordable prices – and April would be an ideal time to experience it for the first time!

  • The average high temperature in April: 59F/15C
  • The average low temperature in April: 43F/6C

Take a read through my 2 Days in Budapest Itinerary & Travel Guide and The 6 Best Day Trips from Budapest if you decide to head to Hungary in April!

Budapest in April

Budapest Festivals In April

National Dance House Festival  

The National Dance House Festival is Hungary’s biggest festival of folk music and dance, with performances by folk artists and dance bands held at the Buda Concert Hall and other venues. 

Budapest Spring Festival 


“The jubilee 40th Budapest Spring Festival, between 3–19 April, awaits visitors with a programme that involves many of the arts, with events in classical music, opera, jazz, world music, dance, contemporary circus, theatre and the visual arts. With the best Hungarian performers and real world stars, the festival is a truly special occasion, presenting premieres and co-productions with partner institutions.”

The Budapest Spring Festival is the largest and most prestigious cultural festival attracting numerous international and Hungarian artists. 

Where To Stay In Budapest in April

Budapest is technically two different cities divided by the river: Buda and Pest. When planning your visit, I’d definitely recommend staying on the Pest side of the Danube River, because it’s closer to everything you’ll want to explore at night! While you defintiely will want to head over to Buda quite often for the tourist attractions, I always think it’s best to say on Pest, especially for all the amazing nightlife and the ruins bars!

Recommend Airbnbs in Budapest in April

Recommended Hotels in Budapest in April

10) Athens, Greece

Athens has an incredibly pleasant April climate, ideal for exploring the city’s famous outdoor attractions! Amongst the poppies and daisies lie ancient monuments, rich in interesting history! 

Many tourists visit Athens for three or four days and then head to one of the nearby islands that Greece has to offer, hopping on a ferry from the cruise port of Piraeus. Some famous islands to visit are Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes. 

But the main reason to visit Greece? THE FOOD IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Eat all the tzatziki!

  • The average high temperature in April: 68F/20C
  • The average low temperature in April: 49F/9C

Take a read through my 2 Days in Athens Itinerary & Travel Guide for a closer look at all the city’s best attractions, as well as food and nightlife recommendations!

Athens in April

Athens Tours – Perfect In April 

The Acropolis


Athens offers an indescribable step into history, like the ancient citadel, the Acropolis, that sits above the city and is a world-renowned landmark. See the Parthenon, Propylaea, the Erechtheion, and the Temple of Athena Nike, too! 

Skip the queues and get a registered guide to fill you in on the Greek philosophy and democracy. Take the Athens City Highlights Private tour to see the best sites.

View Photos, Read Reviews & Check Availability

Full-Day Tour and Sailing to Agistri, Moni & Aegina (10 hours) 


A fabulous boat tour to three stunning islands bordering Athens. It includes a traditional Greek lunch and an action-packed day of snorkeling and sunbathing. 

View Photos, Read Reviews & Check Availability 

Where To Stay In Athens In April

Recommend Airbnbs in Athens

Recommended Hostel & Hotel

11) Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands…need I say more? Known to be the warmest place in Europe in April, the “Land of Eternal Spring,” tourists flock to Tenerife for its exquisite beaches and bars. Located 100 kilometers west of Morocco, it’s rich in history, festivals, nightlife, and fiestas. 

From Garachico and Bajamar natural swimming pools to beaches such as the Teresitas Beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or events such as the Papagayo & Monkey Beach in Las Americas. This island offers it all!

  • The average high temperature in April: 71F /22C
  • The average low temperature in April: 58F /15C
Tenerife in April

Coastal village in Tenerife Canary Islands Spain

Best Things To Do In Tenerife In April

Mount Teide Volcano

Sitting at nearly 4,000 meters above the clouds, the third-highest volcano in the world, and dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Teide is a must-see. You can get a 6 hour guided walk to the peak or take a cable car. 

Places To Stay In Tenerife In April

  • Ocean & volcano views, terrace, wifi, concierge, in Villa (Airbnb) – “If you are looking for spectacular sunsets in the ocean, stunning views of coast and Atlantic in an elegant home in a hillside villa, you have found your place: the “Modern” apartment in one of AD – Alberto Dorner villas.”
  • Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey – “One of our top picks in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.This stylish, urban hotel with a spa is located in a colonial-style building. Iberostar Heritage Grand Mencey offers spacious rooms equipped with a flat-screen TV. Free high-speed WiFi is available throughout.”

12) Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is the second-smallest country by area in the world (only being a bit larger than The Vatican), and is definitely a must-visit in France! Monte Carlo city is rich in heritage and culture. It has the image of bling and high fashion, however, it is much more than just that. It is comprised of relaxation, ecology, entertainment, leisure, business, and beauty. 

This is perfect for a quick weekend getaway, and you can also explore the nearby cities like Nice, Cannes, as well as the picturesque perfume town of Eze! Take a read through my article on the 16 Best Things To Do in the French Riviera for more trip-planning inspiration! 

While the water may not be as warm and relaxing as the peak summer season, you’ll have lots of sunny Springtime days, delicious food, and maybe you’ll win big at the iconic Monte Carlo casino!

  • The average high temperature in April: 62.1F /16.7C
  • The average low temperature in April: 49.5F/9.7C

Monaco in April

Best Things To Do In Monte-Carlo In April

Monte Carlo Casino – Opened in 1863, this world-famous casino is truly gorgeous, and you must check it out even if you decide not to gamble! Just make sure you’ve dressed appropriately as there is a dress code. 

Port de Fontvieille – Port de Fontvieille is the playground for the rich and famous, who bear to spend thousands of dollars each day to dock their yachts and boats. In April, these expensive yachts and ships dock at the marina that borders the Fontvieille village, flabbergasting for tourists to watch. 

Oceanographic Museum – One of my Monaco highlights included the world-famous Oceanographic Museum, which is impressively laid out, took 11 years to build, has a gorgeous location, and is actually one world’s oldest aquariums! Plus, there are roughly 6000 underwater species here!

Where To Stay In Monte-Carlo In April

While many people who visit the French Riviera during Sprintime stay in Nice and only visit Monaco as a day-trip, I think staying overnight here would be a much better decision! While it’s definitely not the most budget-friendly destination in Europe, it’s absolutely worth the visit!

What Are Your Favorite Places to Visit in Europe in April? 

Europe is filled with captivating cities, charming towns, and countless hidden gems, so I’d love to hear from you guys to see what you think I should add to this list? I picked a lot of major destinations, but will most likely be adding tons more off-the-beaten path places in the future! 

I’ve spent a lot of time in Europe, and I can’t wait to get myself this April to check out some new places!

Planning a Trip to Europe?

My travel blog is filled with helpful articles, detailed itineraries, and destination guides just like this! If you’re heading over to Europe soon, I guarantee you’ll find some useful posts here on my site, and would love for you to take a look through a few of them below: 

Are You Ready To Visit Europe In April For a Spring Getaway?

Put your coats away, the snow has melted, the spring sun has come out, and the flowers are about to bloom. Finding where to go in Europe in April is not as difficult when thinking of all the incredible places the continent has to offer. 

Visiting Europe in the spring offers the perfect combination of off-season prices, fewer crowds, and excellent weather conditions. 

Best Places To Visit In April In Europe

Thanks for reading about my Best Places To Visit In April In Europe

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