Travel Resources

I’ve been living and working abroad since 2011, and would consider myself quite the “travel-expert”.  ALL of these companies below are exactly what I use when I’m abroad, and I would definitely recommend using them.

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Travel Insurance

Hey Mondo Travel Insurance

Not having travel insurance is not just an oversight when traveling abroad, but often a big and sometimes costly mistake. I highly recommend HeyMondo due to their extensive range of cover for all situations and trip lengths, their fair pricing, and their handy app which allows you to not only manage any claims within the app but also access free assistance online so you don’t need to rack up an expensive phone bill while in Indonesia where the charges are steep!

So, whether you need a single trip cover for two weeks or an affordable annual cover for multiple trips worldwide, be sure to buy your travel insurance before you travel, and relax during your trip knowing that HeyMondo has your back. Nowadays I would never travel without insurance again, especially after hearing so many of those (expensive and dangerous) horror stories from other travellers I’ve met!

Still planning your trip? You can always just get a no-commitment travel insurance quote now, so you have an idea of how much extra to budget for your vacation!

Trip Planning


This is known as almost the “king” or “ruler” for travel company reviews, things to do, restaurants, bars, nightlife, and just about everything else.  I definitely use TripAdvisor quite often when planning my trips!


I literally buy almost everything on Amazon these days!  It’s just so easy to read tons of reviews, find the perfect products, and get 2 day shipping thanks to my Prime Membership.  If you’re not buying items from Amazon regularly, I suggest you start, although, I must warn you  it’s pretty addicting!

Lonely Planet

I absolutely love traveling with a small Lonely-Planet Travel Guide, because they really are stuffed with super helpful information.  I picked up my first one while traveling through Southeast Asia, and have been buying them ever since.  While there are several other options, you know you can always trust Lonely Planet.

Hotels / Accommodation

I really don’t think there’s a better hotel booking website out there!  I always find amazing deals on, the site is super user-friendly, and the customer service really is amazing.  I think it also has the most wide variety of options on all the sites.


This is the BEST site for booking HOSTELS!  For all the budget travelers and backpackers out there, this website will definitely be your preferred choice.  There’s tons of options, helpful reviews, and low-booking fees on Hostelworld.  I also love their website, and it’s super easy to use.

I still occasionally book accommodation on, but that’s mainly when I find awesome discounts and deals!  If you’e on their mailing list, or search the internet for coupons – they’ve got some cool stuff.  I also love how every 10 nights you book, you’ll a free night! is another solid choice that I’d recommend.


In the past few years, I’ve absolutely loved using AirBNB to find epic apartments around the world.  Their website is super user friendly, and there’s TONS of amazing options.  If you book weekly or monthly, there tends to be solid discounts as well.  Sign-up for a new account and you’ll receive Free $40 Off Your First Stay.


I rarely use Agoda to book accommodation anymore, but I do tend to check the prices / reviews when I’m booking destinations in ASIA.  I like to compare prices on all the sites before I commit, but Agoda does have the occasional great deal.  For other destinations though, I prefer Booking or Hotels.       

Trusted Housesitters

Are you interested in HouseSitting around the world?  It can be a really fantastic way to slow-travel, especially if you’re traveling with your significant other.  I’ve never personally done this because I’ve always felt it’d be a bit too hard to get picked for house-sitting as a single 29 year old who goes to music festivals all the time…but will definitely sign-up soon!

Booking Flights


When I’m researching flights, Skyscanner is ALWAYS the first place I start.  I love the search “everywhere” function, and it can be tons of fun to play around with.  This is definitely the best airline search engine!  When it doubt – head over to Skyscanner!

STA Travel

This is definitely my favorite website for finding really cheap international flights for youth fares (under the age of 26), or have a valid ISIC card (which you can purchase through their website).  I love their customer service, have tons of great deals, and would highly recommend them.  I’ve always been a big fan of STA Travel.

Dollar Flight Club

The Dollar Flight Club is basically an email chain where they send you unbelievably cheap deals.  I’ve been on their email list for a few months now, and I’ve been crazily surprised about the cheap flights they find on the regular.  They have paid subscriptions, but also a free option as well.

Tours & Attractions

Get Your Guide

Whenever I go to a new destination and have some free days, I love looking up different tours/ ideas on Get Your Guide!  Their website is super easy to use, I love the interface, and they’ve got such an amazingly wide collection of activities to choose from.


With the big name of Tripadvisor behind it, Viator is easily one of the biggest tour and attraction bookings site online!  They’ve got every corner of the world covered, and you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.  I’ve booked a few walking tours with Viator in the past, and have had nothing but good experiences!

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