Crossbasket Castle Hotel

Best Castles To Stay in Scotland: 12 Castle Hotels

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Are you looking for the full Scottish experience and searching for the best castles to stay in Scotland? A castle hotel experience in Scotland can be the foundation and highlight of your trip! When you think of Scotland, bagpipes, boisterous…
Castel Brando - Castle Hotels in Italy

15 Epic Castle Hotels in Italy For Your Bucket List

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If you want your next trip to Italy to be extra special, why don't you stay in one of the many castle hotels in Italy? These hotels offer top-notch facilities and world-class service, making you feel like royalty.  Offering a once in…

15 Epic Castle Hotels in Spain For Your Bucket List

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Perched on high plateaus and sitting along rugged coastlines with views of lush forests and lush valleys, these castle hotels in Spain offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Spain's stunning landscapes boast majestic castles dating…
Craig y nos - Castle Hotels in Wales

15 Best Castle Hotels in Wales | Best Places to Stay in Wales

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Staying in one of the best castle hotels in Wales is such a fascinating experience, especially for families with kids. These castles are steeped in history and often located in some of the most stunning places in Wales. While you can visit…
Ballynahinch Castle Hotel

Castle Hotels in Ireland | 15 Fairytale Irish Stays on the Emerald Isle

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Are you planning an unforgettable trip to stay in one of the creme de la cremes of Castle Hotels in Ireland? If you are unsure of where to stay, fret not; I’ve done the leg work and carefully selected the top fairytale getaways to make life…
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Top 8 Coolest Castles in Europe For a Fairytale Getaway

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Europe is sprinkled with beautiful castles like powdered sugar on a cake. Some of the coolest castles in Europe are filled with mysterious tales of the past, treasured artifacts, vintage furnishings, and spooky ghost stories. Castles surpass…