Glamping Tent in Wales

12 Incredible Places To Go Glamping in Wales

Booking a lovely and cozy glamping site in Wales means the guarantee of a vacation set in awe-inspiring scenery. From the peaks of Snowdonia to the Pembrokeshire coast, picturesque Wales offers you a camping break with a difference.  We…
BPM Festival Portugal

Top 17 Music Festivals in Portugal to Experience Before You Die

Superseding some of its Mediterranean neighbours in popularity, Portugal has become the European hotspot to be. Tourists flock here year-round, and summers see a particularly huge influx of visitors. They come to bask in the hot summer sun, live it up in the buzzing capital of Lisbon or to swim in the crystal clear waters the Iberian Peninsula location has up and down its long coastline.
Greenfield Festival in Switzerland

Top 15 Music Festivals in Switzerland To Experience Before You Die

Looking for the best upcoming music festivals in Switzerland in 2022? Well, look no further, as I've compiled 15 incredible Swiss Festivals that'll keep you dancing and partying all summer long!  Switzerland is actually quite famous…
Eiffel Tower Paris France

11 Famous Landmarks in France You Absolutely Must See

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There are so many famous landmarks in France that you’ll likely want to plan a second or third holiday to get around to them all. The many landmarks and monuments are spectacular representations of the many historic periods France has gone…
Logierait Pine Lodges - Glamping in Scotland

15 Incredible Places To Go Glamping in Scotland

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If you’ve ever wondered what Glamping in Scotland is like, why not experience it for yourself? The charming Scottish outdoors presents a glamping experience like no other, which is why I have taken the initiative to introduce you to some top-notch…
Sonus Festival Croatia 2022

17 Music Festivals in Croatia To Experience Before You Die

Looking for some of the best music festivals in Croatia in 2022 to keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning? Then look no further as I've put together this incredible guide to the biggest Croatian festivals you can't miss this summer!  Croatia…
Spain Glamping Illa de Arousa

9 Incredible Places To Go Glamping in Spain

If you’re looking to experience glamping in Europe, you’ll definitely want to consider glamping in Spain! With its rich history, culture, incredible wines and cuisines, and breathtaking architecture, there’s always something to explore…
Download Festival UK 2022

35 Best UK Music Festivals To Experience Before You Die

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Looking for the BEST UK Music Festivals in 2022? Well, you've come to the right place, because I've just updated my guide to the coolest upcoming UK Festivals that are truly spectacular, and deserve a place on every festival bucket list!  England.…
Cologne Cathedral - Famous Landmarks in Germany

13 Famous Landmarks in Germany | Best Sights & Monuments

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Looking to visit some famous landmarks in Germany? Then you’ve come to the right place. Known as the land of beer, sausages, and fairytale castles, Germany is a country that should be on your European bucket list. Filled with a rich history,…
Westminster Abbey in london, england, uk at night

Famous Landmarks UK | 18 Historical Places & Buildings to Visit

If you’re wondering what the most famous landmarks in the UK are, you’ve come to the right place. The United Kingdom sits just northwest of Europe’s mainland. It’s a highly scenic sovereign country that’s made up of England, Wales,…
Best EDM Festivals in Malta 2019

Top 20 Music Festivals in Malta To Experience Before You Die

Looking for the best music festivals in Malta in 2022? Well, you've come to the right place, because you’d be absolutely wrong if you discounted Malta as just a quiet European island with not much going on. In fact, Malta is rapidly becoming…
Electric Castle Festival in Romania

12 Music Festivals in Romania to Experience Before You Die

Are you heading to the Balkans in search of the best music festivals in Romania? Between the Romanian techno options and other popular music from around the world, choosing your favorite festival in Romania can become quite daunting. Romania…