Paris is one of the most heavily visited cities in Europe, as well as the entire world.  It’s truly an enchanting city, and I’ve found myself here at least 5 or 6 times now.  Every time I find myself liking this city more and more. Having said that, what better way is there to start your adventure in the City of Lights than traveling via private jet ? If you’ve got money to spend, this is definitely the way to kick off your vacation. As well, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Paris.  Check out my list of 10 Amazing Things To Do.  Definitely a great starting point for your trip to France!

1.  Picnic at the Eiffel Tower

You’re obviously not going to go to Paris without awing at the beauty of the Eiffel Tower.  To make the experience better, go to a grocery store, and stock up on a ton of food.  I like to get breads, meats, cheeses, sauces, chips, snacks, and whatever else you’d like.  It’s also nice to go a local French bakery to get a few fresh baguettes.  Also, make sure you bring a couple bottles of some French wine, and buy a cheap bottle opener.  All around the Eiffel Tower there are large spaces of open grass that is okay to sit, relax, and enjoy the magnificent view.  How to make this picnic even better?  Bring a portable music player and lots of wine, and treat it as a pre-game.

This, my friends, is the definition of the perfect picnic ?

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2.  Visit the Château de Versailles

This is probably my favorite thing to do in Paris, which is funny, because it’s not even in Paris.  It’s easily accessible by public transportation, and won’t cost you too much for a round-trip ticket. Anyways, Versailles is an absolute must-see while in Paris.  The Palace is a museum that is incredibly beautiful, filled with tons of interesting history, beautiful paintings, large ceilings, and much more.  You can spend tons of time in there, but the real beauty is getting lost outside in the gardens.  They seem to go on forever and ever, and is one of my all time favorite places in Europe.  I like to recommend taking a stroll all the way down to the lake, and rent a boat for a 1/2 hour or so.  It’s really fun to be out on the lake, and watch some people rowing back and forth along the long quadrants of the lake.  There’s also a restaurant right where you rent the boats.  So afterwards you can stop there for some French Onion soup and a cold beer.

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3.  Hop On / Hop Off Bus City Tour

I normally don’t recommend these to people, but Paris is such a large city, that if you want to see everything, this is your best option.  You could also take a walking tour to learn some more detailed information, but the tours tend to focus on more specific areas of the city.  The best value is to buy the 2-day pass, and spread out your sight-seeing over a couple of days.  These tours will really show you how big and amazing Paris is, and how much the city has to offer.  They have tons of drop off spots, and come very frequently.  You just get off when you want to explore a bit of the area, then get back on.  This is one of the only cities in Europe I recommend these kinda of tours!

4.  The Louvre

The Mona Lisa isn’t the only thing this museum has to offer.  This place is incredibly massive, and you are bound to spend a couple hours in there.  I myself have never been too big of a museum guy, but I highly recommend the Louvre.  There’s a couple entrances to get in, so if there’s a long cue, try to check out some of the other entrances.  Also, make sure to explore the areas around the museum.  Bring your student ID for discounts.

5.  Trocadero Eiffel Tower Viewing Point

I always tell people that the first time they really see the Eiffel Tower should be from the Trocadero view point.  There’s a metro there, and it’s pretty easy to get to.  I think it provides the best view of the Eiffel Tower, and gives you the best Kodak moments.  From there, it’s just a 10 minute walk across the river, and you’ll be standing right underneath the tower.

6.  Take a Stroll Along Champs E’lysses

The most glamorous and ritziest place in Paris, Champs E’lysses is a very long street that has some of the best shopping in Europe.  This is not for anyone on a budget, because everything on this street is going to be about twice the price.  However, it is still an amazing street to walk along.  You can walk down some of the alley ways and find some cheaper restaurants to avoid the more expensive restaurants.  If you go from the bottom to the top, you’ll be looking at the Arc di Triomph, which leads me to #7.

7.  Go to the Top of the Arc di Triomph

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  It’s free to go to the top of this amazing monument, and it gives some amazing views of the city by day and night.  Make sure you take the underground pass to get there, or else you’ll be playing frogger on one of the busiest streets in Paris.  Check out the history of Arc di Triomph, and make sure not to put out the fires at the top!

8.  Visit the Luxemborg Gardens

These are massive and free gardens in the city center, and another amazing place for an afternoon picnic.  There’s tons of statues, fountains, bushes, flowers, trees, benches, and much more.  This is truly a beautiful place to explore, get lost, day-drink, and relax.

9.  Sacre Coeur Basilica

Making the short trip up to Sacre Coeur really is spectacular.  The views from atop the hill are incredible, and you’ll be sure to find tons of people enjoying a picnic on the hill and jamming to some live music.  It’s easy to get to, free, and fun.  Check it out.

10.  Disneyland Paris

I put this last on the list because it is was not that impressive, but it is on my bucket list  to go to all of the Disney parks in the world.  I have been here once, and actually had a great time.  However, I am from Southern California, and grew up going to Disneyland in Anaheim pretty often.  The size is much smaller, and the rides aren’t great, but it is still worth seeing.  Definitely try to research and find good deals, because it can get expensive.

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