Looking for the best festival gifts? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve put together this fun list that’s filled with awesome gift ideas for those people who always seem to be at music festivals!

With the holiday season fast approaching, everyone is looking for the best gifts to give their friends and loved ones, and I know this list of gifts is filled with amazing items and products that’ll definitely come in handy during festival season!  

While I do think the best present you can give someone who loves festivals is, well, TICKETS to a festival…here are a few more ideas!!

14 Perfect Festival Gift Ideas

Festival Gifts 2019


1) JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Speaker

To start off the list, I thought it’d make sense to have something to play some music, because any regular music festival attendee, is obviously going to be a big fan of music! I currently own and travel the world with my JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, and I’d highly recommend it! It’s small but powerful, the sound is top-notch, and I’m always blown away by the battery life. If I get to a music festival with it fully charged, it’ll easily last all weekend long without needing to plug it in. 

While there are a ton of different speaker companies out there, I’ve always loved JBL, and think their entire line of portable speakers would make for an amazing gift for that music enthusiast in your life. Take a read through all the remarkable reviews, pick a color, and give them the gift of portable music!

2) Vibedration 2 Liter Festival Hydration Pack 

backpack - festival gifts

After you go to one music festival with a hydration pack, you’ll never attend a festival without one! I personally think they are crucial to staying hydrated (as often it’s easy to forget to drink enough water while partying), and that’s why they’d make for an excellent gift. I’ve written about what I think are the best festival hydration packs, but I think the VIbedration Hydration Backpacks would make for the best festival gifts! 

Out of all the companies that make these backpacks, I think they produce the most colorful, fun, and festival-friendly designs. Pick one up today to gift to a friend or significant other, and I guarantee they’ll love it!  


Shoes - Gift Ideas for Music Festival Lovers

Want to give a gift they’ll remember every time they hit the dance floor? Then I’d look into buying up a pair of these awesome Odema Unisex LED Festival Shoes! Not only do they have stellar customer reviews, easy-to-use functionality, and multiple different modes & colors – but they’re also incredibly budget-friendly! They’d make for an excellent gift for festival addicts, as they’ve become quite popular in recent years, and I always do love seeing people’s shoes light up the ground. 

4) Todamay 25000 mAh High-Capacity Power Bank 

Power Bank - Best Festival Gifts

Everyone these days could use a portable charger, and that’s especially true for those who regularly attend music festivals! I’ve gotten a lot of use out of mine over the past few years (especially because of all my travels and festivals), but I just bought this Todamay High Capacity Power Bank as a replacement. I simply loved the digital LCD display showing how much battery was remaining, it’s lightweight yet powerful size, excellent reviews, and affordable pricing.  

While it may not be the most glamorous or funky festival gift on the list, it’s super practical and I’m sure would be very much appreciated! It’s simply the best and easiest way to keep your phones and devices charged throughout a festival weekend! 

5) Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

Earplugs - Best Festival Gifts

The older I get, the more I regret not taking better care of my hearing at all the music festivals I’ve attended! When I was young, I NEVER even thought about wearing earplugs, but I’m really hoping the younger generation realizes the importance of protecting your hearing. 

I’ve tried out a few different festival earplugs, but my favorites are definitely the Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs! They do a fantastic job at preserving the sound quality and bass levels, but basically get rid of all the harmful stuff. They aren’t too expensive, and they’re one of the most highly-rated products available online. I truly believe they are a festival essential, and would definitely be a terrific gift idea! 

6) Revolver Fashion Meggings/ Leggings

Revolver Fashion - Festival Gifts 2019

A couple of years ago I met the owner of Revolver Fashion at a music festival (while they had a boutique shop set-up), and I’ve been absolutely obsessed with their fun and funky festival clothing line (particularly their meggings/ leggings). I own at least four different designs and am always looking to buy a few more to rock at my next music festival.

Buying a pair or two of these would be an excellent gift, and I’m sure whoever you’re gifting them to will love them just as much as I do! I wore them almost every night at the burn this last year, and I was constantly getting compliments! I also think it’s a great gift, as you’ll be supporting the small business of two amazing humans that are always creating fun, new, and wild festival fashion accessories! 


Faux Fur Coat - Festival Gifts

I wore one of my Spirit Hoods Faux Fur Coats almost every day at the burn…

Want to give them a gift they’ll truly never forget!? Then look no further than a luxurious faux fur coat from SPIRITHOODS! I own a few different of their coats, and I’m now a die-hard fan, and think it’s an absolute essential for those camping festivals that get colder at night. They’re extremely fashionable, super comfortable, and they’ve got a wide variety of stunningly beautiful faux fur coats; from Forest Fox to Snow Leopard, Cheetah to Direwolf, there really is a coat for everyone.  

I’d also recommend you to browse their awesome faux fur throws, shawls, leggings, ponchos, and of course their signature Spirit Hoods (as they would all make for fantastic gifts)! And, one of the aspects I love most about this company…


“With every purchase, SpiritHoods donates a portion of profits to the conservation of endangered animals and their habitat. With your help we continue to raise money and awareness for the beautiful animals of the world, which desperately need our help more than ever.”


Polaroid Camera - Best Festival Gifts

I’ve been attending music festivals for over a decade now, and I always LOVE when people gift me a polaroid photo! So this Fujifilm Instax Polaroid Camera would be the perfect gift to give someone who’s always attending festivals! Not only is it a fun and quick way to capture special moments throughout the weekend, but it’s an easy way to gift something while at the festival! 

They’re small enough to keep in your backpack and won’t take up too much space, and also don’t cost TOO much. It truly is a gift that’ll keep on gifting for many years! 


Desert Scarf - Best Festival Gifts 2019

I’ve now personally bought at least four of these, and they’ve been getting A LOT of use during festival season. They’re absolutely perfect for music festivals am other dusty events, as they’re comfortable, lightweight, and incredibly useful! They’re a cheap yet thoughtful gift, and would be an excellent addition to tons of different festival outfits. 


Gotenna - Festival Gifts

Staying connected with friends at the larger music festivals can be quite challenging, so gifting these goTenna Mesh devices would be an incredible thought! They work through an app on your smart phone, so you don’t need to worry about being able to messaging friends when no one has any reception. I tried these out for the first time at the burn, and they worked surprisingly well! While each of your friends would need their own, having two is a great starting point. 

11) GoPro HERO 7 Black

GoPro Hero 7 Black - Festival Gifts

I bought myself a GoPro Hero 7 Black last year for a trip to the Maldives, and I was instantly amazed by the photography and videography capabilities! The hypersmooth timelapse is truly epic, and the wide angle shots you can achieve with a GoPro are worth every penny. While the cameras aren’t the best at night, I love bringing my GoPro out at festivals (especialy when I don’t to lug around my heavy DSLR).

While this would be a very generous gift, as it does cost over $300, it’ll certainly be appreciated!  

12) Tile Mate

Tile Mate - Best Festival Gifts

If you haven’t heard of Tile Mate yet, then let me introduce you to this amazing technology! It’s basically “Find Your iPhone”, but for all of your important belongings! You simply put on of the Tile Mate rings on items you don’t want to lose, and it connects to your phone and saves the location. You could also put one at your campsite, and is that as a GPS tracker to find your way back to your tent after a long day of festival shenanigans! 

I actually use this while I’m traveling, and keep one on my luggage and passport holder, but they definitely will come in handy for music festivals! They’re not that expensive, so they will make a top-notch gift! 

13) Around the World in 80 Raves

A guide to the best parties and festivals on the planet 

Festival Book - Best Festival Gifts

I actually just discovered this book by while doing research for this post, and I HAD to buy it for myself! As a travel-blogger whose regularly attending festivals and parties around the world, this book really hit home for me. 

Anyone who loves a good music festival would love to browse through Around the World in 80 Raves, as I’m sure it’ll give them tons of fun ideas and inspiration for their festival bucket list! It’s super cheap (I bought myself a ssed copy for ($5.77), so this would be a fantastic and cheap gift!

14) Novobey Hooded Fleece Blanket

Hooded Blanet - Best Festival Gifts 2019

Hooded blankets are becoming quite popular at festivals, and they’d make a perfect gift for festival fans! There are tons of different fun designs to choose from, are super affordable, and extremely soft and comfortable. Take a browse through the Novobey Hooded Fleece Blanket collection online, and gift someone the gift of warmth and style!

Am I Missing Any Awesome Festival Gifts…?

While this list could really be never ending, I wanted to keep it to a nice small number for now. If you’ve ever received a present that you LOVED and would be a great addition to the article, please do let me know so I can update it! I plan on doing lots of Christmas shopping from this list actually, and can’t wait to gift some friends some of these fun items!   

Tomorrowland - Best Festival Gifts


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Thanks for reading about these awesome festival gifts!

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