Bangkok, the gateway to South-East Asia, is one of the most exciting cities to visit while traveling throughout this corner of the world.  It’s massive, chaotic, busy, and a whole lot of fun.  From shopping and partying on the notorious Khao San Road, visiting the beautiful Grand Palace and other temples, and experiencing the amazing weekend market; there’s no shortage of things to do in Bangkok.  But the question at hand is, where is the best place to stay in Bangkok?  There is no shortage of amazing places to stay, but I’m just going to give my top recommendations for the best hostels and hotels.  So here ya, this is where you should stay in Bangkok…

1.  Nappark Hostel


This is easily the most popular and most recommended hostel when it comes to Bangkok.  Located perfectly around Khao San Road and The Grand Palace, you definitely will not regret staying here.  You’ll meet tons of fellow backpackers, have a comfortable stay, and probably have a couple crazy nights out partying on the streets of KSR.  It is a tad bit expensive for prices in Bangkok at around $12 per dorm bed, but I think it’s a fair price for what you get.  The wi-fi works well, the facilities are clean, and the beds are comfy.  Perfect for solo travelers looking for a good time in Bangkok.  For reservations, availability, and room rates, click here.

2.  Khao San Palace


Located right smack dab in the middle of Khao San Road, you can’t get any more in the action of this crazy street.  The best part about staying at Khao San Palace is access to the rooftop pool, which is amazing to take a swim in to escape the extreme heat you’ll likely encounter while visiting Bangkok.  A room for two people will cost you around $25, which is a great deal for having a private room.  The wi-fi works great, the bathrooms are great, and the beds and pillows are clean and comfortable.  For reservations and room rates click here.

3.  Green House Hostel


This is the absolutely perfect location for the solo traveler who does not want to sleep in a dorm bed.  Located on Rambuttri Road (adjacent to KSR), this location simply can’t be beat.  The beds are decent, there is wifi in all areas of the hostel, and the restaraunt serves up some delicious food.  There’s tons to do in the area, and it’s super easy to meet people.  You can get a private single room for only $8, or if you are with two people, you can split a a room with two twin beds for only $15.  For reservations, room rates, and availability click here.   [divider]

After you’ve booked your place to stay, and you’re ready to hit the town, make sure to read my article on 10 Things To Do In Bangkok!



Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you book through these links I will receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you.  This would mean a lot to me, and basically just help me buy my next beer along my travels.  : )  

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