Planning a trip to California and looking for some unique accommodation? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve put together the ultimate Glamping Southern California guide for 20 of the most beautiful, fun, and amazing glamping sites!

Experiencing the great outdoors and connecting with nature doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on any comforts! Glamping allows you to enjoy all of the luxuries and facilities of a hotel room, packed into an already set up tent. If you want a unique way to experience beautiful natural surroundings, without having to put in the hard work of camping, then glamping is the solution. 

Glamping in Southern California


Southern California is an amazing destination with all kinds of landscapes on offer. You can find some awesome glamping sites spread out around this part of the state – from desert tents to lush forest bases.

Here are our top picks for some of the best glamping California has up for grabs. Anyone looking for an unforgettable holiday experience should definitely try some of these places out. California accommodation just got a whole lot more fun.


Top 20 Places For Glamping in California

Want to try out Southern California glamping? Whether you are after a beach holiday or want to escape to the desert, here are some of the best sites to enjoy in this part of the state. 

1) El Capitan Canyon

el capitan canyon - glamping southern california

Where: El Capitan State Beach, Santa Barbara

If you plan on doing some Californian glamping, then El Capitan Canyon has got to be on the list! This iconic destination meets all of your glamping needs – with loads of different tent options available. You can choose between safari tents, yurts, regular tent camping spots, and even wood cabins for those that want to avoid tents completely.

One of the greatest attractions about El Capitan Canyon is the ability to modify your glamping experience as much as you like. You could bring your own firewood and camp out fairly traditionally, or make use of the Canyon Market & Deli for meals, shopping, and entertainment. There is even a spa here for the ultimate luxurious experience. 

There is certainly no need to rough it while at El Capitan Canyon. The tents here are well equipped with hotel-style features and furnishings. This campsite is also ideal for families, as they have accommodation options that cater to larger groups too. 

El Capitan Canyon is set on 300 acres of lush wilderness along the Pacific coast. This is one of the most well-loved glamping resorts California has to offer. 

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2) Joshua Tree Glamping | Dirtbag Z Yurt Tent

Joshua Tree Glamping 

When looking for glamping sites in California, you’ve got to include the Joshua Tree National Park. This Airbnb campsite can be found in the BLM Northern Dispersed Camping Area of the park. Staying here is the perfect way to surround yourself with raw and unspoiled natural beauty – while not holding back on any comforts. 

Glamping at this destination is done in a beautifully set up yurt tent, complete with a table, chairs, propane fire pit and grill, and a USB charging station. As well as all of the cooking equipment that you need. All you will need to do is arrive, sit back, and enjoy the desert surroundings. 

This glamping experience is fairly simple, but it covers every need that you may have. This allows you to have an incredibly relaxing camping experience – knowing that the whole set-up is taken care of. 

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3) Ventura Ranch Koa

Ventura Ranch Koa Glamping California

Image via KOA Pressroom

“The Ventura Ranch KOA is a 76-acre campground nestled at the foot of Ventura County’s highest mountain, Topa Topa. Enjoy nature, wildlife, gorgeous views, and clear star-lit nights. We are just off the scenic highway, 7 miles between Santa Paula and Ojai.”

The landscape here is amazing, with a creek, forest, incredible views, and plenty of wildlife. Just because you will be out in nature though, it doesn’t mean you have to get your fingers dirty! 

This glamping experience can be enjoyed through four different accommodation options – including large tents, teepees, and luxurious glamour tents. The glamour tents include a fully furnished area with a queen bed, fully equipped kitchen (microwave, mini-fridge and more), and electricity throughout. You get to enjoy the perk of camping in the wilderness, without having to worry about setting a tent up or compromising on your comforts.

If you are after luxurious glamping in southern California in a lush forest setting, then be sure to check Ventura Ranch Koa out. 

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4) Glamping at the DYC in the Desert of Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Glamping Southern California 

Some of the best glamping in southern California can be found at the iconic Joshua Tree National Park.

The Desert Yacht Club is an art production center featured in several media such as movies, music video, music album, that open his doors to guests when the facility is available for leisure stay. It is ideal for those who seek inspiration and creativity in a calm and secluded environment. We welcome a community of creative people to develop projects and idea that find in the desert the essence of it. Guests who come aboard to the Desert Yacht Club will take part to an experience rather than just have a vacation stay and will be able to get in touch with the inner spring of inspiration that leads to the production of all that was created here so far.”

Sounds pretty great, right? 

If you are just looking for a quiet desert holiday then you won’t be disappointed, either. These glamping tents are comfortably equipped, allowing you to just relax and enjoy the fun environment. The Desert Yacht Club includes a small pool, kitchen area, wifi lounge, and grill.

This may not be a luxury hotel, but the campsite is well-looked after and loaded with character. If you are after a fun and creative place to stay, then this would be it!

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Joshua Tree Glamping - Luxury Camping Southern California

5) Shelter Co

Want to experience the comforts of glamping but aren’t sure where to go? This is where Shelter Co can help. This company brings the glamping experience to you – allowing you to be flexible with where you would like to stay. You can choose a camping site anywhere around California, and Shelter Co will get your tent set up for you on arrival. 

You can choose between a variety of tent options to suit any kind of style. What’s so great about an experience like this is that it’s fully customizable, and it allows you to experience the magic of glamping wherever you choose. 

Shelter Co will do the hard work while you arrive at your tent in style. They can bring all of the necessary items for a perfect holiday, making sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

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6) Cultus Camp Glamping 

Cultus Camp - Joshua Tree Glamping Southern California

Featured in Travel & LeisureCultus Camp is an 80 acre off-grid retreat within a private joshua tree forest featuring unobstructed and majestic vistas. We have an exquisite Glamping Cabin and multiple entertainment areas on the property. Come to enjoy the quiet and natural beauty of the Mojave and be sure to keep your eyes to the stars at night. Experience the cosmic show as mysteries abound. Cultus Camp is unlike anything you have experienced.”

Looking for the ultimate sense of seclusion and escape from the busy world? This incredible Joshua Tree glamping option is a perfect choice, and the sweeping desert views and sense of peace are on another level here. 

The glamping cabin at this location will blow your mind with its simple luxuries. There is a leather chesterfield sofa, queen-sized bed, wooden deck, dining table, and more. 

This is a completely kitted out little vacation home, in the form of a luxurious campsite. The place is totally off the grid too – with solar power found all around the site. Don’t worry though, there is plenty of hot water for showers. 

Your stay here is all about reconnecting with nature, enjoying the wildlife around you and admiring the starry night’s sky. Glamping in California hardly gets better than this. 

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Cultus Camp - Joshua Tree Glamping Southern California 2020


7) Catalina Island Glamping

Catalina Island Glamping

Yachts & sailboats moored at Avalon Harbor on Santa Catalina Island. Off the coast of Southern California

So this may not necessarily be the most glamorous glamping in southern California, but it’s got to be the best way to camp out on Catalina Island! These tent cabins come fully set up to accommodate six people – with individual cots, sleeping bags, pads, and any other camping gear that you may need. This takes all of the efforts out of camping, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the beautiful surroundings. 

This is a brilliant option for those wanting to explore the beaches and small towns of Catalina Island. The campsite offers excellent sea views and access to the rest of the island. If you are after simple Catalina Island accommodation, without having to set anything up, then this option is ideal. 

Plus, Catalina Island is absolutely spectacular and definitely worth a visit!

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8) Safari Cabin Tent Near Warner Springs

“Located in one of the most beautiful, least traveled areas of San Diego County, this unique accommodation was created by an artisan contractor couple with comfort and privacy in mind, while offering a close-to-nature experience. Warner Springs, conservation areas, and National Forests ensure that there are plenty of rural spaces for glampers to explore.” 

Located near San Diego, this wonderful little safari tent site offers comfortable glamping amongst Riverwood trees, overlooking the beautiful valley below. Although you will be based in a safari tent, there is nothing rustic about this camping experience. 

The site comes with a private hot tub, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen (complete with a pizza oven and barbeque grill), and wifi. The tent features wooden flooring and all of the furniture and accessories that you would need for a comfortable holiday. 

This is one of the most well-positioned, and well-cared for glamping resorts in California. There is no need to lift a finger when you arrive at this idyllic campsite. 

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9) Vintage Glamping Travel Trailer

Glamping Near Los Angeles, Southern California

Image via Sibylle Allgaier |

“With a combination of the spectacular view and luxury camping, the “Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway” is a unique glamping experience. Relax and retreat on a sandstone mesa, above the city lights. Nobody will find you at this getaway. Our 1954 vintage palace-on-wheels, large furnished patio, and a shady gazebo offer an unforgettable highlight of your travels.”

Want to go glamping near LA? This convenient site is the perfect destination for a weekend escape. The term glamping may be stretched a little here, as the accommodation is actually a fully converted vintage travel trailer. However, it still has a feel of luxurious minimalism in a peaceful natural setting.

This campsite is west of the San Fernando Valley, just outside of Los Angeles. Even though it is so close to the city, you still get a complete sense of escape. The glamping site is perfectly tucked away in the hills, offering stunning views of the California landscape. 

All amenities that you would need for a vacation can be found in this trailer. Guests can enjoy the private bathroom, well-equipped kitchen, double bed, air conditioning, and wifi. This is like a mini-resort for those that want to reconnect with nature – without having to sacrifice any comforts. 

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Check out the video below by Ethan Abitz for a fun tour of the property! This really does look amazing!


10) The Gypsy Escape Camp

Located in the Topanga Canyon of the Santa Monica Mountains, this gypsy escape has a real hippy feel to it. This eco-chic glamping space is the ideal destination to unplug, unwind, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. 

Facilities here include a chandeliered gypsy tent, a comfortable caravan trailer, and even a tin roof cottage. A highlight of the property is definitely the outdoor clawfoot bathtub – the perfect place to unwind in nature. 

This is some of the best glamping in California for those that love the outdoors. Guests can make use of the beautiful walking trails through the hills of the Topanga Canyon. This bohemian retreat has a unique vibe to it – complete with a stone labyrinth, morning yoga classes, and the ‘trailer hitch cafe’. 

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11) Pioneers Penthouse 

Glamping in Los Angeles for some peace and quiet doesn’t get much better than this tranquil spot. Pioneers Penthouse is located in the Temecula Wine Country, being only 1.5 hours outside of the city. Those looking for an easy weekend escape will love this glamping resort. 

The large tents are fairly simple, but they offer everything you need for a comfortable stay. Think Moroccan wedding blankets, lanterns, a large comfortable bed, and a ready-to-go campfire. All you need to do is arrive, drop your bags, and enjoy the beautiful mountain surrounds. 

This is a truly special location with a total sense of wilderness escape. The campsite is tucked away deep within the picturesque mountainside, nearby the Palomar Mountain State Park and the Mount San Jacinto State Park. 

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12) Romantic Yurt on Private Nature Retreat

Romantic Yurt on Private Nature Retreat - Glamping Santa Barbara, California

Luxury camping in California doesn’t get much better than this.!This incredible yurt, positioned on a grassy hillside in Santa Barbara is the ultimate place to visit for a bit of a quiet retreat into nature. The yurt will make you feel like you are camping, with its heavy canvas walls and natural surroundings. However, this place is so much more than just a well-equipped campsite. 

The yurt comes with a skylight, 2 seater lounge, surround sound system, DVD player, pool, hot tub, and private deck. This is really just a quality hotel room packed into a warm and inviting tent. There is also a private redwood bathhouse. 

An amazing feature about staying here is that you could gather farm fresh eggs each morning for breakfast. The large property has 12 hens pecking around it, laying eggs for your use. The property is large, full of nature, and offers beautiful views of the Santa Barbara mountains.  

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13) Family Glam Camping at Riley’s Farm

This is one of the most unique places to try out glam camping California. Why? Because of the entire glamping experience that follows a colonial theme. These fully furnished tents in Oak Glen allow you to experience what life was like back in time. When checking in, you can even choose to dress in the property’s 18th-century attire! 

The tents are located on a 760-acre apple farm that you can explore. You can also visit the 18th-century village, and try your hand at archery and tomahawk throwing. Your stay here will include delicious meals, as well as wine or cider on arrival. 

Even if you are not entirely sold on the whole colonial experience, this is still a great place for a scenic holiday. The tents are luxurious, complete with four-poster beds and wooden flooring. The farm surrounds are also the perfect place for a getaway. 

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14) The Rising Sun Tipi at Lazy Sky | Yucca Valley Glamping

The Rising Sun Tipi at Lazy Sky | Yucca Valley Glamping

Escape to nature in the Yucca Valley through staying in this extraordinary tipi. Unlike some glamping sites around California, this one doesn’t necessarily offer the full range of modern luxuries. However, if you want to experience an authentic tipi stay around the Joshua Tree area, then this place is perfect. 

The tent is part of the Lazy Sky Boutique Retreat. You can expect complete comfort in these well-looked after tipis. All basic amenities are taken care of here, allowing you to have more freedom to enjoy your camping holiday. If you are looking for a stay in nature that offers total comfort, this Yucca Valley gem would be it. 

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15) Treetop Safari Tent in Idyllwild

Nestled on an elevated deck in the trees of Idyllwild, this tent offers a one-of-a-kind escape. Glamping is taken to new heights with this treehouse tent, as the accommodation includes all kinds of wonderful comforts. 

With a king-sized bed, electric blanket, private deck, propane grill, and outdoor bathroom, you will be completely at home in this camping paradise. Loads of amazing hiking trails can be found all around the area, and there are plenty of beautiful views to enjoy from your treetop perch. 

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16) Dome in the Desert

Dome in the Desert in Joshua Tree - GLamping Southern California

“Re-energize in solace under the desert sky in this modern-bohemian dome, featuring many personally designed and handcrafted items. Stimulate your mind and spirit with natural wood and stone elements, and enjoy antique books and games while you take in sprawling mountain views by day and twinkling stars by night. The natural wood burning stove and space heaters warm the home on chilly evenings, and ample AC keeps the dome cool on hot desert days.”

This desert dome takes the idea of camping to a whole new level. Located in the incredible Joshua Tree National Park, this modern-bohemian dome is kind of like a desert igloo. Guests can enjoy the luxurious amenities and facilities in the dome – including air conditioning, antique books, and a wood-burning stove.

This dome offers a complete sense of isolation in one of the most beautiful parts of the desert. Whether you’re walking through the rugged landscape by day or admiring the starry night’s sky, you will get a total sense of natural relaxation while visiting. 

There is a full bathroom, kitchen, and living packed into this unique dome. This is not your typical campsite (it’s pretty far from it in fact), but it still offers a campsite feel while maintaining a luxurious appeal. 

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17) Enchanting Yucca Valley Accommodation

This is romantic Yucca Valley glamping at its finest. The outdoor space that these magnificent tents are pitched around is speckled with art installations in the rugged desert landscape. The luxurious tents include comfortable bedding and private outdoor living areas with couches and fire pits. 

The campsite includes a refreshing pool, kitchen space, renovated trailers, and clean bathrooms. Set in the magical Yucca Valley desert, outdoor getaways like this promise to be truly special.

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18) La Boheme Living

Camping resorts in California can even be found in the big city. This awesome little glamping setup can be found in Los Angeles, just a short distance away from Dodger Stadium. If you’re after a unique place to stay in the city, then this cool urban campsite would be it. 

Glamping here involves a tent that is fully equipped with all of your hotel room needs, Wifi, hairdryers, air-conditioning, barbeque facilities, and everything else. The tent has a garden view and will become your little slice of paradise in a big, busy city. 

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19) Sky Bubble Suite

Sky Bubble Suite - Unique Glamping Southern California

Hollywood may be famous for its mansions, movie stars, and flashy lifestyle, but it can also be enjoyed through a glamping trip. That’s right, luxury camping can even be done overlooking the Hollywood Bowl. This completely unique sky bubble overlooks the city and mountains. The bubble has a tent feel to it, although it is completely kitted out. 

With a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and comfortable bed, this is a big difference from traditional camping out in the wilderness. Sure, it is not what most people think of when they hear about glamping. However, this can be thought of as the Hollywood version of camping. 

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20) Yurts at Lake Cachuma

Last, but certainly not least, no need to bring a tent along if you want to stay at Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara. These fully set up yurts overlooking the lake can sleep 3 to 6 people, with all basic facilities provided. 

Each little yurt has its own private deck, fire ring, and barbeque. These are fairly simple tents, but they are in a brilliant lakeside setting. 

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Am I Missing Any Amazing Glamping Southern California Spots?

While doing research for this article, it was quite surprising to see how many amazing and unique glamping in Southern California options there are! 

So if you think I’m missing any spectacular accommodation that should be included on this list, please do reach out to me so I can update my article! I’m from Southern California, and haven’t personally done any of these yet, but have added many of them to my California bucket list!


Planning a trip to California?

I’ve got tons of articles about California and would love for you to take a look at a few of my favorite posts below! And as always, if you ever have any questions about visiting California, feel free to reach out to me on social media and I’d be happy to help any way I can! 

Indio - Glamping in Southern California 2020


Final Thoughts on Glamping California

Whether you are looking for glamping near Los Angeles, the Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park, or California coast, there is a luxurious tent for you. Southern California is fully loaded with interesting glamping sites that are complemented by the many national parks and landscapes on offer. This is a fun way to experience the state.

Glamping here can range from kitted out tipis to renovated trailers, treehouses, or even city bubbles. This is a really enjoyable way to try out a new kind of accommodation, without having to sacrifice any comforts. 

If you would like to try out the magic of glamping for yourself, then be sure to consider some of these places around Southern California.

Thanks for reading my Glamping Southern California Guide!

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