There’s something incredibly fun about only paying $8 for a hostel bed, and then crashing a luxury resort and hanging out there all day pretending to be a rich vacationer…

I’ve done this several times, not just in Bali.  The secret is confidence.  You just got to walk in the place like you’re heading back from the beach, and most of the time security won’t give you any problems.

A group of friends and I rented some moto’s and headed down to the southeast coast of Bali to a major resort area called Nusa Dua.  This place is literally just built for major resorts like the Sheraton, The Westin, The Melia, etc.


Lifestyles of the rich and the famous….

The moto ride alone was worth the journey , but we did not expect to be rewarded with an abundance of beautiful resorts to crash.  We actually did have one failed attempt, but the second time was the charm at the Sheraton Laguna.  One of the pools was so amazing, that it started out as a beach, then transitioned into a pool; something I had never seen before.


A beach, a pool, and a tree pose…

The Sheraton Laguna resort was absolutely stunning, and maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to stay at a place like that.  But for now, I’ll stick to my budget travel hostel beds, and continue to crash the party.


Group Shot.

The day was extremely chill and relaxing.  From swimming around and exploring the various pools, upsetting the Russian vacationers who were looking for some peace and quiet, and discussing future travel plans, it was a quality day of resort crashing. .We realized it was about time to go, hopped back on our moto’s, and enjoyed a nice ride home along the toll road with an amazing sunset.


Moto views…

Do you have any experience in resort crashing?  Let me know about it!

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  1. Jonathan Rummel says:

    Haha it is so true. It is so damn easy to just walk on up and get to swimming, didn’t think it was that big of a deal ha, or that they cared. I stayed at Grand Mirage Bali for my honeymoon and people didn’t seem to mind. Awesome places though.

    • Jones says:

      Haha yeah man, some resorts really care, and others are super easy. Bali was by far the best place I’ve been for resort crashing! I might be going back in May for round two. : )


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