35 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Sri Lanka

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During the first week of June, 60+ bloggers, photographers, and travel influencers ascended upon Sri Lanka for the second Cinnamon Travel Bloggers Conference & Awards.  #TBCAsia

Every hosted attendee had a choice of four different pre-conference tours of Sri Lanka to choose from:  North, South, East, or West.

I was on the “Discover South” tour, but I was definitely stalking my fellow bloggers on their different trips to see what type of incredible sights they were exploring.

Everyone had such stunning pictures to share from their various trips, so I wanted to put a post together showcasing a few my favorites.

Check out these 35 Instagram posts from attendees of #TBCAsia, and start planning your own Sri Lankan adventure.

1)  Cotton Candy Sigiriya Sky

Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad completely knocked this one out of the park.  This sunset shot taken of Sigiriya Rock Fortess is completely breathtaking.  What a capture!  Congratulations to Kiersten for co-winning the title of Best Travel Blog at this year!

2)  Snorkel Time

Hannah & Adam from Getting Stamped, who won Best Travel Photography Blog this year, captured this excellent over-under shot that will definitely get you keen for your next snorkeling trip.  Pigeon Island, off the coast of Trincomalee, has some of the best biodiversity in the country!

3)  Bath Time in Yala National Park

Sebastian from Off The Path perfectly captured this elephant having a bit of fun during bath time.  I was actually in the same jeep during this safari, and this little guy was definitely a cutie.  One of the many elephants we saw during our time in Yala National Park.

4)  Oh hey, what’s up?

Marta from In A Faraway Land got this stellar shot which perfectly encapsulates a standard train ride experience in Sri Lanka.  Congrats to Marta for winning the Best Up-and-Coming travel blog this year!

Flirting Sri Lankan style. Train rides in here are so much fun #tbcasia #cinnamonhotels #iflysrilankan #cvisitsrilanka

A photo posted by Marta Kulesza (@infarawayland) on

5) Hanging Out

Nicola from Polkadot Passport shared this gorgeous view of Knuckles Mountain Range and made it known that she is certainly isn’t afraid of heights.

Feeling on top of the world today as we explored the stunning Knuckles Mountain Range ? —- #TBCasia #CinnamonHotels #CVisitSriLanka

A photo posted by Nicola Easterby ??✈️ (@polkadotpassport) on

6)  Accidentally Awesome

Kristin from Be My Travel Muse unknowingly poses as Backpacker Steve grabs some insane drone footage of this old stoupa in the middle of jungle in Kumani National Park.  What an incredible view!

7)  Bird’s Eye View

Backpacker Steve absolutely nails it again with drone footage of this gorgeous Arugam Bay sunset.  Huge props to Steve for his quality work, as well as an amazing speaking presentation on videography at TBC Asia.

Surf's up and sun's down! #tbcasia #sunset

A photo posted by Steve Hänisch (@backpackersteve) on

8)  Lily Pad Perfection

Liz from Young Adventuress proves that Sri Lanka is a place where dreams are made of.  I definitely wouldn’t mind going to sleep if it brought me here.

Paddling through the lily pads – what dreams are made of! @cinnamonhotels #tbcasia

A photo posted by Liz Carlson (@youngadventuress) on

9)  Elephants Need Alone Time Too

Dave & Deb from The Planet D shared this amazing capture they took during the previous trip to Sri Lanka in preparation for heading back as speakers for TBC Asia.  What a shot!  Congrats to Dave & Deb for co-winning the title of Best Travel Blog this year!

10)  Galle Explorations

Hey, that’s my photo!  Taken from our amazing afternoon checking out the highlights of the old Dutch fort city of Galle.  Easily one of the highlights of my time on the Discover South tour.

11)  Arugam Sunsets

Raphael from Journey Wonders shows us how beautiful the sunsets can be around Arugam Bay.  A wonderful shot from the “man of wonders”.

12)  Sunset Serenity

Janet from Journalist On The Run captured this marvelous sunset picture from the top of Pidurangala Rock.  Definitely worth the 25 minute hike, wouldn’t you agree…?

13)  East Coast Beach Paradise

Paul & Karen from Global Help Swap share with us this superb view of Sri Lankan’s east coast beaches.  Not a bad place for a swim, yeah?

14)  Getting Air

Jenna & Jordan from Stoked For Saturday got this amazing jumping photo at the top of Sigiriya rock.   Congratulations to both of them for winning the Best Travel Video Blog this year!

15)  Wildlife Safari Ready

Turkish blogging power couple Murat & Tugce from Gezimanya show off how much fun they’re having on their Yala National park safari.  This is definitely a must for anyone making their way to Sri Lanka!

16)  Lake Life

Annika from Midnight Blue Elephant shows us the beautiful and peaceful lagoon in Habanara.  Not a bad place to relax for a bit.

17)  Breakfast

Food blogging pro Emma from My Darling Lemon Thyme gives us just a taste of how amazing the Sri Lankan food is at the Cinnamon Hotel breakfast buffets.  Every meal on the tour was absolutely delicious.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be leaving Sri Lanka a bit heavier.

String hoppers + all the sambols for breakfast ?? #tbcasia #srilanka #cinnamonhotels

A photo posted by Emma Galloway (@mydarlinglemonthyme) on

18) Train Ride Scenery

Eric from TravelBabbo captured this epic shot of the Kandy – Nuwara Eliya train ride scenery.  Make sure you grab a window seat for this one.

19)  Vacation Ready

Regitse from The Copenhagen Traveler shares with us this perfect view proving Sri Lankan is an ideal vacation destination.  Grab a book and a cocktail, and forget about your worries.

Paradise island? | www.thecopenhagentraveler.com |

A photo posted by Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge✈ (@the_copenhagen_traveler) on

20)  Surfer’s Paradise

Mridula from Travel Tales From India reminds us that Sri Lanka is home to some of the world’s top surfing destinations.  She captured this guy in the beautiful surfing hub of Arugam Bay.

The ocean is his playground! #srilanka

A photo posted by Mridula Dwivedi (@mridulablog) on

21)  It’s Bath Time Again

Laurence from Finding the Universe shares this captivating Sri Lankan landscape complete with an elephant bathing.

Elephant taking a bath, as seen on our drive up into Sri Lanka’s hill count.

A photo posted by Laurence: Finding the Universe (@lozula) on

22)  Green Explosion

Gregory Snell who was representing Travel Dudes snagged this gorgeous view showing the lush and green landscape in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Views. #asia #island #travel #travelawesome ??☺️???

A photo posted by Greg Snell (@gregorsnell) on

23)  Buddhism Introduction

XpatMatt shows us this top-notch photo of monks at the Thuparamaya stupa, where Buddhism was first introduced in Sri Lanka.  Shoutout to Matt for doing an excellent job in his role as President of the PTBA and helping oversee the success of this event.

We visited the stupa where Buddhism was first introduced to #SriLanka today. #TBCAsia #CinnamonHotels

A photo posted by Matt Gibson (@xpatmatt) on

24)  Rest & Relaxation

Jayney from Girl Tweets World shared this terrific shot of her floating in the pool after a long wildlife safari.  We all need a little downtime!  Congrats to Jayney for winning the Best Luxury Travel Blog this year!

25)  Beach Bliss

Matt from The Expeditioner shares this quality view overlooking Unawatuna Beach.  Definitely a place I wouldn’t mind spending a few days.

Beach views from Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka.

A photo posted by Matt Stabile (@theexpeditioner) on

26)  Citadel of Sigiriya

Sankara from Be On The Road shows us a different side of Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

27) Traditional Dancing

Kylia from Stylistic shares with us this photo of the traditional dancing performed at the TBC Asia pre-conference dinner.

28)  Good Looking Group of People

Shiran grabbed this shot of all the attendees dressed up in the local swag we were given thanks to Uptown Kandy.

Sri Lanka's night… ?????? #cinnammonhotel #visitsrilanka #TBCasia #colombo #blogers

A photo posted by shiranphoto (@shiranphoto) on

29) But First…

Josh from Go Travel Your Way takes a stellar selfie showing off the beautiful landscape of Kumana National Park.

30)  Sigiriya Sunrise

Famous Youtuber Krzysztof Gonciarz proves that Sigirya is definitely one of the main reasons to visit Sri Lanka.  Truly a sight you must see for yourself.

Epic sunrise in Sri Lanka #kgonciarz #cvisitsrilanka #cinnamonhotels #tbcasia

A photo posted by Krzysztof Gonciarz (@kgonciarz) on

31)  Don’t Forget the Dolphins

Janicke from Norskereiseblogger shows off her perfect timing skills by capturing this shot during a dolphin safari off the coast of Trincomalee.

Dolphin #safari outside the coast of #trinkomalee #srilanka #tbcasia #cinnamonhotels #cvisitsrilanka #flysrilankan

A photo posted by Janicke Hansen (@norskereiseblogger) on

32)  #NoFilter…?

JK.  Although it would be pretty cool if life did look this shot that TBC Asia speaker Halona Padiachy posted!

Serenity in Hikkadua #tbcasia #cinnamonhotels

A photo posted by Halona P (@piripirisauce) on

33) Perfectly Blue

Lifestyle blogger Mélo Limparfaite captured the amazing colors of the ocean you’ll find in Sri Lanka.  Who could resist a swim?

So many shades of blue #SriLanka #pigeonisland #beach #TBCasia #blusky #travelbloggers #melolimparfaite #landscape

A photo posted by Mélo Limparfaite (@melolimparfaite) on

34 ) Train Station Vibes

Anneka representing Travelettes shared this stunning shot from Colombo train station.  You haven’t truly traveled around Sri Lanka unless you’ve taken one scenic train ride.

35 ) THANKS TBC ASIA ! ! !

One epic week with some amazingly talented bloggers, photographers, and travel influencers.



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20 Instagrams That Will Inspire You to Visit LAOS

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During my extended travels in South-East Asia, I absolutely fell in love with Laos.

It took me a really long time to get there, and I’m actually really upset with myself that I hadn’t visited earlier.

I honestly have no idea why I waited for so long, but now that I now — I’m always telling people about how amazing Laos is.

If you’re backpacking through South-East Asia, definitely check out my Laos Backpacking guide.  This is a great resource for your future travels.

I’m almost obsessed with Instagram — so check out these 20 posts that will definitely inspire you to visit Laos!

1 )  Kuang Si Waterfalls

Definitely one of the most instagrammed places in the country.  I’m sure you can understand why.

2 )  Sunsets in Don Det

Hakuna Matata.  It means no worries.

It's official. I'm in love with Don Det, Laos

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

3 )  Swimming in The Blue Lagoon

You’ll want to spend all day here…

The Blue Lagoon. A great place to spend an afternoon in Vang Vieng…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

4 ) Exploring Vang Vieng

Vang vieng, Vientiane Province. By Aaron Geddes #vientiane #vangvieng #namsong #laos #love #Like #facebook #pages #laospictures #laopdr

A photo posted by Laos Pictures ຮູບພາບປະເທດລາວ (@laospictures) on

5 ) The Gibbon Experience

2 or 3 day zipling adventure through the Laos Jungle?  Sounds like a damn good time.

6 )  Monks on Monks on Monks

The Alms Giving Ceremony is a must when visiting Luang Prabang.

Wat sensoukharam, Luang prabang Photo: Massimo De Nino #LaosPictures #Laos #LuangPrabang #Asia #ASEAN

A photo posted by Laos Pictures ຮູບພາບປະເທດລາວ (@laospictures) on

7   Tad Yuang Falls

While exploring the Bolaven Plateau, you’ll see tons of amazing waterfalls!

8 )  Forever Chasing Waterfalls

Khone Phapheng Waterfall.  What a beaut.

Anyone up for white water rafting…?

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

9 )  Motorcycle Adventures

Easily one of the best countries in the world for some two-wheeling fun.

N13 Road Northern #Laos #Asia #ASEAN #LaosPictures

A photo posted by Laos Pictures ຮູບພາບປະເທດລາວ (@laospictures) on

10 ) Hammock Life

I’ll be here all day…

Enjoying the sunset view over Mekong river from my bungalow terrace in Don Det, Laos.

A photo posted by Sasu Loimulahti (@loimuphoto) on


11 ) 4000 Islands Bliss


12 ) Hot Air Balloons in Vang Vieng

Not a bad view, eh?

13 ) Kuang Si Falls

So damn breathtaking

14 ) Just R-E-L-A-X

Don Det is easily the one of the chillest places in South-East Asia.

15 ) Luang Prabang View Point

So charming.

Experience the charm of peaceful life in Luang Prabang. #ThaiAirways #LuangPrabang #Laos #FlyTHAItoLuangPrabang

A photo posted by Thai Airways (@thaiairways) on

16 )  Out for a Stroll

Discovered this gem while randomly exploring Vang Vieng.

I don't ever wanna feel…like I did that day. Take me to the place I love…take me all the way

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

17 )  Patuxai Monument

Not much to see in the capital city of Vientiane, but it definitely has it’s charm !

Patuxai, Vientiane Laos By Yul Kwan #patuxai #vientiane #laos #thailand #asian #asean #asia #love #like #facebook #pages #laospictures #lao

A photo posted by Laos Pictures ຮູບພາບປະເທດລາວ (@laospictures) on

18 )  Seven Waterfalls in One Day

While exploring the Bolaven Plateau, you can see 7 different waterfalls in one day!

19 ) Laos Landscape

It really is incredible!

20 ) Oh, and Beer Laos is AMAZING

No shirt. No shoes. No problem.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on



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Top 50 Instagram Posts of 2015.

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A total of 270 posts, and received over 166,489 Likes on those photos! 

This was truly an amazing year of Instagram for me.  When I started out the year, I barely had over 1,000K followers, and now I have over 21K followers.  It’s been incredible to see people from all around the world follow my travels, comment on my photos, give me recommendations, and build an Instagram community.


I get emails from people who follow me on Instagram pretty regularly asking me for travel advice, blogging tips, and ask many other questions.  It’s been really cool to truly inspire people through my photos, and I’m hoping that I will have continued success in 2016.


These are my favorite 50 Instagram posts of 2015 !


Gili Trawangan sunsets.  You can’t get much better.

I think I've died and gone to heaven…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Bring a book and some beers.


Watching the sunset at La Plancha in Seminyak.


Follow me.  Let’s go an adventure.

I don't ever wanna feel…like I did that day. Take me to the place I love…take me all the way

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Boats & Sunsets

Beautiful Boracay…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Happy Chinese New Year from Hong Kong!


A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Sunset Laser Pointer…

First sunset in Vang Vieng. Laos just keeps getting better and better.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


…Yes, I’m obviously staying here.

"Pool area is reserved for registered resort guests only…" Well, rules like this one are meant to be broken…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

9 )  I’m On A Boat

Indonesia Booze Cruising

Yachts and hoes…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


That color though…



12 )  LOOK UP



Sugar clouds…

Who wants cotton candy?

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

14 )  GREEN

I like that bridge…that is a nice bridge.

15 )  SYDNEY

My first sunset in the city was a good omen…


I’m just looking for dumplings…


You’ll never want to leave Pulau Kapas, Malaysia.


Deep-house tunes, beer, and good company.


“Alright we’re here for one hour for snorkeling and swimming”…

Island hopping tour in Langkawi for $8 is worth every penny.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Always up for a swim in my favorite pool!

Back at my favorite place in Kuala Lumpur.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Who am I….?


Drinking beers in an infinity pool while watching Bali sunsets.

If you need me, this is where Ill be…Mu Resort Infinity Pool in Uluwatu

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


I went chasing waterfalls in Laos…

I've never found time spent amongst nature to be a waste of time.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Island hopping in paradise…

Just another day exploring paradise.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


The best way to beat that humidity while exploring temples.

Nothing hits the spot more than a fresh coconut on a humid day in Thailand.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Bintang all day…

Viewpoint from the entrance to Finn's Beach Club in Uluwatu. A tad bit expensive for Indonesia, but worth every penny.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


In time…

If i ever start a rap career, this is gonna be the cover of my first album titled "Ripples and Reflections"

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


Zeus…?  Is that you…?

Pulau Kapas wasn't only beautiful during the day. Every afternoon and around the sunset time the clouds and sky put on a little show.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


I didn’t move from this spot all day…


That Hong Kong Skyline will leave you speechless…

I had been walking around Hong Kong all day and needed to rest my legs. Luckily I found this spot to take a few minutes, and enjoy the view.

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


I couldn’t find Dory though…

Look who I found…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


I don’t know why.  But this reminds me of Lion King somehow…


I swam to that island…true story.


Anyone down to head to the Opera…?


Happy Hour at the Pool Bar.  Yuppp….

Cocktails in paradise…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


My daily view walking along the beaches of Gili Trawangan.

To stay here for another month or not…? Tough decision…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

37 )  O-M-F-G

What a view…


Tree jumping, rope swinging and swimming all day.

The Blue Lagoon. A great place to spend an afternoon in Vang Vieng…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


So damn cold.  So damn refreshing…

40 )  DON DET

One of the most relaxing places in the world…


First beer in Sydney with a view…


G’day fishies.


So damn pretty…

44 )  JEEP

Always keen for a little exploration…


Bondi – Coogee Coastal Walk FTW…


Who is down to live aboard…?


Help me.  I’m stuck….Actually, just bring me that book.

I'm all about the hammock and beach volleyball lifestyle…

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on


…on life obviously.  I was in Indonesia.  Not trying to get executed…


It really was pouring rain…


2016 started off in a great way…


Which one is your favorite…?


2015:  The Best Year Of My Life

Shoutout to all my Instagram followers out there!  I love reading all your comments, and glad you all enjoy my photos!  If you like following my travels on Instagram, please help a blogger out and spread the word!  Jones is traveling around the world.

 Are you on Instagram?

Who are your other favorite people to follow on Instagram?

Let me know in the comments sections!


20 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Komodo National Park

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Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage sight that includes three main islands:  Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, as well as numerous surrounding islands.  It’s home to the infamous Komodo dragon, but that’s just one of the many reasons tourists flock to this gorgeous destination.

You’ll be left speechless at the gorgeous landscape, rich marine biodiversity, and postcard perfect islands.

Sailing around Komodo National Park is definitely one of the highlights of visiting Indonesia, and should be a top priority for anyone planning a trip through South-East Asia.

If you haven’t been yet, these 20 pictures will definitely be inspiring your next holiday plans.

All of these photos were taken by me!

1)  All Aboard.

Waking up to these views every morning is pretty amazing…


2)  Idyllic Islands

Anyone up for a swim and a snorkel?


3) Snorkeling and Scuba-diving

T.G.F.G.P.  — Thank God For Go Pro’s.


4) Komodo Dragons

The largest living lizard in the world is a sight you need to see for yourself.  But not too close.  Their saliva is deadly.

5)  Sailing in Indonesia…

Warm water, beautiful beaches, and stunning views.  Does it get any better…?


6)  “Pink” Beach

A famous beach that has turned a pinkish color from crushed up coral.

7)  Live Aboard Views…

“I’m on a boat”


8)  Paradise Found…

Give me a book and a beer — I’ll be here all day.


9)  Boat Jumping

Cool points if you do a back flip.


10)  Chilling Out

Music, Beers, and Good Company


11)  Komodo National Park View Point

On the hunt for Komodo dragons…


12)  Gili Laba View Point…

Quick little hike for this rewarding view. DSC_1059

13)  Blue Skies & Stunning Landscape

I wish I were a bird and could fly over these mountains…


14)  Sunset Sailing

Life’s better at sea…


15)  Pristine Snorkeling Locations

Do you even snorkel, bro?


16)  Indonesian Sunsets

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.


17)  Komodo National Park Entrance

*Cue Jurassic Park theme song*


18) How Bout Them Dragons…?

I shall call you Khaleesi.


19)  Colorful Coral



20)  You’ll Never Want to Leave

Take me back…


These are just a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken during my travels through Komodo National Park.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the world, and a highlight of my travels in South-East Asia.

If you like these photos, please check out my Instagram for more of my travel photography!

So, who wants to meet me in Indonesia…?

Share with your friends!

If you’re ever planning a trip to Indonesia, feel free to Contact Me with any questions you have.  I’ve spent a good amount of time in Bali, The Gili Islands, Lombok, and (obviously) Komodo National Park.  I’d love to help out anyway I can.

The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk [Photo Essay]

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I honestly had no idea it was this beautiful.  I had seen plenty of pictures of Bondi before, but didn’t know that this coastal walks would be so breathtaking..

It took me over 3 weeks in Sydney to finally make my way down to to the beach and check it out for myself.  So without further ado, join me as I show you my favorite pictures from my Bondi to Coogee coastal exploration.

Welcome to Bondi Beach.  This is where it all begins…


Make Your Way Over to Famous Bondi Pool

DSC_2537Turn around and look at the beginning of the coastal walk


Begin the walk…


Look back and wave goodbye to Bondi


On To Better Places & Views




Keep on Coastal Walking




Welcome to Tamarama Beach



And Just a bit further is Bronte Beach


Bronte Beach has a Pool as well!


Keep on Walking!  You’ll be rewarded with amazing coastal views!


Soon enough you’ll find yourself at Gordon’s Bay



Then one last quick stretch, and you’ve made it to Coogee Beach


That’s the Bondi – Coogee Coastal Walk…

If you’re coming to Sydney, don’t miss out on this incredible experience.

P.S — Bring Your Camera!

 Check out the Sculpture By The Sea 2015 !

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Thailand: Instagram Checklist

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Welcome to Thailand

Thailand is one of the most incredible countries in the world.  Planning a trip out to this beautiful destination can sometimes be difficult though, because there is SO much to see and do.  I’m here to help.  I’ve spent a decent amount of time living, working, and traveling through Thailand, and want to make your trip planning as smooth as possible.

This Is Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Thailand — told through Instagram.  

Everyone loves sharing their travel photos on Instagram, and if you manage to post your own versions of these amazing Instagram ideas, I guarantee you will have seen just about everything Thailand has to offer!  Enjoy!  You might not have the best camera for travel, but you can still get some beautiful shots all throughout Thailand.

Playing With Elephants

When you come to Thailand, it should a top priority to hang out and play with some elephants.  Just be careful where you choose to do this.  Find an ethical Elephant Sanctuary and make sure they are taken care of properly.  (Photo: @vodkapond)

Rooftop Dinner & Drinks in Bangkok

There are lots of incredible rooftop bars in Bangkok, and they provide the perfect place for some excellent photography!  Order a beer, enjoy the view, and start your night right in Bangkok. (Photo: @nodestinations)

Koh Tao Viewpoint

Definitely one of the most Instagram worthy spots in Thailand is this view point looking over Koh Nang Yuan off the coast of Koh Tao.  Such a beautiful spot, and only a 10 minute hike to get. (Photo: LifeBeforeWork)

Live and Love the #IslandLife on our #Thailand tours! #KohTaoViewpoint

A photo posted by Lifebeforework (@lifebeforework) on

Scuba Diving Photo

Make sure you check out some of the best dive spots in Thailand, and capture some beautiful underwater life with an underwater camera!  (Photo: @Alessiazamparini )

Full Moon Party

Whether it’s your “scene” or not, no trip to Thailand would be 100% complete without experiencing the Full Moon Party at least once!  Koh Phangan is one of the craziest party islands in South-East Asia, and you have to experience the madness for yourself!      (Photo: LifeBeforeWork)

Double tap if you've experienced a Full Moon Party! #Lifebeforework

A photo posted by Lifebeforework (@lifebeforework) on

The Container in Pai

Pai is absolutely incredible, and one of the best parts about traveling in Northern Thailand.  It’s become a popular destinations for budget backpackers, and there’s never a shortage of things to do in Pai.  If you find yourself in Pai, make sure you make your way over to the Container!

Straight up chillin at the container…

A photo posted by Dave ✈️ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

Railey Beach

Railey Beach is absolutely gorgeous, and is also one of the best places to go rock climbing in Thailand.  You can easily spend a few days in this area.  Spend your days on the beach, island hopping, or rock climbing.  No matter what, you’ll fall in love with Railey & Ton Sai Bay.    (Photo:  Rodrigoduzsinski)

Maya Bay

The famous film location of the film “The Beach”, this stunning bay has made Koh Phi Phi one of the top tourist destinations in all of Thailand.  Visiting Maya Bay will leave you speechless, and one of the asbolute best things to do while on Koh Phi Phi.     (Photo:  mellohama)

Longtail Boats

The colorful decorations on the Longtail boats make them completely beautiful, and perfect for photographing.  Especially when paired with the natural landscape, beautiful waters, or a gorgeous sunset.    (Photo: AboutThailand)


A photo posted by Thailand (@aboutthailand) on

Playing With Tigers

 It’s a popular debate in Thailand whether you should visit the Tiger Kingdom or not, but it’s also one of the more popular tourist attractions.  When planning your trip, make sure you do your research, and find an ethical organization you can go through.  You definitely don’t want to support the drugging of these beautiful animals.    (Photo: R_begley)

We survived the Tigers anyway ? #changmai #tigerkingdom

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 Buddahs & Temples

After your first day in Bangkok, you probably might be “templed out”.  You will have seen so many temples and buddahs, that you might not care to see any more, but a lot of them are absolutely stunning, and perfect to throw up on Instagram.    (Photo:  thailandinsider)

Songkran Water Festival

Celebrating the Thai New Year is one of the craziest experiences you can have in Thailand.  This three-day nationwide water fight is an insane party, and will definitely make you plan a trip back the following year.  Check out my Songkran 2015 Review!

Songkran was one of best experiences ive ever had in Asia

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Street Food Paradise

Who doesn’t like delicious meals that only cost $2-3…?  (Photo:  katiesjournal )


Floating Market

The floating markets in Thailand are a really interesting sight that you need to see to believe.  Buy some souvenirs, fresh fruit, or just go to witness with your own two eyes.  (Photo: ThailandDLuxe)

Exploring Ayutthaya Temples

Ayutthaya is the perfect day trip from Bangkok.  There is a whole bunch of different temples to explore, and all of them are stunning!

Nothing hits the spot more than a fresh coconut on a humid day in Thailand.

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Khao San Road

No visit to Bangkok would be complete without throwing up one Instagram from Khao San Road.  Your choice between the full road itself, the insect vendors, or even the Ron McDonald who is shown doing the “wai”.  (Photo: ThailandDLuxe)

One guess what road this is? Khao San Road, Bangkok #bangkok #thailand Credit @imdoingmythang

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Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint

One of the most beautiful view points in all of the Thailand is making the brief hike up to the top of Koh Phi Phi.  It’s absolutely stunning, and provides the best photographic points in Thailand. (Photo: @omg_that_chick )

Island Hopping / Snorkeling Tour

Get yourself on an island hopping and snorkeling tour, and explore the beauty of this country.  Everything about it is perfect — the water temperature, the landscape, and the underwater life.  (Photo:  BangkokAirways )

Watching a Fireshow

Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao, and Koh Samui all have some really impressive fire-shows every night.  Don’t miss out!  (Photo: @bkbnbkk)

What fireshows have you seen and who has the best? #fireshow #thailand #phuket Credit: @bkbnbkk

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Fresh Coconut Lifestyle

Nothing beats a fresh coconut on a hot day in paradise.  (Photo: livingcookiesdream)

Long Neck Ladies

Interesting, beautiful, and all very friendly!  (Credit:  julchacha )

#longnecktribe #thailand #vscoasia #vscothailand #vsco #тайланд #тай #путешествие

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Loi Krathong Lantern Festival

Pictures don’t do this justice.  You have to experience a lantern festival at least once during your travels in Thailand.  Head up to Chiang Mai around the beginning of November.  It will be a spiritual experience!  (Photo: drewhopper )

Koh Tao Sunsets

Koh Tao boasts some of the absolute best sunsets in all of Thailand.  Grab yourself a Chang beer, listen to some music, and enjoy.  (Credit: @savrick)

Markets, Markets, Markets

Everywhere you go, there will be markets.  If you’re in Bangkok, make sure you check out the Chatuchak weekend markets when you’re there!  (Photo: ThailandDLuxe)

Tuk Tuk Rides

“TUK-TUK!?  YOU WANT TUK-TUK?”  (Photo: ThailandDLuxe)

White Temple in Chiang Rai

Quite possibly the most beautiful and photogenic temple in all of Thailand.  If you’re in Northern Thailand, don’t skip this marvelous place!   (Photo:  BangkokAirways )


If these amazing instagram photos don’t make you want to book a one-way ticket to Thailand, then I don’t know what will.

Have you been to Thailand?  What were you favorite Instagram spots? Let me know in the comments section and I can add them to the list!  

 If you want more pictures from Thailand, make sure you follow these Instagram accounts:

ThailandDLuxe // ThailandInsider // ThailandTexbook

TravelInThailand // Thailand.Addict // BangkokAirways

AboutThailand // LifeBeforeWork 

Thanks for reading!  If you’re planning a trip to Thailand anytime soon, feel free to contact me with any questions.  I’d be more than happy to help out anyway I can!


The Ultimate Travel Guide to Bali: Instagram Checklist

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Welcome to Bali

Island that we LOVE the most! #Bali ❤ Regram from @devinacecilia

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Bali, also known as the “Island Of The Gods”, is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It has became a top holiday destination, and for good reason.  From the stunning beaches, beautiful landscape,  world-class surf spots, jaw-dropping sunsets, and vibrant culture — Bali has it all.

This is the ultimate travel guide to Bali — told through Instagram.

Take a look at this Where to Stay in Bali in Bali guide for amazing accommodation options.  Alternatively, you may also check out these top 7 Best Value Hotels to Relax in Bali by HotelsCombined to complete your Bali adventure.

Check out these 25 photos, get travel ideas, and start planning your perfect Bali holiday.


1)  Watching the Sunset at La Plancha Beach Bar & Restaurant, Seminyak

The colorful decor, fun music, and comfortable bean bag chairs.  A favorite pick among Bali Instagrammers.

2) Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

You can’t come to Asia without throwing up at least one Instagram of cute little monkeys, and there’s no better place to do it than the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

3)  Mt. Batur Sunrise Hike

Completely worth the 2 A.M depature time…Check out this amazing amazing post about the Mount Batur Sunrise Hike to learn more about it.

4)  Uluwatu Sunsets

The best place to watch the sunset in Bali is definitely down in Uluwatu.  With so many different amazing places to choose from, you’ll be able to capture some quality sunset photographs.

If you need me, this is where Ill be…Mu Resort Infinity Pool in Uluwatu

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5)  Watching the Surfers in Uluwatu

Speaking of Uluwatu…have you seen how talented those surfers are?  Uluwatu provides world-class waves that bring some of the best surfers of the world.  Make sure you to take some time to observe their insane surf skills, and capture the moment to share on Instagram.

True life: I wish I could surf…

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6)  Pool Days at Potato Head Beach Club

Have you ever seen so many good-looking people in one place?  Beautiful location, awesome atmosphere, and gorgeous sunsets.  Once you go here, you’ll understand why this venue has become one of the hot-spots in Bali.

7)  Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud

Large, green, and absolutely stunning.  Taking a stroll through these marvelous Rice Terraces will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Rice on rice on rice…terraces

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8)  Life is Better With Bintang

This delicious pilsner will become your favorite beverage of choice during your time in Bali.  As well, it can make a great object for snapping a great Instagram.

The Bintang life… #boozecruise #Sunset #GiliT #Globetrotter #Indonesia

A photo posted by Dave ✈️ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

9)  Exploring & Posing at The Temples

Bali has tons of amazing temples to visit, and they all provide the perfect opportunity to grab some stunning photos to share with your friends.

L e m p u y a n g T e m p l e Photo by @whatsthehelen Photo location : Pura Lempuyang Luhur, Karangasem, Bali Lempuyang Temple or Pura Lempuyang Luhur is one of Bali’s 9 key directional temples. It is also called “ The Temple of Thousands Steps “ located at the summit of Belibis Hill at Karangasem Regency. If you are from Kuta, it will take approximately 2.5 – 3 hours drive to this place. This temple is of great significance to the Balinese culture and religion. Set atop Lempuyang mountain, it is roughly halfway between Amlapura and Amed. For tourists who love trekking, it will be a great experience for you to climb the path to this temple. There are many beautiful sceneries of volcano and greater Bali, waiting for you to be discovered and challenging paths. It is a two hour climb to the summit, up to 1700 steps, but there is also a temple at the bottom near the parking area, if you choose not to make the climb. Hashtag your photos with us #thebaliguideline LIKE US ON FACEBOOK THEBALIGUIDELINE ■ FOLLOW TWITTER @tbaliguideline

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10 ) The View from Finn’s Beach Club

Finn’s Beach Club in Ulutwatu is one of the absolute best places to spend a day during your holiday in Bali.  The entrance is gorgeous, and as the “elevator” slowly brings you down the cliff, you can’t help but appreciate this amazing island.

Viewpoint from the entrance to Finn's Beach Club in Uluwatu. A tad bit expensive for Indonesia, but worth every penny.

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11)  Proof of Paradise

Bali – “The Island Of The Gods”

12) The Beauty of Kintamani & Batur

Whether you only visit Kintamani & Batur for a day trip, or stay here for a week — you definitely need to photography this stunning location!

13)  Over-looking The Rock Bar in Jimbaran

Beautifully constructed along the gorgeous coast-line, snapping a photo of The Rock Bar is definitely a must.  This is also a solid choice for dinner, drinks, and enjoying the sunset.

Sunday session ??? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• An amazing photo regram from : ? @davidsudarsono Was taken at "Rock Bar, Jimbaran, Bali" Let's sharing your amazing moment with @balidaily ? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Bali #balidaily #visitbali #explorebali #balitrip #thisisbali #balilife #lovebali #travel #holiday #summer #instadaily #instagood #pictofthedayu #paradise#lovebali #sunset #sunrise #kintamani #canggu #kuta #legian #seminyak #petitenget #sanur #ubud #uluwatu #nusadua #lovina #lembongan #ceningan

A photo posted by Explore Bali With Bali Daily (@balidaily) on

14) The Beauty of Uluwatu Beach

When the tide is high you can watch the surfers paddle in and out of this beautiful cove, but when the tide is slow you can lay down a towel, read a book, and enjoy this stunning beach.

Where the surfers come to play #uluwatu #bali #indonesia #TravelBlogger #Globetrotter #wanderlust #islandlife #surf

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15) Pool Reflections, Trees, and Sunsets

Resorts are all over the place.  Relax by the pool, and capture some stunning photographs.

16)  The Yoga Pose

Bali  is one of the best places in the world to so some yoga.  Even if you aren’t a hard-cory Yogi, strike your favorite pose and upload it to Instagram.

17)  Beach Days in Paradise 

Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Regram from @freddynicotjandra in Padang-Padang beach #Uluwatu #Bali

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18)  Chasing Waterfalls

Waterfalls might not be the #1 reason you come to Bali, but they should definitely be a top-priority during your holiday.  Check out this list of amazing waterfalls in Bali.

19)  The Underwater Shot

You can’t go to Bali without exploring the underwater life.  Whether you are a certified scuba-diver, or just do some snorkeling, make sure you get a couple shots of you under the water.

20)  Tanah Lot Temple Sunsets

Tanah Lot Temple is absolutely gorgeous, and has become one of Bali’s top tourist attractions.  If you find yourself here during a sunset, you’re in for a real treat…

21)  The Luxurious W Retreat & Spa

The “W” has become one of the world’s most well-known resorts, and their location in Bali will leave you absolutely speechless.

Right place right time ? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• An amazing photo regram from : ? @achmadsholeh Was taken at "W Retreat & Spa, Seminyak, Bali" Let's sharing your amazing moment with @balidaily ? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Bali #balidaily #visitbali #explorebali #balitrip #thisisbali #balilife #lovebali #travel #holiday #summer #instadaily #instagood #pictofthedayu #paradise#lovebali #sunset #sunriseU #kintamani #canggu #kuta #legian #seminyak #petitenget #sanur #ubud #uluwatu #nusadua #lovina #lembongan #ceningan

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22)  A Trip To The Gili Islands

While Bali is known for it’s spectacular beaches, you can’t beat the beauty of the idyllic Gili Islands.  Whether you choose the beautiful and wild Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, or Gili Air — you’ll fall in love these islands.

To stay here for another month or not…? Tough decision…

A photo posted by Dave ✈️ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

23)  The Gili Trawangan Sunset Shot

Everyone who comes to Gili Trawangan has to get the famous “swing shot”.

I think I've died and gone to heaven…

A photo posted by Dave ✈️ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

24)  Marveling at the Cultural Dances

Recommend:  The Kecak dance down Ulutwatu temple

25)  Finally — the”Airplane Wing” Shot

Because you obviously have show everyone how you get to Bali.

If you manage to complete all 25 of these Instagram ideas, consider your trip to Bali a complete success!

For more amazing Bali Travel Photos, follow these accounts!

TheBaliBibl  ///  FascinatingBali ///  GodIsland_Bali

BaliGoOfficial ///  The Bali Guideline ///  BaliDaily

If you like one of the photos, make sure you click on it and follow the featured artists.  


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The Perhentian Islands: Perfectly Picturesque [Photo Essay]

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Welcome to Paradise…

This was my second time to the Perhentian Islands, and it was a very last minute.  I was in the Cameron Highlands, and had no idea where to go next.

The price to get to Taman Negara (a short bus ride away) was a staggering 70 MYR.  Where as, I could go a long bus ride, and round-trip ferry transport to the Perhentian Islands for 120 MYR.

I’m so glad I decided to come back to these idyllic islands, because I truly fell in love with The Perhentian Islands.  I think you will to after you check out all my photos of them!  True paradise.

The Beach Is The Perfect Place to Relax All Day






You can walk over to the pier, and snorkel along these beautiful rocks



There are some spectacular views from higher up…





The Water is Perfectly Blue…



You Can Swim To This Private Beach



The Snorkeling Trip Takes You This Amazing Beach




You’ll See Some Cool Stuff Underwater



There’s an Awesome Fire-Show Every Night at 10:30 P.M


It’s Definitely a Hard Place to Leave




I went to the Perhentian Islands with the plan of staying 4 nights, and I ended up staying 9 nights.  I met some awesome people, had a couple great nights out partying, and a lot of fun relaxing on the beach.  

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Pulau Kapas: The Most Beautiful Island in Malaysia. [ Photo Essay ]

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Thanks to some of my expat friends in Kuala Lumpur, I was recommended to take a little trip over to a small island called Pulau Kapas.  (They are not too happy with me to be blogging about it…but I can’t help myself).  Sorry, I’m not sorry.

When I got to the island, I was completely speechless.  Only one word came to mind…



I couldn’t put my camera down.  I took hundreds of photos during my 4-day stay on Kapas Island, and I think they came out really great!  So without further ado…

Welcome to Pulau Kapas:



This was the beach right out front of the LongSha Beach Campsite.




One of my favorite aspects of the island was the ease of walking from one side to the other.  There were these beautiful golden staircases that led you around the island. 







There’s only a few main beaches, and they are all incredible…







A day trip over to “Gem Island” is a must…









And the Snorkeling is absolutely incredible…


Pulau Kapas also brings some incredible views during afternoon and sunset….





Thank you Pulau Kapas for being the most beautiful and relaxing island in Malaysia.  I’ll be back soon!


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The Best Sunset I’ve Seen in MONTHS; Gili Trawangan

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It was a day like any other on Gili Trawangan.  I went to the beach, had a couple delicious meals, drank a coconut, snorkeled, rode my bike, and pretty much relaxed.

I have already been on the Gili Islands for over 10 days, and have already been blown away by the beauty of these islands.  I’ll never forget the first sunset I saw on Gili Air last year, and I think to this day it was the best sunset of my entire life…

My friend and I made our way over to the sunset side of the island.  We had both watched the sunset at different bars along that side, so we continued further until we hit Ombak Sunset Resort.

We grabbed a beanbag, ordered happy hour cocktails, and had no idea what was going to happen next.


I could already tell it was going to be different than the others…


The colors just keep getting brighter and better.


The reflections on the water could not have been more perfect for pictures.
Then it was time to get the class “Swing Shot”


Pure Euphoria.



Only a few more minutes for pictures…


The time for great pictures was over, but I could not have been happier with how some of these pictures came out.

Where is your favorite place to watch the sunset?

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17 Incredible Photos of Hong Kong

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Back in February I went to Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  To be completely honest, it was never really too high up on my list of places I was dying to visit.  But when I found a cheap flight on AirAsia, I figured it was a great time to visit.  I instantly fell in love with the city, and had one amazing week there.  It was also one of the first trips I had taken with my new Nikon D3300.  Here are 17 of my favorite shots during my week!

1.  Victoria Peak View Point
2.  The Skyline at Night
3.  Chinese New Year Firework Show
4.  The Intercontinental Pool View
5.  Getting off the Ferry from Kowloon – Hong Kong Island
6.  Exploring Kowloon at Night
7.  Kowloon Park
8.  The Streets Aren’t Always Busy
9.  The Colors of Hong Kong
10.  The Bay
11. Gambling at the Horse Races
12.  View From the Tian Tia Buddha
13.  Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car
14.  Just walking around.


15.  Signs on Signs on Signs


16.  Purple Sky


17.  The Chinese Sure Do Love Fireworks


These were 17 of my favorite shots during my visit of Hong Kong.  Which one is your favorite!?

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