40 Wild Parties in 40 Countries To Experience Before You’re 40

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

Looking for the best parties around the world!?  I’ve done my fair share of traveling, drinking, and partying in different countries!  I wanted to share some of the best cultural events, booze cruises, pub crawls, nightlife hubs, and global holidays I’ve celebrated along my travels!  While I haven’t been to all of these already, they are most certainly on my party bucket-list, and should be on yours as well!

How many have you been to already….?

**I’m currently at 23 / 40 on this list, but will be crossing off several more within the next couple years**

1 ) Straya Day


G’day mate!  Let’s get pissed!!

It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia…partying it up for “STRAYA DAY” is a blast all over the country!

It’s the national holiday of Australia celebrated annually on January 26th, and is guaranteed to be an experience you’ll never forget.  There’s tons of events in the major cities, epic music festivals, and HEAPS of fireworks.  It’s a bloody ripper!

When I living in Sydney on a Working Holiday Visa, it was one of my favorite days of the year!

2 ) Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro is one of the most picturesque cities in the world, and there’s no simply better time to to plan a visit than to experience their famous Carnival!  This needs to be on every person’s bucket list, and I’m personally hoping to make the trip sometime in the next couple years!

While it may not be the cheapest adventure, it’ll be worth every penny!


Otres Beach, CAMBODIA

South East Asia’s Biggest Underground Techno Party!

“Located deep in the Otres Jungle, Kerfaffle is a weekly gathering of people from all over the world coming together for 12 hours of dancing & debauchery!

Mr.Kerfuffle, along with help from his Kerfuffle Ninja’s and some local builders has created a place like no other, the first ever Cambodian bush doof!  Featuring top DJs, circus acts and carnival rides, this party grows bigger and better every year and some things just need to be seen to be believed!!

Every Wednesday 10pm-10am. Consume and contend!”

4 ) Montréal en Lumière


Montreal has without a doubt the best nightlife in all of Canada, and a winter visit during MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈR sounds like the perfect time to visit (although it might be a bit cold).

“It’s one of the largest winter festivals in the world, an annual celebration registering one million festival site visits from fans experiencing the joy of Montreal wintertime through a unique program combining performing arts, gastronomy, free outdoor family activities, and a full night of exquisitely original discoveries!”

There are tons of incredible music festivals in Canada, but this 10-day event is so much more!

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5 ) Barranquilla Carnival


Another epic carnival experience in South American can be found in very north of Colombia, in a small city called Barranquilla!

It’s one of the most important folkloric celebrations, and a spectacle you must see to believe.

Thousands of visitors (both domestic and international) fly to Barranquilla to take part in this four-day party! If you find yourself in Colombia around the beginning of March, don’t miss out on this one!



Who wouldn’t want to spend 7-10 days yachting around Croatia during summer with amazing people, unbelievable scenery, and lots of wild drunken nights!

Trust me…it’s a damn good time!  Read all about my experience here:

Ultra Europe & Yacht Life Croatia

7 ) Clock Tower Pub Crawl


I love a good pub crawl!  It’s one of the best ways to experience the nightlife in different cities, meet fellow travelers, and get up to some wild shenanigans.

Out of all the pub crawls I’ve been on around the world…I’d have to say that the Clock Tower Pub Crawl does it the best!  Incredible open-bar to start off the night, unique venue locations, and free-entrance to some of the most popular clubs in the city!

Prague Nightlife tip: Go to KARLOVY LAZNE (the infamous 5-story club)…and party it up on the OLDIES Floor.  You can thank me later…

8 ) Cloud 9


This floating bar in paradise is where dreams are made of!  With delicious wood-fired pizzas, refreshing cocktails, and DJ’s spinning some quality tunes – this is definitely a party destination for your bucket list!

9 ) French Riviera Carnival


Large floats, confetti canons, silly string, crazy-costumes, live-music, and lots of champagne!

While most people typically plan trips to the glamorous French Riviera during the warmer summer months – I’d recommend visiting Nice during this magnificent Carnival celebration!  The French know how to throw a good party in the streets!  It’s held annually in mid-February, and last for three weekends!

10 ) Oktoberfest


EIN PROSIT!  EIN PROSIT! Der Gemütlichkeit! 

The biggest and most popular beer festival in the world is a bucket-list adventure that you’ll never forget (that is…if you remember it)!

Words can’t express how fun it is to get dressed up in some local German swag, drink massive beers, and sing songs in large tents filled with people from all over the world!

11 ) Pink Palace Toga Party

Corfu, Greece

The Pink Palace Hostel is a wild and crazy spring-break type destination that young partiers will truly love!

I’ve attended their Saturday night Toga Party on two separate occasions, and it’s more wild and messy than you could possibly imagine. They also offer island excursions, booze cruises, insanely delicious Greek food, and a super fun atmosphere.

Do you have any ideas why this place is called The Pink Palace…?  Well, that should give you an idea of what to expect from a holiday at this infamous party hostel!



12 ) Zephyr Lodge Infinity Pool Parties


There are a lot of decent party hostels in Central America, but not many can compete with the stunning infinity pool (with swim up bar) found at at the Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin, Guatemala.

They’ve been known to throw quite insane parties, and is definitely a must visit for any travel on a backpacking trip in the region!

13 ) Chinese New Year



When I found a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong for $42, I knew I couldn’t say no to checking out the Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Hong Kong is truly one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in Asia, and the party vibes are going off for this entire holiday!

I went on the special edition of the Hong Kong Pub Crawl, and had an absolute blast partying it up in the the nightlife district of Lan Kwai Fong.

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Budapest, Hungary

Imagine this- you’re swimming around in one of the world’s most famous thermal baths, there’s quality techno music blasting from speakers everywhere, and colorful laser beams are flying through the steam that’s rising from the hot water.

Add to that an amazing group of international travelers, affordable Eastern European drink prices, and an insane party vibe — you’re simply guaranteed to have a wild time at the legendary SPArty in Budapest.

Apart from reforming our thousand years old bathing culture, our aim with the combination of Hungarian bathing and party-culture is to create a unique musical and visual world for our guest that they cannot find anywhere else in the world”

More information:  SPARTY BOOKING | Facebook Page

15 ) Psytrance Parties in Goa


For travelers in India looking to party – there’s no better option than the famous beach region of GOA.

It’s the birthplace of the popular electronic music genre “Pystrance”, and home to some of the wildest weekly parties and festivals in India.

I just recently finished my trip to the country, (on board a luxury train trip called the Deccan Odyssey, and I completely fell in love with Goa while I was there.  I can’t wait to get back again soon, and experience some of the legendary Psytrance parties there!

16 ) Gili Trawagan YacHt Party


Beautiful scenery, quality music, and an excellent atmosphere.  I lived on Gili Trawangan for a couple months, and the yacht party / booze cruise was one of my favorite events to attend!

Drinking Bintangs (the local Indonesian beer) during sunset as the sky turns vibrant shades of pink and orange, music bumping, and you’re dancing with a ton of new friends.  It’s simply an amazing day!

Read more about it here:  Gili Trawangan Yacht Party

17 ) St Pattys Day in Dublin


More than 100,000 visitors make their way to Dublin every year for this world famous party!  Check-out the epic parade, go pub hopping around Temple Bar, and make a ton of new Irish friends (they’re some of the friendliest yet rowdy people in the world!)

This is one of Ireland’s biggest festivals, and MUST be added to your bucket list!


18 ) Tel Aviv Pride


Hot Guys, Hummus, and House Music

Gay Pride events are always a fantastic experience!

The community is all about love, self-expression, and good vibes only!  I was fortunate enough to witness the madness during my one week in Israel, and it was such an incredible party!

The parade itself is along the stunning beach in Tel Aviv, there’s an awesome free music festival, and then there’s of course tons of venues offering different parties for the entire week.

Held every year around the beginning of June, Pride in Tel Aviv will certainly not disappoint!

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19 ) Notte Bianca


Notte Bianca, or “white night”, is a special celebration in major Italian cities and towns during which shops, museums, bars, and restaurants are open all night long!

People stay up for sunset to sunrise, partying in the streets, and enjoy a plethora of events, art galleries, and concerts to attend!

It’s actually not related to any given festivity or religion, but has become quite a popular holiday in the country!  The date changes every year, but typically falls at the very end of April!


20 ) Tubing in Vang Vieng


This is essentially a pub-crawl – but instead of walking from bar to bar, you’re tubing down a calm river in Vang Vieng, and catch ropes to pull you to to the side and drink at a new bar for 30-60 minutes.

It’s an an absolute blast, and an extremely popular activity for those backpacking in Laos.

Vang Vieng is one of the best places to party in South-East Asia, and is a typical spot for travelers to hallucinate on Magic Mushrooms.  Just please be careful- Vang Vieng is unfortunately notorious for drunken accidents, and you don’t want to ruin your trip by being an idiot!

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21 ) Duty-Free Langkawi


Since Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, it’s not a popular party destination, and alcohol tends to be a bit more expensive (compared to neighboring Southeast Asian countries).

The entire island of Langkawi is duty-free though, which makes alcohol super cheap – and it’s become a fun hotspot for young backpackers and travelers to soak up some cheap booze!

When I first visited Langkawi…I was only meant to stay for three days, but ended up extending my stay to 10 days!  I met a ton of awesome travelers, and was just having too much to leave.

ReadTwo Weeks in Malaysia | The Best Travel Itinerary  

22 ) Paceville


Never been to Malta?  Then start planning a trip now, because this place is surprisingly party central!

Some friends and I flew there back in 2012, and I was completely blown away with the nightlife here.  The area of “Paceville” was filled with amazing restaurants, bars, and clubs to keep us entertained all week. It’s super affordable, and tons of fun!

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23 ) Dia De Los Muertos


Translated into English as “The Day of The Dead”…this popular Mexican holiday is when families honor and remember their deceased loved ones.

It’s not a somber or morbid event however, but rather quite a vibrant and colorful day.  It’s truly one of the most unique experiences you can have in Mexico, and can also be one epic party!  Read more about the Day of the Dead!

24 ) Top HIll Budva


Budva is the nightlife capital of Montenegro, and has tons of incredible venues that will leave all partiers completely satisfied.

I bar-hopped around Old Town for a few hours with some friends, and asked the locals where we should go next.

EVERYONE told us that if we have to go to TOP HILL, and I’m so glad we did – because it completely blew our minds.  This venue is HUGE, and brings some of the biggest artists every summer.

25 ) Thingyan Water Festival


Celebrating the Burmese New Year, Thingyan is a 4-5 day water festival / party around the country.  It’s basically the same as the well0-known “SONGKRAN” event in Thailand, but is slowly gaining international exposure as the next big thing.

While I unfortunately haven’t made it to Myanmar yet, I’ve heard this experience is absolutely amazing (and Burmese people are incredibly friendly towards tourists).

Read more:  Thingyan Festival: Buddhist New Year in Myanmar




The one day a year when Orange is the sexiest color!

Koningsdag” or King’s Day, is the best national holiday in the Netherlands, and will be unlike any other party you’ve been to!  Thousands of people wandering through the streets and canals of Amsterdam, all dressed in Orange, drinking Heineken, and loving life.

There’s tons of free events spread around the city, and even some of the biggest Dutch DJ’s play surprise shows.  :-)

If you’re lucky – you’ll manage to find yourself on a boat, and just ride up and down the canals of Amsterdam.  Celebrated every year on the 27th of April, which marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander.


27 ) Kiwi Experience


I had the pleasure of exploring the stunning country of New Zealand via a hop-on / hop-off bus company called Kiwi Experience.  It was one of my favorite 2017 Travel Highlights, and that’s because it was also a consistently wild party!

Every few days we’d be in a new destination, with new parties planned, with an awesome group of international backpackers!

Read all about my time on board the big green Kiwi Experience bus.


San Juan Del Sur, NICARAGUA

Probably the most notorious and rowdy party for travelers in Central America!

SUNDAY FUNDAY Pool Crawl at the Naked Tiger Hostel has all the components needed for an quality party: beautiful views, quality tunes, and nothing but good vibes!

If you find yourself in San Juan Del Sur on SUNDAY, you best be ready for a FUN-DAY!

29 ) Island Life


Music Festival | Summer Camp | Transformational Retreat

Spend your days listening to workshops, doing yoga, learning from circus performers, day-drinking, snorkeling, dancing and much more.

While “Island Life” has only been going on for two years, it’s certainly earned it’s spot on this list!  Truly a life-changing experience, and also a pretty incredible party!  The vibes on the island are something special! 

I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the 2018 edition of Island Life, so read all about it if this interests you:

Island Life 2018:  Hugs, Happiness, and House Music

30 ) Huacachina Oasis Nightlife


You might be surprised to discover that in this stunning oasis village in Peru, you’ll find some pretty impressive nightlife!

Fill your days with sand-boarding and riding dune-buggies in the desert, and then spend your evenings drinking cocktails and mingling with awesome fellow international travelers!

Just make sure you stay at the legendary Banana’s Adventure Hostel to get the full experience!

31 ) Boracay Pub Crawl


Turning Strangers Into Friends

The Boracay Pub Crawl is always a highlight for travelers looking to party on this idyllic island in the Philippines!  It’s one the main tourist destinations in the country, and one of the craziest party islands in Southeast Asia!

You’re guaranteed to meet a ton of awesome people, drink in some of the best venues on the island, and dance all night in paradise!

It’s More Fun In The Philippines  

32 ) Festa de São João do Porto


“The most important night of the year!”

Held annually every year on June 23rd, Festa de San Joao is easily one of the best parties and most incredible events found in Portugal!

“The banks of the Douro river get filled with thousands of people who watch a beautiful symphony of bright colors that draw shapes in the air, much to the delight of everyone.”

ReadEverything You Need to Know About San Joao Festival in Porto

33 ) Hogmanay in Edinburgh


The Ultimate European New Years Eve Experience

“Why would you choose a New Year break in Scotland? Well, no other nation in the world celebrates the New Year with quite as much revelry and passion as Scotland does, and it’s hardly surprising that the enormous celebration that engulfs the country is legendary the world over.”

Just make sure you book an AirBNB months in advance, as everything does fill up quickly!

34 ) Shimmy Beach Club Cape Town


Voted Cape Town’s Best Club

Spectacular restaurant by day…insane beachfront party by night!  Cape Town nightlife is seriouslt next level, and no visit would be complete without a wild night out at Shimmy Beach Club.

35 ) Gangnam Style Club Hopping


“Oppan Gangnam Style”

While most people will be reminded of the viral hit by Korean popstar PSY, The Gangnam District in South Korea is one of the most ridiculously insane party zones in the world!

There are dozens of amazing clubs and nightlife options in Gangnam, so I couldn’t just pick one for this list!

Grab a couple bottles of SOJU, put on your dancing shoes, and go club-hopping until the early hours of the morning.

36 ) Sant Joan


Sant Joan celebrates the start of the summer, and it’s the longest day of the year in Spain!

Barcelona is my favorite city in the world, and there’s NO better time to visit than to experience the wild party of Sant Joan Festival!

While there are awesome things to do all over the city, the main party is along the long and beautiful Barcelonetta Beach!  Expect massive crowds, tons of music, fireworks, family fun, dancing, and a night you’ll never forget!


37 ) MAMBO’S Beach Party

Arugam Bay, SRI LANKA

While most people don’t typically think of Sri Lanka as a party destination, every Saturday night at Mambo’s in Arugam Bay is absolutely mental!

It’s one of my favorite things to do in Arugam Bay, and I’m always telling people they’ve got to check it out while traveling around Sri Lanka.

The music doesn’t stop until everyone’s gone, the drinks are decently cheap, and everyone is super fun (as the vibe in A-Bay is relaxed)!

38 ) Full Moon Party


Neon colors galore, massive buckets of alcohol, and dancing until sunrise with tens of thousands of strangers on a gorgeous beach in Thailand.  Sounds like a fun party, right?   

I’ve now been to four different full-moon parties, and have loved each and every experience.  Koh Phangan is the “Ibiza of Southeast Asia”, and must be a stop on your Thailand Itinerary!

There’s always different clubs and events to choose from every night of the week, but the main attraction is the full-moon party that happens once a month.

39 ) Mardi Gras


“The Greatest Free Show on Earth!”

Picking the best party in the States was a hard one, but I’ve gotta give it to MARDI GRAS!  No other event in the country can compare to the madness that ensues in the charming city of New Orleans every March.

A spectacular parade, wild costumes, and beaded necklaces everywhere are just a few things to expect.

40 ) Castaway Island

Halong Bay, VIETNAM

Shotgunning breakfast beers at 8a.m, doing pushups for saying the words “T-E-N or M-I-N-E”, chugging your beer if you get caught drinking with your right hand (BUFFALO), tubing and kayaking in Halong Bay, drunk volleyball, and wild parties every night on Castaway Island beach.

While there are many different ways to experience the natural beauty of Halong Bay, the most popular and wild tour is hands down the Castaway Island Tour organized by Vietnam Backpackers Hostels.

Don’t expect anything too fancy as far as accommodation or food, but be ready for an unforgettable party!

*Bonus Party* – Notting Hill Carnival


London’s biggest street party!!

Last, but certainly not least – I couldn’t leave jolly old England off this party list, and The Notting Hill Carnival is the perfect event for London locals and tourists looking for a good time!

The streets of west London are filled with Caribbean colors, music,  and flavors that’ll certainly leave a lasting impression.  Taking place every year on the last weekend of August, you really can’t pick a better time to visit London.

“Watch elaborate floats and colourful costumed performers wind their way through the streets in the carnival parade, dance to the sound of steel bands and calypso music, and visit the tempting food stalls along the route.”

Further reading10 tips for Notting Hill Carnival

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So What Parties am I Missing?

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