I’d heard about it, I had seen pictures posted from friends, and I had been recommend to do it by fellow backpackers.  But the Gili Trawangan Booze Cruise still exceeded all my expectations.

Cost:  350,000 IDR ($30 w/ One Drink Included)

But I got extremely lucky, and only had to pay 100,000 IDR. 

I was riding my bike around Gili T about to meet up with some friends for some afternoon snorkeling when I saw a bunch of people gathered together.  I got approached by a girl who promotes for the cruise and was telling I should join, and that she could get me and my friends a great last minute deal.

The Booze Cruise leaves Gili T and cruises out to sea passing by Gili Meno, Gili Air, and stops at Lombok for some swimming and jumping off the boat.


Big Boat…

What Makes This Booze Cruise the Best I’ve ever Experienced

  • The Boat is extremely nice!  I was thinking it would be some old ratchet boat, but it was basically a yacht.
  • The sound system on the boat is phenomenal, and the DJ is spinning some of the best electronic and hip-hop tunes throughout the entire time.
  • The people.  Obviously a booze cruise can only be as good as the people on board.  I got really lucky and was able to meet some awesome fellow backpackers on board.


  • Don’t book the trip in advance.  Find out the scheduled times, and just show up before and see if you can get a good deal.
  • Eat a Big meal beforehand, as there is no food served on board.
  • Bring a bottle of water and some sunscreen.
  • Buy a smaller bottle of vodka, and pour it into a water bottle.  They do search everyone on board, but you can easily sneak on some booze if you are smart.
  • Live it up.  Dance.  Meet people.

In Conclusion, I could not recommend the Gili T Booze Cruise enough!  It was by far my favorite day during my time on the islands, and am definitely looking forward to making my way back there sometime in the near future for round two.

Yachts and hoes…

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