There are many different ways to experience New South Wales, but glamping has got to be one the most fun! So if you’re planning a trip to Sydney or the surrounding NSW areas, staying at a luxury campsite would certainly be a memorable part of your trip! I’ve done it, and loved every single second of it! 

New South Wales offers many amazing glamping sites for a seriously special and unique experience. You get to enjoy the tranquillity and simplicity of camping, without any of the difficulties or hassles involved. Imagine arriving at a completely set up tent, complete with all of the comforts and amenities of a hotel room – all set in a beautiful environment. This is what you can expect from glamping around Sydney. 

Here is our list of the absolute best glamping locations around Sydney. If you are after a unique stay, then be sure to consider some of these awesome destinations. 

Glamping Near Sydney, NSW

Why Go Glamping Around Sydney?

New South Wales certainly is one of Australia’s most beautiful and diverse states! In this part of the country, you can enjoy pristine beaches, wildlife, indigenous forests, wine valleys, and lots more. There is hardly a better way of experiencing this than by getting out to nature and camping. 

The only problem with camping is that it can be such a challenging endeavor (especially for overseas visitors). With all the equipment, annoying setups, and lengthy packing sessions, a lot of fun can be taken out of the experience. This is the beauty of glamping. You just need to arrive, and you’ll find a luxurious tent set up and waiting. 

Paperbark - Glamping Australia

Best Glamping Accommodation New South Wales

Want to try this fun kind of accommodation for yourself? From luxury tents to rustic cabins and trailers, here are some of the best glamping sites in Sydney and surrounds. 

1) Lane Cove Holiday Park – Tandara

The Lane Cove National Park is a magnificent place for a holiday in nature. Not far away from Sydney’s city center, this protected national park offers total natural bliss. There are rivers, forests, historical sites, and more. If you would like to stay the night here, then the luxury tented campsite offers a unique experience. 

This romantic spot feels more like a hotel room – except that you are completely surrounded by nature. The first-class tent amenities include a luxurious bed and furniture, a TV, barbeque facilities, a shower, a toilet, free wifi, and more. 

The tent offers uninterrupted views across the Lane Cove Valley and a real sense of seclusion in nature. Whether you come for the Australian wildlife, the national park activities, or just the luxurious tented accommodation – Tandara campsite will definitely impress. 

2) Avant-Garde Glamping at Euroka Campgrounds

Anyone wanting an authentic Australian bush camping experience, without any of the challenges, will love this site. Glamping could hardly get better than this. The fully kitted out bell tent has a king-sized bed, solar-powered lighting, rugs, kitchen equipment, and stylish finishes. 

This site is close to the attractive Glenbrook Village – a top destination for arts and culture lovers. A stay at this stunning campsite offers amazing views, total comfort, and a real sense of peace and quiet. This is definitely a top nature accommodation experience around Sydney. 

3) Elebanah Luxury Camping

Set in the wonderful Avoca Beach, this stylish campsite is one of the coolest places to stay in the area. The glamping facilities here consist of deluxe tents that are fully-equipped with all of the best amenities. Each one has a king-sized bed, fresh towels and linen, and a peaceful outside chill area. 

The tents are nestled among the trees and nature of Avoca Beach, which allows for a complete sense of relaxation. While you could spend your whole holiday at this scenic campsite, the tents are also within close reach of top Avoca Beach attractions. 

Elebanah Luxury Camping is close to Sydney, and it makes for the ultimate city escape. 

Elebanah Luxury Camping - Sydney Glamping

4) Glampr

Accommodation NSW can be taken to the next level thanks to Glampr. This clever service allows you to rent a fully equipped, luxurious bell tent anywhere around Sydney and NSW. This means that you can go glamping in a destination of your choice, without having to lift a finger! 

Australia is full of natural beauty and amazing campsites. While traditional bush camping is an amazing experience, it can also be a real pain getting everything set up. This is where a service like Glampr comes in so useful. 

Glampr sets up a hotel-quality setting in a warm and comfortable tent. Think Egyptian cotton bedding, queen foam mattresses, mood lighting, table seating, and everything else you need for an unforgettable camping experience. 

Glamping Tent

5) Funky Yurt on Acreage, Erina

Located on 2 acres of scenic eucalyptus forest, a Sydney glamping experience doesn’t get much better than this. This self-contained wooden yurt offers the solitude of escape of traditional camping, but with all of the amenities and comforts of home. 

The yurt is complete with a mini kitchen and bathroom. The serenity of this place makes sure that you are totally relaxed in nature. This yurt is located in a beautiful valley, with plenty to do. The property has a pool and yoga studio and is only 5 minutes away from Terrigal Beach and some coastal national parks. 

Whether you want to explore the surrounding area, or just relax in the comfort of your yurt, this will be a fantastic holiday base in NSW. 

Funky Yurt on Acreage, Erina - Glamping Sydney

6) Paperbark Camp, Jervis Bay

If you’re looking for the ultimate glamping in Australia, then Paperbark Camp should definitely be on your list. This place in Jarvis Bay offers a complete luxury holiday while still staying connected to nature. 

The safari tents are modern, stylish, and kitted out just like a hotel room. With wooden decks, comfortable furniture, and plush details, staying in these tents is a total dream. Paperbark Camp also offers incredible food and wine for you to enjoy during your camping trip. 

This means that you really don’t have to lift a finger. Everything is already sorted out for you – just arrive, relax, and enjoy the amazing surroundings.

Glamping Sites in New South Wales 

7) Sierra Escape

Sierra Escape in Mudgee is one of the most glam and luxurious places to go camping in New South Wales. This glamping retreat is set on a beautiful 289-acre property full of wildlife. Seeing kangaroo or deer from your tent is not uncommon. The wilderness views are also hard to beat. 

In terms of sleeping space, Sierra Escape really offers something special. The tents are complete with floor to ceiling windows, king-sized beds, a mini kitchen, freestanding bath, shower, and even an ethanol fireplace. Large wooden decks complete these comfortable tents. 

There are a couple of luxurious tents to choose from, so you can pick whichever is most suitable for you. Whether you’re visiting as a couple or a larger group, Sierra Escape can offer the ultimate accommodation. 

8) Glamping at the Shed 

This is a fun glamping choice for those seeking simple accommodation in Corrimal. The spot consists of a renovated RV trailer complete with a patio, hammock and fire pit. 

The interior of the caravan is really modern and sophisticated – offering all of the comforts that you would want on a holiday. The relaxing outdoor area is also a great touch. 

Glamping at the Shed allows you to feel like you are out camping, except that you have every amenity and comfort that you require. If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Wollongong, then this would be a good choice. 

Glamping RV

9) Flash Camp Coolendel

Looking for the best glamping spots south of Sydney? This amazing campsite should definitely be high up on the list. Flash Camp is about 2.5 hours down the south coast from the city, and it offers visitors a complete sense of peace and solitude. While the tents are completely surrounded by nature, they cannot be thought of as a typical bush camping experience. 

These tents are set up with only the best luxuries and comforts around. They come with plush bedding, solar lighting, table and chairs, a handwoven rug, and plenty more comforts. The campsite is also amazing. 

The land is found along the Shoalhaven River, offering plenty of outdoor activities. Visitors can go cycling, kayak, birdwatching, nature walking, fishing, or searching for wombats in this fantastic spot. 

10) Safari Palm Tent

The Ocean Beach Holiday Resort Park just south of Ettalong offers a fun glamping option called Safari Palm tents. 

These tents are fairly simple – but they are a definite step up from your regular camping experience. They come fully equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities ready to go. You just arrive and relax. 

The tents sleep up to four people and even have their own en-suite bathrooms, TVs and kitchen area. If you want to go glamping with kids, then this would be a brilliant choice. 

The location is ideal for a family holiday – being within easy reach of Umina Beach and  Brisbane Water National Park. There is plenty of fun to be had around here. Glamping on the central coast doesn’t get much better than this. 

11) Tanja Lagoon Camp

Tanja Lagoon Camp is found in a serene national park. Staying here is a luxurious way of enjoying the great outdoors. 

The safari-style tents in this site are complete with an en-suite bathroom, queen size beds, a kitchen, barbeque, and all other necessary furniture. There is also the option of choosing a deluxe tent which has a large double bath. 

Visiting here is all about slowing down and enjoying the nature around you. Some outdoor activities in the park include canoeing, biking, walking, and wine tasting. However, one of the best ways to pass time here is just relaxing on the comfortable patio furniture – enjoying the soft sounds of nature. 

12) Roar and Snore, Taronga Zoo

Did you know that you can escape to the wilderness right in the heart of Sydney? At Roar and Snore, you can spend a night glamping out in the Taronga Zoo. This is a really fun experience, as you will be surrounded by giraffes and elephants. A stay here includes a night tour of the zoo which is really interesting. There are also great views of the Sydney Harbour from your tent. 

The tents are seriously comfortable and perfectly set up – offering everything you need for a great night’s sleep. You also get a tasty buffet dinner included. Just be aware that the elephants are known to wake campers with their early morning calls! 

13) Mayfield Garden

Australia’s largest privately-owned cool climate garden is a spectacular place to visit in NSW. Mayfield Garden may have a huge list of reasons to visit, but right now we’re interested in the glamping. 

Every year around springtime, Simple Pleasures Camping Co will set up an eco-friendly glamping retreat in the garden. This is a luxurious camping experience like no other. 

The glamping here can be enjoyed in one of the 15 bell-shaped tents. These tents are kitted out with vintage furniture and decor, queen size beds, and high-end finishes. Reaching the site is pretty easy from Sydney, and it offers a total escape from the city. 

While staying here, you can enjoy all that is on offer at Mayfield Garden. There is an 80-meter waterfall, a walled kitchen garden, an aviary and rose garden, a 6-acre water garden, pond, and a bluestone chapel. This is a really beautiful place to immerse yourself in, and enjoy the marvelous garden surrounds.  

14) Cockatoo Island Glamping

Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed island located alongside Sydney Harbour. The island is a popular escape for city dwellers, as you can easily enjoy a small slice of paradise minutes away from the city. 

If you’re looking for glamping accommodation in New South Wales, then this spot is definitely one of the most easily accessible. 

Cockatoo Island Glamping is a very unique Sydney experience. The tents here are well-equipped with all the amenities and comforts that you would require. This is not luxury glamping, but you do get a well-stocked tent on arrival – finished with everything you need. 

The island also has a fun bar, and woodfired pizzas available. This is the only island in Sydney Harbor where you can stay overnight, so it’s definitely worth trying out. The waterfront views are great.

15) The Escape, Clyde River

The Escape is an award-winning destination that offers a peaceful escape from the busy streets of Sydney. This luxury camping experience offers the best of the southern coast. Here, you can enjoy the solitude of bush camping, but taken to the next level with a sophisticated tent setup. 

The Escape at Clyde River allows you to choose between luxury tents or a studio – both fantastic options. The accommodation is right along the riverside, on the properties 80-acres of pristine land. If you’re looking for serenity, peace and quiet – then this is the place to go. 

16) Nashdale Lane Glamping

Nashdale Lane is a wine farm that offers a seriously special glamping experience. If you’re looking for a getaway focused around simple luxuries, fine wine, and a beautiful setting, then this is the place. 

Each luxurious tent is set up amongst the vineyards. Stunning views can be enjoyed from all over. The tents include a wooden patio, barbeque area, kitchenette, lounge, and super comfortable bed. It really doesn’t get much better than sitting outside your tent here with a glass of wine in hand.

Those that really don’t want to lift a finger during their stay can make full use of the amazing restaurants in the area. This has got to be the best way to enjoy a stay in wine country. 

17) The Enchanted Cave, Blue Mountains National Park

This place doesn’t offer a tent or caravan – so this is no regular glamping experience. Instead, you will get to stay in a fully kitted out cave in the Blue Mountains National Park. This is definitely not your everyday camping experience, but it’s unquestionably something worth trying out.

Just because you’re staying in a cave, it doesn’t mean that you will have to live like a caveman. This luxury accommodation in NSW is finished off with all the comforts you could expect from a top hotel. 

There is a queen-size bed, an en-suite spa bathroom, a modern kitchenette, TV, and more. The main reason to stay here is to just soak up the view and enjoy being surrounded by nothing but nature. 

18) Silk Pavilions

Enjoy 4-star glamping accommodation in Mount Burrell at Silk Pavilions. Located in the heart of the Tweed Valley, this place has everything you would want for a picturesque holiday to remember. Glamping here really is deluxe, as each unit is complete with a private deck area and hotel-style finishes. 

Silk Pavilions is known for its exceptional views and natural beauty. There’s loads of land to explore here, where you can find all kinds of creatures and nature sights. Returning to your accommodation is a blissful experience. There is also a restaurant onsite and breakfast is included, making your stay a whole lot easier. 

19) South Coast Retreat

Located in Greenwell, South Coast Retreat offers the perfect camping experience without any effort. At your waterfront accommodation, you’ll find a fully stocked safari tent will be awaiting your arrival. 

Glamping units here are complete with kitchen facilities, a TV, lounge furniture, and large comfy beds. There are also barbeque areas, access to a pool, a children’s playground, and a fabulous little restaurant. 

The area is within easy reach of Culburra and Callala Beach. You can also quickly reach Shoalhaven Heads and Nowra from the glamping site. There is plenty to do here, and without having to set up a campsite, you will have more time to enjoy everything on offer. 

20) Bubbletent Australia

This super cool bubbletent has got to be one of the most unique places to stay in NSW. The kind of views that you can enjoy from the clear dome tent around you are really out of this world. The tent is then taken to the next level with a hot tub, private deck, fireplace, telescope, and luxurious hammocks. 

The great appeal of these tents is that you can lie in bed and watch the sunrise over the beautiful natural surroundings. You can also enjoy sights of the starry night sky from the comfort of your bed. If you’re after a completely unique way of staying out in nature, then this would be the place to do it. 

These bubbletents are found 200km north of Sydney overlooking the Capertee Valley. This is a really scenic area of NSW with loads of activities available to holidaymakers. 

Am I Missing Any Amazing Glamping Sydney Accommodation?

While doing research for this article, we were amazed at finding all of these incredible glamping sites near Sydney in New South Wales! With Australia being such an incredible destination for outdoors lovers, we’re sure more and more are popping up every year!

So if you think there is a specific Glamping experience that should be included on this list, we’d love to hear so we can add it! 

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Final Thoughts On Glamping NSW Holidays

Glamping offers the perfect combination between bush camping and hotel luxuries. You get to enjoy the tranquility and simplicity of being out in nature, while still enjoying comfort and convenience. With no effort or major equipment involved, glamping holidays are fun and easy. 

Sydney and the surrounding NSW area is full of excellent glamping sites. Whether you’re looking for a quick city escape or an unbeatable family holiday, these places offer some great experiences. 

Thanks for reading my Sydney Glamping guide!

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