The 10 Best Music Festivals in Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne is easily one of the best cities in the world I’ve ever visited!  I could definitely see myself living there someday, especially because there are so many incredible music festivals in Melbourne!  If you haven’t visited yet, then do yourself a favor and plan a trip soon.  Whether you come to explore the beautiful graffiti found on the various laneways, soak up the coffee culture, or party it up at one the amazing clubs — you’re guaranteed to fall in love with Melbourne.

Check out my list of what I think are the Top 10 Music Festivals in Melbourne, Australia

1 ) Beyond The Valley

  • When:  4 Days over New Years Eve
  • Where:   Lardner Park, South-Eastern Victoria, 75 minutes outside of Melbourne
  • Website:  
  • Why:  “A distinctive, unique and most of all carefully curated music festival over the New Years’ Eve period. From December 28th to January 1st, thousands upon thousands of people make their way to the spectacular site in Lardner Park, Victoria to see what’s in store for them each and every year.  Our beloved main stage is a whopping 60 metres in width, housing truly breathtaking visuals, lighting, stage production and decor to bring the performances by our nationally and internationally acclaimed artists to life.”

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2 ) Rainbow Serpent

  • When:  Every year at the end of January
  • Where:  Lexton, Victoria  (2 hours outside of Melbourne)
  • Website:
  • Why:  “For many of the 15,000 people that attend each year, Rainbow has become an institution, and annual reunion, a marker in the year that’s looked forward to for months in advance.  For others it’s a fresh discovery of opportunity and escapism, a chance to connect with like minded individuals and to celebrate nature, community and harmony.  No longer just an electronic music festival these days you can expect to experience a unique combination of music, art, performance, spiritual discussion, relaxation and healing.”

Photo via Micah Dunshea

3 ) Strawberry Fields

  • When:  Every year Mid-November
  • Where:  Australian Bush, 2-3 hours outside Melbourne
  • Website:
  • Why:  Strawberry Fields is an annual celebration of art, sound and creative expression held for three days each November, a few hours outside of Melbourne, Australia. Each year we bring you a diverse selection of both renowned and breakthrough electronic music from both Australia and overseas.  Indulge yourself in a sensory feast, including soul shaking sound, world class decor, dozens of eclectic market stalls, artistic installations, live performance art, workshops, forum discussion and more.

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4 )Babylon Festival

  • When:  Mid March
  • Where:  Carapooee West, Victoria
  • Website:
  • Why:  “Babylon is an enchanting music and lifestyle camping festival that will be set deep in the heart of the Australian wilderness; taking place across three days. Featuring an inspired curation of local and international live and electronic music artists, alongside a unique world of art, mindfulness and community exploration.”

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5 )  Earthcore

  • When:  Annually at the end of November
  • Where: Pyalong, Victoria  (80 Minutes North of Melbourne)
  • Website:
  • Why:  “What is this Parallel Universe that beckons beyond the darkness?” Set on 1500 acres of pristine land one hour drive from Melbourne feat 5 epic stages across 5 days, Boutique Camping, Worlds Beyond Speakers Forum, Fractured Reality Art Zone, Yellow Sunshine Chill Out, Muffplex Cinema, Elemental Planet Lifestyle City, District 13 Theme Camp Zone, DIY Social Calendar, Kinky Karnival Freak Show, Mind Bending Art Installations, your closest mates and you!

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6 )  Let Go Fest

  • When:  Beginning of February
  • Where:  Mornington, Victoria
  • Website:
  • Why:  A Festival For The Mornington Peninsula, With Multiple Stages and Multiple Genres, Nothing But Great Day Out With Friends!  The 2017 edition had Australian heavyweights like RUFUS, Set Mo, and Hayden James to name a few. Pure

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7 )  Electric Gardens

  • When:  End of January
  • Where:  Moonee Valley Racecourse, Moonee Ponds
  • Website:
  • Why:  Electric Gardens just made its Melbourne debut on Australia Day 2017.  Featuring a staggering lineup, full to burst with international house and techno legends!  The open-air event is bridging the gap between the Australian and European style festival experience, packed full of top tier artists from all around the globe.

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8 )  Maitreya Festival

  • When: Every year, Mid-March
  • Where:  Lake Wooroonook, Charlton, Victoria
  • Website:
  • Why:  Maitreya Festival emerged from the cosmic counter culture organic superfood soup bowl ten years ago!  The ultimate intention was to provide a global platform for investigation into the self, the setting within which we live, and the places we might be able to go together as a species of intrepid travellers and explorers! Any revolutionary platform without art and dancing is definitely not one worth having, so we wanted to present you with an immersive visual and aural experience as well!

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9 ) Golden Plains Festival

  • When:  Mid March
  • Where:  Meredith, Victoria (110 Minutes from Melbourne CBD)
  • Website
  • Why:   Firstly, and Eleventhly, Golden Plains will Happen, on an Epic Long Weekend, as usual, in the Meredith Supernatural Sweetspot.  Secondly, GPXI will take place under a Full Moon.  Playing at the fulcrum of the Supernatural Spectrum is an astronomically talented troupe of Full Moon Partyists from across the universe divine, some in the glow reflecting off the Moon and arriving 1.26 seconds later into The Sup’

It is staged in Autumn so the weather is warm and stable. Afternoon goes on all day, the sun like honey on the trees, then a giant spike of excitement goes kabloooey at nightfall.  Join for an electric line-up, amazing food, and solid festival atmosphere.

Photo via GP Website

10 )  The Town

  • When:  Over Easter Weekend
  • Where:  Strathbogie Ranges (2 Hours Outside Melbourne)
  • Website:
  • Why:  ‘A place of like-minded folk who’ve declared the real world a joke. We’re heading back to bikes and letters and the simplest of pleasures. From sustainable partying and funky-ass tunes, we invite you to get wild under the Easter full moon’.  Welcome to our interactive Village, part parodying every-day life with absurd theatrics and awesome set design, and part exploring what makes a healthy sustainable Town, all to a soundtrack of incredibly fun music. We aim to deliver a wacky new experiment never before seen on our Festival circuit.

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