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Looking for a list of the best music festivals in Europe?  Look no further.  Europe is home to some of the biggest and craziest festivals in the world, and it will definitely take you some time (and money) to cross off all of these from your festival bucket list.

1.  Tomorrowland

  • When:  End of July
  • Where:  Boom, Belgium
  • Website:  http://www.tomorrowland.com/global-splash/
  • Why:  If you need a reason why you should experience Tomorrowland at least once before you die, you should probably stop reading this list.  Arguably one of the biggest and best festivals world-wide, Tomorrowland is a theme park for electronic music enthusiasts.  Everywhere you go you hear quality music, beautiful stages, and meet incredible people.  Put that together with an amazing Dreamville camping experience, and the biggest names in Electronic music; Tomorrowland lives up to it’s hype.


2.  Glastonbury Music Festival  

  • When:  End of June
  • Where:  Glastonbury, England
  • Website:  http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/
  • Why:  Another festival that needs no introduction, Glastonbury provides one of the largest and biggest line-ups throughout Europe.  Tickets are hard to come by, but if you manage to get your hands on one, you’re in for a treat.


3.  MELT Festival 

  • When:  Mid – July
  • Where:  Ferropolis, Germany
  • Website:  http://www.meltfestival.de/en/
  • Why:  One of Germany’s newer festivals, MELT is a 3-day camping experience that will have a little bit of something for everyone musically.  Each year they’ve had nothing but stellar line-ups and top-notch production.  It’s during the peak of festival season, but if you can make the trip to Germany, it’ll be well worth your time.

Melt 2013 - Samstag

4.  I Love Techno

  • When:  Beginning of November
  • Where:  Ghent, Belgium
  • Website:  http://www.ilovetechno.be/
  • Why:  One of the longest and most well-known festivals in Europe, I Love Techno is a must for electronic music fans.  Held just a bit outside the beautiful city of Ghent, it’s the perfect place to make a weekend trip to for this insane music festival.  Bringing in a wide variety of music, spread across 6 stages during one epic night, you’ll definitely love I Love Techno.


5.  Mysteryland

  • When:  End of August
  • Where:  Haarlemmermer, The Netherlands
  • Website:  http://www.mysteryland.com/
  • Why:  Tomorrowland’s “sister” festival can not be overlooked when it comes to the best festivals in Europe.  The location is beautiful, there’s plenty of stages, and a wide selection of music to choose from.  Keep in commercial at the mainstage, or go hard at the Q-Dance stage for nothing but the best hardstyle.


6.  Sziget Festival

  • When:  Mid August
  • Where:  Budapest, Hungary
  • Website:  http://www.szigetfestival.com/
  • Why:  8 Days of camping and listening to amazing music in Budapest; yeah that sounds perfect.  Not only is Budapest an amazing city to visit, Sziget is one of the largest and longest festivals in Europe.  You definitely need to tick this one off your festival bucket list.


7.  Awakenings Festival

  • When:  End of June
  • Where:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Website:  http://www.awakeningsfestival.nl/
  • Why:  If you haven’t been to an Awakenings party, then that’s a damn shame.  They provide nothing but the best of underground music, and this 2-day festival will leave your feet aching in pain from non-stop dancing.


8.  SONAR Festival

  • When:  Mid June
  • Where:  Barcelona, Spain
  • Website:  http://sonar.es/en/
  • Why:  Barcelona is easily one of the best cities in the world when it comes to electronic music, and SONAR is definitely the perfect evidence of this.  A combination of day and night events, mixed with a bunch of  “OFF SONAR” parties spread throughout the many clubs Barcelona has to offer, there is no better time to make a trip to Barcelona than during SONAR week.


9.  Time Warp 

  • When:  Beginning of April
  • Where:  Mannheim, Germany
  • Website:  http://www.time-warp.de/
  • Why:  The “Mecca” of Techno.  If you want to hear nothing but the filthiest, heaviest, and most insane techno; head over to Mannheim for TimeWarp.  They have events in The Netherlands as well as Italy, but you got to make it to Germany to experience the real thing.  Germans love their techno, and this is guaranteed to be one of the craziest parties you’ve ever attended.


10.  Sensation White

  • When:  Various Dates
  • Where:  Various Locations
  • Website:  http://www.sensation.com/world/en/
  • Why:  Sensation has become a world-wide phenomenon, with having events everywhere from Amsterdam, Bangkok, and South Africa.  A night where you dress in all white, and dance to groovy house music.  You’ll definitely get the chills when the lights go out, and you hear the words… “Welcome.  To.  Sensation!”


11.  SONUS Festival

  • When:  Mid / End of August
  • Where:  Pag Island, Croatia
  • Website:  http://www.sonus-festival.com/
  • Why:  Sonus has only been around for a few years now, but it has easily made it mark as one of the best festivals in Europe.  The ticket earns you access to the 3 main clubs on Zrce Beach, with all the big names playing all day and all night.  These 5 days are very intense, but you’ll be rewarded with amazing music in a beautiful place.


12.  EXIT Festival

  • When:  Mid July
  • Where:  Belgrade, Serbia
  • Websitehttp://www.exitfest.org/sr
  • Why:  With a line-up that has a little bit of something for everyone, EXIT festival is absolutely crazy.  With prices low in Serbia, an amazing line-up, you gotta make it out to Belgrade to experience EXIT for yourself.


13.  Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

  • When:  Mid October
  • Where:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Website:  http://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/
  • Why:  This is more of an electronic music conference, but all the big names flock to Amsterdam.  The whole city gets painted up with yellow signs that say ADE, and every night there are endless options of which club to go to, and which DJ’s to see.  One recommendation, get yourself to an Awakenings event at Gashouder!


14.  Dekmantel Festival

  • When:  End of July / Beginning of August
  • Where:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Website:  http://www.dekmantelfestival.com/
  • Why:  A 3 Day camping festival in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.  This festival can not, and should not be missed!


15.  Monegros Festival

  • When:  Mid July
  • Where:  The Desert (2 Hours from Barcelona)
  • Website:  https://www.grooveparade.es/
  • Why:  This is a non-stop 20 hour rave in the middle of the Desert.  “When I came to Spain, and I saw people partying, I talked to myself, What the F%&^?”  This will definitely cross your mind, because people go HARD at Monegros.  A very large festival, with many stages and impressive line-up, you’ll definitely have a blast at this marathon desert rave.


16.  Transmission Festival

  • When:  End of November
  • Where:  Prague, Czech Republic
  • Website:  http://transmission.cz/en/
  • Why:  Two words come to mind:  Trance + Lasers.  Transmission easily has one of the best laser shows in the entire world.  Mix that with thousands of trance music lovers, an amazing arena with perfect sound, and the biggest trance names– that’s the Transmission experience.  Oh, and it’s in Prague!  One of the most beautiful cities in Europe!


17.  Bennacassim Festival

  • When:  Mid July
  • Where:  Costa Azahar, Spain
  • Website:  http://www.fiberfib.com/
  • Why:  Benaccasim is another festival with a diverse line-up, awesome camping experience, and amazing atmosphere.  Definitely plan a trip to Spain one summer and check it out for yourself.


18.  Extrema Outdoor

  • When:  Mid / End of May
  • Where:  Kelchterhoefstraat, Belgium
  • Website:  http://xofestival.be/en/home
  • Why:  Located in the beautiful countryside of Belgium, this camping festival is 3 epic days of amazing music!  Every year they bring tons of amazing DJ’s and a terrific crowd.


19.  Valhalla Music Festival

  • When: Mid December (Before Christmas)
  • Where:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Website:  http://www.valhallafestival.nl/en/
  • Why:  Half-Circus / Half Rave.  This one-day party is unique, beautifully decorated, and brings amazing talent!


20.  Creamfields

  • When:  End of August
  • Where:  Cheshire, England
  • Website: http://www.creamfields.com/
  • Why:  One of England’s biggest and well-known music festivals, you definitely need to find yourself in Cheshire at least once to experience this 3 day camping festival.  Boasting massive stages, with an even more massive line-up, you’re in for a damn good time.


21.  Defqon 1 Festival

  • When:  Mid June
  • Where:  Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands
  • Website:  http://www.defqon1.nl/
  • Why:  One of the world’s biggest Hardstyle festivals.  Warning:  do not attend if you do not like extremely fast BPM’s, or have a pre-existent heart condition.


22.  Primavera Sound

  • When:  End of May
  • Where:  Barcelona, Spain
  • Website:  http://www.primaverasound.com/
  • Why:  Just at the beginning of festival season is this amazing 4 day festival in the great city of Barcelona, Spain.  Bringing in amazing live acts and DJ’s, you’ll love this experience.  There’s also one in June in Portugal if you can’t make it to Spain.


23.  Secret Solstice Festival

  • When:  Mid June
  • Where:  Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Website:  http://secretsolstice.is/
  • Why:  Iceland is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the entire world, and Secret Solstice provides the perfect reason for music festival addicts to plan a trip!  Known as the “midnight sun festival”, Secret Solstice always bring a top-notch line-up, fantastic production, and incredible atmosphere.  While it used to be one of the more difficult countries to visit, budget airlines like WOW Air have made this trek much more possible!  Do yourself a favor, and make sure you attend Secret Solstice at least once in your life!  Book tickets now!

24.  Hideout Festival

  • When:  End of June / Beginning of July
  • Where:  Pag Island, Croatia
  • Website:  http://www.hideoutfestival.com/
  • Why:  Another festival hosted at the beautiful located of Zrce Beach on Pag Island, Croatia.  Bringing in some of the biggest names at amazing venues, a trip to Croatia over the summer is a must.


25.  Roskilde Festival

  • When:  End of June / Beginning of July
  • Where:  Roskilde, Denmark
  • Website:  http://www.roskilde-festival.dk/music/2015
  • Why:  8 days. 130,000 visitors. About 170 acts. Spectacular art + events. International audience. Delicious food. Non-profit since 1972 – all profits donated to charity.


26.  Balaton Sound

  • When:  Mid July
  • Where:  Zamardi, Hungary
  • Website:  http://www.balatonsound.hu/
  • Why:  5 Days partying to a wide variety of commercial house and techno in Hungary.  Beautiful venue, amazing food, and one incredible atmosphere that is guaranteed to be a festival you’ll never forget.


27.  ULTRA Europe

  • When:  Mid July
  • Where:  Split, Croatia
  • Websitehttp://www.ultraeurope.com/
  • Why:  It was only a few years ago when ULTRA announced they would start a European edition in Split, Croatia.  This massive 3-day festival brings in the best mainstream trance & house artists at the mainstage, and thumping underground house and techno music at the Carl Cox + Friends tent!


28.  Dance Valley

  • When:  Beginning of August
  • Where:  Velsen Valley, The Netherlands
  • Website:  http://dancevalley.com/
  • Why:  If there’s one place that knows how to throw a proper music festival; it’s the Netherlands.  So many Dutch festivals have been listed already, but Dance Valley is a 1-day party that could not be left out.


29.  Lollapalooza Berlin

  • When:  Mid September
  • Where:  Berlin, Germany
  • Website:  http://www.lollapaloozade.com/en/
  • Why:  Lollapalooza has already expanded with two different festivals in South America, and their next mission is brining it to Berlin.  With a festival as big as Lollapalooza, you’d be an idiot not to check out their European edition at least once!


30.  T In The Park

  • When:  Mid July
  • Where:  Strathallan Castle, Perthshire, Scotland
  • Website:  http://www.tinthepark.com/
  • Why:  Amazing music festival in a beautiful country, T In The Park is held over 3 days and brings in some of the world’s biggest names in a wide variety of genres.  If you find yourself in Scotland over summer, it’s a party you’ll never forget.


*BONUS* Earth Garden Festival

  • When:  June 1-4, 2017
  • Where:  Ta’ Qali, MALTA
  • Website:  http://www.earthgarden.com.mt/
  • Why:  “Earth Garden offers 4 music areas with over 35 live acts, 35 DJs, 2 camping zones with all amenities, Jamming area, Healing Fields, Ethnic Market, Fun Park and a Food Court. This is the festival that kicks off your summer which guarantees loads of fun, unbeatable prices with the best weather conditions in one of Europe’s top destinations.”  READ MORE ABOUT EARTH GARDEN.

You also won’t find a cheaper festival to attend, as 4-day passes are only 25 Euro per person!!

So there ya have it!  A list of the top 30 music festivals, parties, and raves Europe has to offer!  How many have you been to already?  Do you think I’m missing any important ones I need to add to this list?  Let me know in the comments section!  Also, if you haven’t already, check out my post on 25 Music Festivals in America To Experience Before You Die.

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Top 10 Amazing Things To Do in Munich


Munich will easily become one of your favorite destinatons in Europe after your visit first there.  It’s the capital of Bavaria, and is the third largest city in Germany.  You’ll be blown away by the beautiful architecture, delicious food and beer, and fascinating history.

I’ve been to Munich at least 8+ times now, and everytime I fall in love with the city more and more.  When I was living in Italy as a tour guide, we regularly had trips up to Munich for the different festivals the city puts on.  It’s a city I could easily see myself living in one day.

So without further ado, let me tell you what I think are the top 10 things to do in Munich.

1 )  Beer Festivals

“Ein Prosit.  Ein Prosit.  Der Gemütlichkeit.”

 After attending Otkoberfest (September- October) or Fruihlingsfest (April to May), this is a song that you will never forget.  Going to one of these beer festivals is easily one of the best travel experiences you can have in Europe.  Oktoberfest should defintiely be on everyone’s bucket list.  The atmosphere can’t be matched by any other event you’ll ever attend.

If you can’t make it to the actual Oktoberfest, then head to Munich in the Spring for Fruihlingfest, which is basically just a mini-version of Oktoberfest.  Some people even prefer it as it’s easier to get a spot at a table!

Oh, and make sure you buy a proper German drinking outfit.  My lederhosen is probably my favorite outfit of all time!

My favorite outfit #lederhosen #munich #oktoberfest

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

2 )Hofbräuhaus München

This massive beerhall / restaurant can’t be missed during your time in Munich!  The beer is absolutely incredible, the food is incredible, and the vibe is unlike any other place you will visit in the city.  You’ll never forget your first visit to the Hofbräuhaus.  It does get really busy, but it’s never been to hard to find seating and enjoy yourself for a few hours.  Definitely try to sit inside to listen to the live music, and have a cheeky dance.


3 )  Walking Tour of the City

Munich is a very historical city, and you definitiely need to have a informational walking tour around the city, it’s many churches, and learn all about what happened there.  I’ve been on several different tours in Munich, and I enjoy it every single time!  I’m actually not one for walking tours, as I like to explore the city on my own, but you definitely need to do one in Munich.  Check out this site for walking tours with locals.  There’s no better way to learn about a city than from someone who was born and raised there!


Image via: Wikipedia

4 )  Nude Sunbathing & City Surfing

Munich is home to one of the largest urban parks in the world called The Englischer Garten.  This is a massive public park which is actually larger than New York’s Central Park.  Taking a stroll through this garden is amazing, and you’ll quickly realize that nude sunbathing is allowed here.  If you’re naturist, than I’m sure you’re already well aware of this — but for those of us who normally keep our clothes on when we travel, than this is definitely notworthy.

In this park as well you’ll find a spot along a river where people actually surf!  Yes, you read that correctly.  This is called the Eisbach river, and no matter time of the year you will find dozens of surfers shredding the wave that’s created by a pipe at the bottom of the river.  Be careful though, only experienced surfers should try it out for themselves.  For everyone else, definitely check it out!  It really is amazing!

Check out this article by the Huffington post — Surf A River In The Middle Of Munich, Because You Can And It’s Awesome.


5 )  Stadium Exploration

Whether you want to check out the beautifully constructed Allianz Arena, or the Olympic Statdium for the 1972 Summer Olympics, checking out one or both of these stadiums is definitely worth checking out during your time in Munich!  They are both easily accessible by public transportation, and relatively affordable for tours.

munich olympic stadium 1

6 )  Kultfabrik

Let’s talk nightlife.  Munich not be as crazy as the nightlife up in Berlin, but going out clubbing is an absolute blast.  One of the best aspects of it is this clubbing district called Kultfabrik.  It’s a massive area with tons of different bars, clubs, and venues.  Each of them have their own style of music, and you buy a wristband which gains you accessto 3-4 different places.  It’s crazy on Friday and Saturday nights!  Random note — if you’re feeling a bit too drunk, eat one of the Doner Kebabs they have there.  It’ll fix you right up, and taste incredible!

Image via

7 )  Mercedes Benz / BMW Museums

You like German cars?  Of course you do.  If there’s one thing Germans know how to do well, it’s how to make a quality car.  The museums are a great way to spend a day and learn about the companies history, and take photos with older cars.  The Mercedes Benz exhibit is kind of small, but still definitely worth seeing.  The BMW museum is a great day though, if you have enough time in Munich.


8 )  Day Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

One of the most beautiful castles in the world that you have to see with your own two eyes!  The vantage points you get of the castle from mini-hikes are stunning, and you’ll leave with some amazing photographs!  The castle itself is really great to take a tour through (no photos inside), and you’ll learn all about the history of it.  Fun fact. the fairytale look of the Neuschwanstein castle is what inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom!

Everyone always agrees this is a must, even my friends the Divergent Travellers in their 4 Days in Munich itinerary.  Check it out if you’re heading to Munich!

Just a quick stop on the way back to Italy. #disney #castle

A photo posted by Dave ~ Jones Around the World (@jonesaroundtheworld) on

9 )  Visit Dachau

Okay, maybe “amazing” is the wrong term to describe a visit to Dachau, but it’s definitely a must during your time to Munich.  This concentration camp will definitely leave you a little depressed afterwards, but it’s important to learn about the history of places while you visit.   You learn about how brutal the conditions of the concentration camps were, and you can honestly feel it.  How to Get to Dachau.


10 )  Christmas Market

I’m a firm believer that there is no better place in the world than Germany during Christmas time.  Every city gets decorated in such a beautiful way that it’s impossible not get into the Christmas spirit.  Walking from Marienplatz to Karlsplatz will be something you never forget.  The highlight of the Christmas Markets is defintiely all the amazing food and drinks.  Check out this amazing post about Tasty European Christmas Market Treats.

Image via Bavaria.by

Image via Bavaria.by

Well, there you have it.

These are my Top 10 Amazing Things to do in Munich.


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10 European Music Festivals To Experience This Summer

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For those who know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m a big music festival junkie.  The atmosphere, the music, the people; it’s just an all around good time.  I consider myself lucky to have attended some of the biggest festivals in the world like Coachella, Tomorrowland, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sensation White, Future Music Festival Asia, I Love Techno, Mysteryland; just to name a few.  If there’s one continent that truly crushes it with throwing proper music festivals, it’s EUROPE.  Every one I’ve been to out there is insane, well organized, and always bring stellar line-ups.  With the global expansion of electronic music and the growing popularity of music festivals, there’s no better time to visit Europe than in the Summer time, and hit up a couple of these amazing music festivals.  But enough talk, let’s talk festivals…

1.  Awakenings

Where:  Amsterdam, Netherlands

When:  June 28-29


2.  Benaccassim

Where:  Costa Azahar, Spain

When:  July 16-19


3.  DEKMANTEL Festival

Where:  Amsterdam, Netherlands

When:  July 31- August 2


4.  EXIT Festival

Where:  Serbia

When:  July 9-12


5.  Glastonbury

Where:  Somerset, UK

When:  June 24-28


6.  MELT! Festival

Where:  July 17-19

When:  Berlin, Germany


7.  Secret Solstice

Where:  Reyjavik, Iceland

When: June19-21


8.  Sonar Festival

Where:  Barcelona, Spain

When:  June 18-20


9.  Sonus Festival

Where:  Pag Island, Croatia

When:  August 16-20


10.  Tomorrowland

Where:  Boom, Belgium

When:  July 24-26


10 Things To Do in Munich

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Munich is an incredible city in Europe, and there is so much to see!  Check out my list of 10 amazing things to do in Munich !

1.  Lenny’s Bike / Walking Beer Tour


Pretty much every time I’ve been to Munich, I’ve gone on one of Lenny’s tours.  The guys a hilarious expat who loves beer and moved to Germany and opened up his own walking tour where you learn a lot– and drink a lot.  It’s a great way to see the cities main tourist spots and have fun at the same time.  All the tour guides are really fun, and have different games during the tour.  For example, if a guide yells “shark”, everyone has to get off the concrete onto something.  Last person to do it, chugs their beer.  There’s a ton of little things like that that make the tour fun and memorable.

2.  Dinner & Drinks at the Hofrbauhaus


No trip to Munich would be complete without hitting the famous Bavarian restaurant, and beer hall.  Hofrbrauhaus has live music, dancing, and delicious German food and drinks.  It’s a great place to meet some people from around the world as well, as it can be very common to sit with others at the bigger tables.  I’ve had some great times at this bar; don’t miss out.  Easily one of the highlights of Munich.  (Not to mention has the craziest tent during Oktoberfest).

3.  Chinesischer Turm Outdoor Beer Garden


Somewhere in the massive Englischer Garden (the Central Park of Munich) is an amazing outdoor beer garden.  It’s a great place for lunch and an afternoon beer, and it’s a great atmosphere.  As well, you get to walk through the Englischer Garden to get there, which is amazing on its own.  I’ve never seen many, but apparently during the summer there’s a nudist section of the park, and there’s just a bunch of naked people tanning.

4. Kultfabrik


A cosmopolitan melting pot of 25 stylish clubs, bars and two concert halls in one location.”  Yes, all your nightlife needs at one giant venue.  This place is really awesome.  I’ve only been a few times, but it has something for everyone.  From awesome bars, live music, hip-hop clubs, house music, techno, rock & roll, and chill out lounge bars; you are guaranteed for a great night at Kultfabrik.  It’s free to get into Kultfabrik, but what you end up doing is paying for a bracelet that will gain you entry to 4-5 different clubs.  Last time I went I ended up buying two different wristbands, and we bar / club hopped to a bunch of spots.  Bonus tip: before you leave, grab a Doner Kebab (they’re pretty amazing).

5.  Dachau Concentration Camp


It’s definitely not a happy part of Munich, but it’s something that is very interesting to see.  It definitely is depressing, but it is very educational.  You learn about how brutal the conditions of the concentration camps were, and you can honestly feel it.  It’s not a great feeling walking around, but it is something that everyone should see.  How to Get to Dachau.

6. Mercedes Benz / BMW Museums


You like German cars?  Of course you do.  If there’s one thing Germans know how to do well, it’s how to make a quality car.  The museums are a great way to spend a day and learn about the companies history, and take photos with older cars.  The Mercedes Benz exhibit is kind of small, but still definitely worth seeing.  The BMW museum is a great day though, if you have enough time in Munich.

7.  Olympic Stadium

munich olympic stadium 1

Originally built for the 1972 Summer Olympics, but the stadium also hosted many major football matches including the 1974 World Cup Final and the Euro 1988 Final.  Easy to get to, and a pretty great stadium to see.  

8. Sausalito’s


A great bar / club to hit up late in the night in Munich.  There’s a couple different ones in the city because it’s a chain in Germany, but the one I normally go to is down the street from Marienplatz.  The drinks are decently priced and delicious, there is some amazing food, and they play great music.  Overall, a great recommendation if looking for somewhere to go out at night in Munich

9.  Theresienwiese


Obviously, a trip to Munich will be very different if you are visiting during one of the many festivals that happen in this incredible city.  Oktoberfest, Fruihlingsfest (spring time beerfest), Starkbierfest (strong beer fest), and the Christmas markets.  Well, the Theresienwiese is where the festivals are held, and there’s normally something to see.  I’d always recommend going to Munich during one of the festivals, because that’s when you see the best side of Munich.  But if you happen to go during a different time of the year, then I’d still recommend checking out the fairgrounds.

10.  Theatiner Kirche


I know most tours of the city will head here, but it’s my favorite cathedral in Munich, so I had to bring it up.  The story is that the guy who designed it had 5 daughters, and said that if he received a son, he would build the most beautiful church in the world.  This is the church he built.  I know seeing cathedrals in Europe can get a little repetitive, but this one is worth the visit.

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10 Amazing Things to Do in Berlin

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Berlin, Germany is absolutely one of the best cities in Europe.  If you’re planning a trip here, this list of amazing things to do in Berlin will be a great starting point.  From walking tours, pub crawls, restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment — this list has you covered!

1.  Walking Tour of the City

Berlin is massive.  There’s tons of history, and so much to explore.  It can definitely be hard to see everything in one day, so it’s best to space it out.  The company I’ve always used and recommend is Insider Tour Berlin.  Their guides have always been passionate and informative, and really show you a good time.  The tour costs 12 euros, less if you are a student or under 26.  Another option is checking out the FREE Sandeman’s walking tour (but remember to tip the guide).  Definitely a great way to see the city, and learn about Berlin’s history.

2.  The Original Berlin Pub Crawl

An amazing night out in Berlin is with the Original Berlin Pub Crawl.  I’ve been on this about 3 times now, and every time has been better than the last.  It’s pretty much your standard pub crawl.  Welcome beer.  Free shots at every stop.  Great drink deals.  Ends at a club.  Though, every single bar they take you too is really different than the previous.  The walks getting from bar to bar are really great, and you get to see some great areas in Berlin.  Meets every night at 8:15 P.M at Hackersher Markt right outside the S-Bahn.

3.  Hofrbahaus Berlin


I recommend this place for people who will really only be visiting Berlin during their time in Germany.  Hofbrahaus originated in Bavaria, and is an amazing restaurant and beer-hall.  There’s live German music, dancing, and delicious German food and drinks.  They opened one up in Berlin a few years ago, and it’s definitely a great recommendation for people looking for a restaurant in Berlin.



German.  Industrial.  Techno.  Party.  If that does not sound like a good time to you, then stay away from this club.  But if you are looking for an all-night rager, TRESOR is truly an experience.  It’s built in an abandoned warehouse, so you really get a “Matrix” kind of vibe.  The drinks are actually decently priced compared to other European clubs too.  The main dance floor is massive, but if you find yourself down in the basement, that’s where it can get the craziest with booming bass, smoke, strobe lights, and that classic German techno sound.

5.  Berlin Zoo


I know what you’re thinking, “Really, a zoo?”  But this is no ordinary zoo.  The Berlin Zoological Garden was opened in 1844 and is the oldest zoo in Germany. Located in Berlin’s Tiergarten, the zoo is home to 1,500 species and 19,500 total animals. At this number, the Berlin Zoological Garden holds the most comprehensive collection of species in the world. The zoo is considered to be the most visited zoo in Europe and among one of the most popular zoos worldwide.  

6.  Eat Currywurst

Deutsches Currywurstmuseum

My very first time to Berlin, the walking tour guide told us that Berlin is known for their currywurst.  I had no idea, but am really glad he told me.  It’s delicious.  Do yourself a favor, and make sure you don’t leave Berlin without trying their signature Currywurst.

7.  The Berlin Wall


Quick, what’s the first word that comes to mind when I say BERLIN.  Did you say ‘wall’?  Probably.  You’d have to be an idiot to go all the way to Berlin, and not see the remainder of the Berlin Wall.  There’s a couple different memorial spots where you can see where the wall was, and has a few remaining pieces.  As well, there’s a long road you walk along towards the memorial that has a ton of graffiti, which is really cool.  Definitely a must-see while in Berlin.

8.  Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe


One of my favorite things to see in Berlin is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  The name kind of explains it’s purpose.  It was a way for Berlin to apologize for the actions of Germany, and remember all those lives lost during the World War.  The site is covered with 2,711 concrete slabs.  Something interesting about this is that it was only finished back in 2004!  There’s a lot of cool history, and most walking tours will stop here and will explain it all.

9.  Dolores California Gourmet Burritos


While living in Europe, it can be hard to find a decent burrito, so this is always a must for me when I’m in Berlin (bonus: I’m from California).  The place has a similar set-up to Chipotle, where you customize your own burrito, and choose between rice, beans, meats, add-ons, (guacamole / sour cream), and salsas. “”MMHM.  That sounds good.  I’ll have that.”  Not sure what else I need to say, this place is amazing.  You can find it on google maps here.  Located just right across the street from Alexanderplatz.

10.  Museum Island


Big buildings.  Beautfiul architecture.  Amazing Museums.  It’s a great district in Berlin, and there’s tons to see.  If you are into museums, this is practically porn.