United Kingdom

Westminster Abbey in london, england, uk at night

Famous Landmarks UK | 18 Historical Places & Buildings to Visit

If you’re wondering what the most famous landmarks in the UK are, you’ve come to the right place. The United Kingdom sits just northwest of Europe’s mainland. It’s a highly scenic sovereign country that’s made up of England, Wales,…
Leeds Music Festivals

Top 10 Music Festivals in Leeds To Add To Your Bucket List

Looking for some amazing music festivals in Leeds?  Look no further, because I've compiled this list to help you fellow festival addicts out.  Leeds is a major multicultural hub in the north of England, lying in the county of West Yorkshire. Leeds…

13 Lesser-Known Camping Music Festivals in Europe This Summer

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There's nothing better than spending the weekend away camping with friends and dancing to your favorite artists.  I love a good camping festival, and Europe has tons of amazing ones to choose from!  While it's practically impossible…

Christmas in Europe: An Incredible 12 Day / 4 Country Itinerary

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Have you been looking for a place to spend your next Christmas holiday? Well, you should consider a European destination! There are festive Christmas markets in multiple countries which make for an extra special experience. You can visit London,…