Safest Countries in Africa


Looking for the safest countries in Africa to visit for your next international adventure? Look no further because I’ve compiled a solid list of stunning and safe destinations for your bucket list!   Very little can compare to…
Facts About Africa

99 Interesting Facts About Africa That Will Surprise & Delight You!

Searching for some fun and interesting facts about Africa? Well, look no further, because I've put together a super fun list of amazing facts that'll have you learn all about this wondrous continent!  Africa is a diverse landmass,…
Richest Countries in Africa

Top 12 Richest Countries in Africa By GDP & Primary Exports

Africa is well-known to be a wealth of natural resources, with some of its countries having the potential to be the richest countries in the world. The land here is filled with raw materials, fertile soil, and precious metals. For travelers,…

15 Epic Music Festivals in Africa to Add to Your Bucket List (2024)

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Looking for the best music festivals in Africa in 2024?  I'm here to help! While I regrettably haven't made a trip down to Africa to explore the continent quite yet, I know when I do I'll do my best to hit up as many of these festivals…

The Maasai Tribe Beads & Necklaces | The Unique Kenya Jewelry

The Maasai are a tribe that most people immediately associate with Africa. They are the tall warriors who wear unmistakable red shukas around their shoulders, and the radiant, almost sun-like beaded ornaments around their necks, on their heads,…

The 8 Best Cultural Spots in Tanzania

Tanzania: the stunning country in Africa that’s home to a plethora of natural beauty. Of course, there’s Mount Kilimanjaro, but there’s so much more to see than the usual tourist attractions. You will be amazed at all the wildlife you…