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15 Beach Resorts in Israel For Your Bucket List

The best beach resorts in Israel lie along the dozens of beaches stretching from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. You'll find many of these resorts along Tel Aviv's famous beaches, while some are in the resort town of Eilat in the Red Sea.  While…
Food in Israel

There’s One Main Reason WHY you NEED to visit Israel

While there are countless reasons WHY you SHOULD Visit Israel...there's only ONE main reason why you NEED to plan your trip.

Top 10 Highlights From One Week Exploring Israel

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Israel had been a destination I had been dreaming to visit ever since I started traveling.  Some friends and I even had plans to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv back in June 2012, but unfortunately due to cancellations / finances, that trip never happened.  Years quickly passed...

The Top 3 Must Places To Visit in Israel

When it comes to planning a trip to Israel, you will soon discover that there really is no shortage of things to do in this beautiful country.  Whether you're coming for its biblical history, delicious food, or diverse landscapes -- I bet you'll…