When it comes to planning a trip to Israel, you will soon discover that there really is no shortage of things to do in this beautiful country.  Whether you’re coming for its biblical history, delicious food, or diverse landscapes — I bet you’ll be wishing you had more time to explore Israel.  Travel planning can be a difficult task, so I’m here to share with you what I believe to be are the absolute three must visits for those of making your way to Israel!

1 )  Markets, Beaches, Sunsets, and Hummus in Tel Aviv

No trip to Israel would be complete without visiting the Mediterranean gem of Tel Aviv.  I’ve never met a single person who has visited this city and not fallen completely in love with it’s various markets, gorgeous beaches, and unbeatable Israeli cuisine.

Your first stop has to be Carmel Market, which is Tel Aviv’s largest fruit and vegetable market.  Don’t think that this is just a stop for groceries though, because it’s vibrant atmosphere and wide range of restaurants can keep you there for hours!   Then make your way over to Tel Aviv Port Market, which has recently become one of the best spots for trying and learning all about the country’s cuisine.  It’s in a beautiful setting, and it’s impossible to leave without a full stomach!

If you’ve read about me page, you’ll know that I have a strange obsession with hummus!  It’s my go to snack, and Israel is the perfect place for chick-pea indulgence!

The real draw of visiting Tel Aviv though is checking out some of it’s magnificent beaches!  With over 16 different to choose from, you better have plenty of sunblock to prepare for those long days of beach fun.  Tel Aviv is actually known for having some jaw-dropping sunsets, so make sure you stick around and witness the magic!

Tel Aviv has some fantastic nightlife as well, and if you’re lucky you might just discover some pretty epic beach parties!

2 ) Dead Sea Floating

While some people may say it’s “just a lake”, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth! 

You don’t just come here for a quick swim though, because the Dead Sea is one of the most cool, relaxing and healthy places to visit while in Israel.  The water and mud found in the Dead Sea is rich in minerals that have fantastic healing properties, and will leave your body and skin feeling nice and refreshed!  There are a few different public beaches to choose from, but the most popular that you have to visit is Ein Gedi Beach!  Get your bathing suit on, lather up your body and face with mud, and float away in the Dead Sea!

3  )  Eilat Red Sea Explorations

Eilat is simply the perfect holiday getaway for your trip to Israel!  It’s not only one of the most beautiful destinations in the country, but also has some of the best marine biodiversity in this region of world!  Going snorkeling / scuba diving is an absolute must, parasailing / skydiving for views above the land, and check out getting a car rental to do some fun day-trips to nearby attractions!  It’s also a great idea to get a car rental, because then you can make the 4 hour drive from Eilat back to Tel Aviv, and get a much better understanding for the country!


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