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Langkawi, Malaysia is an incredible archipelago located off the North-West coast of Malaysia (practically at the border of Thailand.  Amongst the south-east asia backpackers, it’s an often overlooked destination — and I honestly don’t understand why.  If you haven’t already, head on over to my Backpacker’s Guide for Langkawi. Here are my top five reasons more people should decide to backpack Langkawi.

1.  A “Duty-Free” Island

You know when you go to the airport, and you buy certain goods because there’s no tax?  Well, imagine an entire island has those prices.  That’s Langkawi, and it’s amazing.  If you go to a store in Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be spending around 7-9 MYR ($2.50) for a small can of beer!  It’s kind of ridiculous, but that’s because it’s a Muslim country.  In Langkawi, you can buy cans of beer for only 2 MYR ($0.65).  Not only that, but everything in general just costs a little less than other parts of Malaysia.


Island Hopping Views in Langkawi. Only 30 MYR!

2.  The Waterfalls

I’ve written a seperate blog posts called Chasing Waterfalls in Langkawi, and once you see some pictures you’ll understand why it’s so incredible.  Langkawi is such a green island, and it’s definitely perfect for nature lovers.  You don’t even have to walk too far to be amazed by some amazing waterfalls.  Definitely check out the two on the north west side of the island.


3.  Pantai Cenang Beach & Sunsets

Pantai Cenang is by far the best place to stay in Langkawi.  The beach is long with white sand, and great swimming water.  It’s lined with bars and restaurants, and is definitely the most lively part of Langkawi.  This is where all the nightlife is, and where you’ll meet the most backpackers.  The sunsets are also incredible, and watching the sun go down and the sky changes colors every night is incredible.

IMG_1349 2


4.  Berjaya Resort Crashing

I absolutely love when resorts don’t give a shit if you are guest there or not.  Well, maybe they do care…they just don’t really have security to check and make sure you stay there.  I’ll pay $5 a night for a hostel in Pantai Cenang, and then just spend all day at the 5* resort.  With the awesome pool, private beach, and swim-up bar — this is a great escape for the backpacker who wants to enjoy a luxurious vacation.  It’s located right by the Cable car, and is simple as walking in, and making your way down to the pool.


5.  The Incredible Food

Three syllables– TO MA TO.  This is one of the highlights for when I come to Langkawi.  Tomato Nasi Kandar is a perfect mix of Malay / Indian cuisine, and will definitely have you going back for more.  My personal recommendation — get the Butter Chicken with the Garlic Cheese Naan.  You’re welcome.



Langkawi is such an incredible island.  I definitely know…I have been there three seperate times now.  But every time I go back I always enjoy my time, and meet incredible people.  If you have any questions, or are planning a trip to Langkawi, don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions.

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The Best Year Of My Life: 2014 – A Year In Review

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Looking back on 2014 brings me nothing but amazing and life-changing memories.  I don’t even know how to express how much year this has influenced my life, but I will always look at 2014 as the year when I got it all “somewhat figured out”.  I’m only 25 (for one more month at least), but I can honestly say that I have a general idea of what I want out of life.  Travel is my passion.  Travel is my future.  Whether that be working on a cruise ship to fund more travels, opening up my own hostel, teaching english, or becoming a popular travel blogger (doubtful).  I’ve got big plans in 2015, and I can’t wait to explore more of the world.  But for now, enjoy my little recap of what I was up to for the past year.  7.5 Months in Asia, 2 months back home in CA, and 2.5 months in Europe.  Enjoy!


Started out the year in Bangkok.  Got an apartment to call a “home-base” while I began my online classes.  I definitely thought I’d actually be living in Bangkok more permanently, but then discovered that with some time management, I could travel and study simultaneously.

Dave the Buddhist #bangkok

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Traveled to the islands for the first time.  Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui.  All amazing in their own ways.  Was able to go scuba diving for my first time, as well as experienced my first full-moon party, which was quite an experience.

Scuba diving in the gulf of Thailand…CHECK #bucketlist #kohtao

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On the first of the month I began a short 12 day trip to Cambodia, beginning with an amazing couple days in Siem Reap exploring the Angkor Wat temples, and the famous sunrise photo.

Woke up at 5 a.m this morning to catch this famous sunrise #angkorwat #cambodia

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After Siem Reap I made a quick day stop in Phnomh Penh, but continued my journey to visit a couple friends in Sihanoukville.  Serendipity and Otres Beaches were both amazing, and I fell in love with Cambodia.  It was a short stay, but incredible.

Orange things in #Cambodia

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After my short trip to Cambodia, I hopped on a plane back to Bangkok to meet up with my friends on Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party (round two), as well as celebrating my birthday on the 14th.  My 25th birthday was still one of the highlights of the year for me.  My 26th is coming up in one month from now, and I have no idea how I’m going to top last years.

Throwback to sunrise after the full moon party #thailand

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After an epic birthday party in Koh Phangan, I decided it was time to head on over to the magical island of Koh Phi Phi.  I was only planning on spending a few days around Phi Phi, but got stuck there for a week or so.  I mean, how could I leave paradise?

Sunset boat ride back to Phi Phi #thailand

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Watching the sunrise after spending the night on Maya Bay, the filming location of the famous Leonardo Dicaprio movie “The Beach”.  Easily one of my highlights of the year.

What I woke up to this morning #mayabay #thailand

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This was easily the craziest and most fun-filled month of the year.  This was my last full-month in south-east Asia, and I lived it up to the fullest.  I began the month with an amazing trip to Hanoi and The Vietnam Backpacker’s Hostel Castaway Island tour to Halong Bay, which didn’t have the best weather, but met some amazing people, and had one wild trip.



After an amazing / chaotic time in Vietnam, I headed on down to Bali, with a 24 hour layover in Singapore.  I really liked Singapore, and wish I had a bit more time there.  I ended up heading back to Singapore in October, so I got my fix.  It’s a beautiful city, but way too pricey for south-east Asia.

Spiral #bridge #singapore

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Once I landed in Bali, I had no idea what I was in for.  I had done zero research on what to do, and flew there just for 6 days to meet up with my travel crew.  They were posted up on the Gili Islands, so I cruised over and met them there.  I had an incredible day on Gili Air, and was easily one of my favorite days of the year.  Saw one of the best sunsets of my entire life.  It’s moments like these I’ll never forget.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it was a big highlight of my first backpacking trip in Asia.

The best day of my life #giliair #indonesia

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After a very brief stay in Indonesia, I headed up to Kuala Lumpur for Future Music Festival Asia.  It was a blast, but unfortunately the last day of the festival got cancelled.  The first two days were epic though, and had a blast exploring the city.  Ironically enough, I did not like the city too much during my first visit, and now I’m writing this post from KL, and love this city!


After Kuala Lumpur, my travel crew Cathy and Ashley and I started island hopping around Malaysia.  We traveled to the beautiful Perhentian Islands, Penang, and Langkawi.  All of these places are amazing.  I think more backpackers need to visit Malaysia during their trips.  For some reason, this country does not get as much attention as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.

I'm on my way to heaven… #aboveandbeyond #perhentianislands #malaysia

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Travel. Just do it. #Nike #langkawi #malaysia

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With just a couple last days in Bangkok, (which ended up being pretty crazy), my first trip to South-East Asia had come to an end.  I flew home for a family wedding.  Congratulations to my beautiful sister Stephanie and my new brother-in-law Bryce.  Their legal last name is actually Jones, which is funny, because I’ve been going by Jones since high school!



Oh, but wait.  What else happens in California in April…?  Hmmm….COACHELLA.  For years, I had been missing out on the best festival in States, Coachella, because I had been living abroad in Italy.  Not in 2014.  Coachella absolutely lived up to the hype, and I had the most epic weekend with a solid group of people.

Beauty of #coachella

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This was a pretty slow month, as I was trying to figure out travel plans.  If you remember, I had a trip to South America planned, that had to be cancelled because I had two groups of friends bail on the trip last minute.  The highlight of May was easily my road trip to San Francisco with my buddy Kevin.  I hadn’t been up North since college, and it was a great drive on PCH, and a solid time chillin NorCal style.

Foggy days in #sanfran #goldengatebridge

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Driving on PCH from SF – LA was quite a journey. Long drive, but completely worth it! #carmel #bigsur #california #coast #roadtrip

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After my plans of traveling to South America were cancelled, I decided to head back to my favorite city in the world– BARCELONA.  Found myself an apartment with some great Catalan guys, and began my summer classes and Barcelona shenanigans.

Look who I found in #barcelona #florencereunion #lionsfountain #unclejimmys #funkychicken

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One of my favorite things to do every Sunday was head to Piknic Electronik up on Montuic.  Amazing day party with lcoals, tourists, and expats.  Easily one of the best parts about living in Barcelona over the summer.

Piknic Electronik #barcelona

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Continuing an awesome summer in Barcelona.  From L’Atlandida, Sundays at the Picknic, beach days, and club nights.


Tourist photo. #sagradafamilia #barcelona

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And I Finally made it to Montserrat, which was one of the best day trips I’ve ever taken.  I couldn’t believe how many times I had visited Barcelona / lived in the city, and never visited Montserrat.

Day trip for some Hiking in #montserrat

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After an epic 8 day “goodbye party”, it was time for me to leave Barcelona, and begin my travels.  The first stop was Milan and Trieste in Northern Italy.  I had never been to either of these cities, and really enjoyed my time.

Well that's pretty neat #milan #italy

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After revisiting Italy, I made my way over to a country I had been dying to visit; Slovenia.  This country is absolutely amazing, and I fell in love with Lake Bled.  I made the joke that if I ever wanted to relax somewhere for a few months to write a novel, I would choose Lake Bled.  It’s relatively affordable, and Slovenians are incredibly nice.

I could stay here awhile #lakebled #slovenia #jonesaroundtheworld

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After a short visit to Slovenia, I got picked up by two of my good Dutch friends, and we made our way to Croatia for SONUS Music Festival.  This was definitely one of the craziest music festivals I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to quite a few).  Shoutout to Joost and Stijn for an awesome week of camping, drinking, and non-stop amazing techno.






After an amazing summer in Europe, I was dying to get back to Asia.  So I jumped right in — and began my backpacking trip in Sri Lanka.  This country by far exceed my expectations, and I had such an amazing time.  From exploring Colombo, Kandy, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Trincomalee, and Arugam Bay.  I wish I had more time there, but it would have cost too much money to change my ticket.  Shoutout to all the amazing people I met in Sri Lanka!  This was also the month I started my travel blog!  The birth of Jones Around The World!

"I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder." #Shrek #sigariyarock #SriLanka

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Walking. #srilanka

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Jones Around The World. #backpacker #travelblogger

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I also spent half of September in Kuala Lumpur, and this was actually one of the first blog posts I ever wrote.  Thanks to my friends I met in Langkawi, I had a free place to stay at an amazing condo, and met some incredible people.  It was this visit that made me want to move here.

To infinity pools…and beyond #Buzzlightyeartotherescue #infinitypools #TravelBlogger #Backpacker #Globetrotter #KualaLumpur #Malaysia

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Honestly, if I had to pick a favorite month of the year, I would have to say it was October.  I spent the majority of the month traveling through Bali and The Gili Islands.  Like traveling always does, I met the best people in Bali, and I still keep in touch with a lot of them.  There’s so many pictures to choose from, so I’ll try to limit to just a few.

Had a perfect day in #paradise #bali #Indonesia #TravelBlogger #Wanderlust #Globetrotter #JonesAroundTheWorld

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I'm the king of the cruise #GiliT #boozecruise #Indonesia

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Bali life is the good life. #potatohead #beachclub #seminyak #Indonesia

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Beanbags and beers for the sunset #seminyak #bali #indonesia #TravelBlogger #wanderlust #Globetrotter #nomadlife

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I like swimming.

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Thanks to everyone I met in Indonesia.  The times we’ve shared will never be forgotten.  I flew to Singapore for a couple days, then back to Kuala Lumpur for Halloween, which was an absolute blast.



Another solid month traveling mostly through Langkawi, southern Thailand, and back to Kuala Lumpur for some rest and relaxation.  Langkawi is still one of my favorite islands in Asia.

We went chasing waterfalls.

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Head in the clouds.

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Pantai Cenang- Langkawi — I have 1 wife, and two sons: "Wifi", "sunrise", and "sunset"…

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After my time in Langkawi, I journeyed up to Krabi, Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Lanta.  I had some really great nights here, but was plagued with some bad weather during most of it.  None the less, the beauty of these islands is breathtaking, and it was great to visit some new places, as well as revisit Koh Phi Phi.

Not the best weather day, but couldn't resist going for a swim

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Not many places to hike on Koh Phi Phi, but the walk up to the viewpoint is good enough for me.

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Oh, the last and final month of 2014 — and boy was it a good one.  I started December out in Cambodia, and had the best time.  Started in Phnomh Penh for a couple days,  and then worked my way down to Kep & Kampot.  The Majority of my time was spent in SIhanoukville and Koh Rong (which I think is one of the most beautiful places in the world).  For anyone reading this who has not been to Koh Rong, Go SOON!  Tourism is going to take over quick, and this paradise will not be the same in a few years.

Sunset in Kampot

Gotta love Cambodian sunsets…every night a different painting, and tonight's was especially great.

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Relaxing on Long Beach, Koh Rong.

Winter is coming….but not for me.

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Enjoying my time in Otres Beach, Sihanoukville

Fresh coconut and a book on this sunny afternoon. Beach life sure is great.

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After a crazy time in Cambodia, it was time to head to Koh Chang to meet up with my friend Cathy.  Althogh, this took two attempts as I missed one of the busses due to bartending until 4 A.M the night before!  Koh Chang was absolutely beautiful, and I would defintiely recommend backpackers to make a stop there at the Thai/ Cambodian border.  It’s a much better border to cross at as well!  I also got to meet up with two of my Dutch buddies from Eindhoven (De Gekste)!

2 Americans, 2 Dutchmen, 1 Boat, 5 islands, 3 bottles of whiskey, and tons of fish. That was one epic snorkeling trip

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New island. New beach. Looking forward to the next few days in Koh Chang

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After Koh Chang, Cathy and I headed to Koh Samet for a bit of recovery from the damage we did to our bodies in Koh Chang, as well as to rest up for the next adventure; Wonderfruit Music Festival.  This was Thailand’s first major music festival, and I had such a solid weekend.  Amazing people, incredible music, and an overall great festival experience.

Yoga Bass during the sunset during Wonderfruit day 2. What an awesome experience. Namaste.

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After Wonderfruit festival, Cathy and I headed to Koh Tao for Christmas.  I spent a total of 8 or 9 days there, and it was a pretty great time.  It was quite strange though, because the weather was actually pretty terrible.  But it always cleard up at night.  The food was good, the parties were good, and met some amazing people there as well.

On December 31st, I decided it was time to journey over to Koh Phangan for the New Years Ever celebrations.  I’ll be writing a seperate blog post about that crazy experience.  IMG_2340


Well, there ya have it.  The past 12 months of my life summed up in one blog post.  It truly has been the best year of my life.  I want to take this moment to thank each and every person I’ve met while traveling around the world.  You guys are what making traveling so amazing.  I honestly don’t have too much plans as of now for 2015, but I have a hard time thinking it can top 2014, but I’m damn sure I’m gonna try.

Thanks for reading!

November 2014: Month In Review

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Well, I’m currently writing this in Cambodia, but I’ve only been here a few short days.  It’s always fun to write posts like this where I get the chance to look back and reflect on what I’ve been up to the past month.  November has been great, but it has had its up and downs.  From spending an amazing week in Langkawi with a great group of friends, exploring the southern Thailand islands in the Andaman sea, and getting a lot of homework / recharging my travel batteries in Kuala Lumpur, the past 30 days have been amazing.  I did however get a bad case of food poisoning in Ao Nang which was rough, and dealt with a fair amount of bad weather.  But traveling does not always go perfectly.  It’s all about the journey though.

Where I Went

November 1st – 3rd – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 4th-9th  –  Langkawi, Malaysia
November 10th-11th –  Krabi Town, Thailand
November 12th-16th– Ao Nang / Railey Beach
November 17th-20th- Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
November 21 – 23rd- Koh Lanta, Thailand
November 24th – 28th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 29th-3oth – Phnomh Penh, Cambodia

Blog Posts I’ve Written This Month

Favorite Instagram:

This was taken early on in the month during my first night in Langkawi.  The sunset that night was easily one of the best I’ve seen during this backpacking trip in Asia.  The colors were amazing, and kept changing over the course of a couple hours.  I was also with some great company, so that definitely helps the memory.  🙂

Head in the clouds.

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December is in full swing now, and I’m currently in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.  I got a week left here before I head back to Thailand for a month or so.  Then, who knows.  I think it’s either going to be staying in Koh Tao for a month, backpacking Myanmar, or moving to Kuala Lumpur.  All I know is that I look to the future with excitement.  Life as a traveling grad student is almost over, and I start my last two classes early January.  Been having an amazing time out in Asia, and I know the future has got much more in store for me!

Berjaya Resort Crashing – Langkawi

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One of the best parts of being a budget traveler is finding decent accommodations in hostels for $5 a night, and then being able to crash a 5-star resort.  Berjaya is an amazing resort on the north-eastern coast of Langkawi, perfectly located next to the Cable Car & Oriental Village.  Comparing it to all the other resorts I’ve crashed in my travels, Berjaya might be the absolutely easiest to sneak into.  The security at the front entrance don’t stop anyone, and walking through the resort down the pool is quick and easy.  


Langkawi is a small island, but there’s tons of things to do.  Why waste time just relaxing at a resort if you only have a few days there?  Well, for one the pool is amazing.  Really great location with beautiful landscape.  There’s also a swim-up bar, which is perfect since the Malaysian Ringit is water proof currency.  So you can keep some cash in your pocket and grab a couple beers during happy hour at 5-7 P.M.  


The pool alone is worth the visit, but what makes Berjaya Resort worth your time is heading down to the private beach.  There’s tons of free beach chairs, shade, and a volleyball court if you’re feeling sporty.  If you’re with friends this place can be the perfect location to spend a day.  If you’re alone, it’s just as great.  Grab a book, chill by the pool, or on the beach.  Grab a drink or two, and feel like you’re on a luxurious vacation.  

Chasing Waterfalls in Langkawi

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“Don’t go Chasing Wateralls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to”

Sorry TLC, you must have never been to Langkawi.  Checking out a couple of waterfalls in Langkawi is probably my favorite day during my time there.  I had heard about these waterfalls the last time I was there, but could not see them because it was the dry season.  So I was definitely stoked to see some new sights my second time in Langkawi.       Read more


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Looking for a Backpackers Guide to Langkawi?  Look no further.  It’s going to be a trip you’ll never forget.  Officially known as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, around 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia.  It’s right at the border of Thailand, and is a popular place to visit for traveller’s going north/south between Malaysia and Thailand.  It is often overlooked by south-east Asia backpackers, which should definitely be changed.  It is an amazing island with a lot to offer, cheap accommodations, tax-free booze, and beautiful landscape.

Where to Stay in Langkawi

There is no better place for backpackers then to stay in Pantai Cenang beach area.  It’s a beatiful long stretch of white sand, tons of restaurants, bars, shops, and attractions.  It’s definitely the main hotspot of Langkawi, and I would not recommend staying anywhere else but around Pantai Cenang.  This area hosts a bunch of different options of cheap accommodations, but there’s two main hostels / guesthouses for backpackers.  I’ve stayed at both of these below, and enjoyed my stays.     

  • Gecko’s Guesthouse:  I’ve stayed at Gecko’s on two separate occasions, and have had some amazing times here.  The rooms and bathrooms might not be the cleanest, but you can’t expect much when traveling south-east Asia on a budget.  There’s a few different rooms available, from dorms and private rooms (with shared bathroom).  The best part about staying at Gecko’s is the atmosphere.  There’s definitely no other place like it in Pantai Cenang for meeting other backpackers.      
  • Daddy’s Guesthouse:  This is located just next door to Gecko’s, and is a great option for people who are on tight budgets.  A dorm bed will only cost you 15 Ringgit (Less than $5), and the rooms aren’t bad at all.  They also have a pretty great layout of the hostel, with colorful lights and hammocks to relax on.  Definitely another solid option.  


Things To Do

Langkawi might be a small island, but there’s actually tons of things to do.  If you want a list of things to do, check out this post on 10 things to do in Langkawi.  

The highlights include:

  • 3 Stop Island Hopping Tour
  • Mangrove Tour
  • Oriental Village
  • Cable Car/ Skybridge
  • Pantai Cenang
  • Berjaya Resort
  • Eagle Square
  • Sevel Wells Waterfall
  • Temuran Waterfalls
  • Watersports
  • Sunba Retro Bar

IMG_1349 2

Food and Drink:

  • Tomato:  This is honestly one of the best parts about going to Langkawi, is being able to eat at Tomato for pretty much every meal.  They serve some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had.  They have a decent sized menu of items to choose from, and also have a self-serve option where you pick out what you want.  A meal at Tomato will be really cheap, but also delicious.  Make sure to try to the Butter Chicken, and Garlic Cheese Naan!  
  • Little Mexican:  If you’re missing Mexican food, there’s a great restaurant that will definitely fix that.  They have big portions, and everything I tried was delicious.  The only problem is that this restaurant is a tad bit expensive compared to a lot of other options in Langkawi.  (Just don’t get this confused with 3 Amigos, another Mexican restaurant that is actually terrible.  
  • Istanbul Kebab:  The drunken late night snack that always satisfies.  Located at the end of the main boulevard on the corner, this restaurant has delicious kebabs and hummus.  They are also budget friendly, and perfect to eat during the walk home from Sunba.  
  • Oriental Village:  This is not located in Pantai Cenang, but is a 30 minute drive away.  This is where you’ll catch the cable car up to the skybridge!  They also have a food court with tons of different local and foreign foods.  Not too pricey, and very good.        


How to Get There:

From Malaysia: Langkawi is very easily accessible by plane from Kuala Lumpur.  You can book flights for as low as $12 U.S.D!  Another great option is to take the ferry from Penang, which is another popular destination in Nothern Malaysia.      

From Thailand:  You can catch a ferry from Koh Lipe, or head down to the jetty in the Satun province and

Where to Next

Thailand – Well, most people who come to Langkawi are traveling north up to Thailand.  All over Langkawi there are different travel agents that can help you book tickets for onward travel.  I have done this trip twice.  You take the ferry from Langkawi – Satun (Border Crossing), then hope on a bus to wherever your going.  The busses normally go from Satun – Trang – Krabi – Phuket.  You can also reach Surat Thani for Koh Tao, Phangan, and Samui.  

Penang – If you came to Langkawi from Thailand, then your next stop should most definitely be Georgetown, the capital of Penang district.  This island is absolutely beautiful, with so much to do and explore.  There’s ferries that regularly go from Langkawi-Penang, and any travel agent can book that for you.  

Kuala LumpurAirAsia, Malindo Air, and Firefly airlines all have regular flights to/from Langkawi to KL.  You can find extremely cheap flights, and save yourself from a long bus ride.  

Langkawi Resources:

I hope you’ve found some useful information in this backpacker’s guide, but below are some resources that could be beneficial for your time on this beautiful island:

Have you ever been to Langkawi?  What did you think, and what was your favorite thing to do?

Island hopping tour in Langkawi for $8 is worth every penny.

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Pantai Cenang Beach Days

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The hotpsot area of Langkawi, Pantai Cenang, is an amazing beach town with an impressive long stretch of white sand which makes it the perfect place to spend some time.  There’s a wide variety of activities during the day from parasailing, jetkskiing, beach volleyball, banana boats, etc.  Every day during the past week in Langkawi, our group would just chill and relax on this incredible beach at least at one point of the day.     Read more

10 Things To Do In Langkawi

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1.  Island Hopping Tour

When you first get on the island, you’ll hear about the couple different tours available.  The cheaper tour is the 3-stop island hopping tour.  They first take you to the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.  This is a lake within a smaller island, and a really awesome place for some swimming.  The stop is about 45-minutes to an hour.  Then you head on over to a different group of islands to watch the feeding of eagles.  They drop bits of chicken into the water, and you watch while the eagles swoop down and feast.  The last stop is a small but beautiful island, with an incredible beach.  There’s also a snackstand to grab a few beers, a can of pringles, and some oreos.  This whole trip takes a few hours, and only cost 30 Ringit (Approx $30).  Definitely worth it.  I ended up going twice!

2.  Mangrove Tour

This is one of the other popular tours that go on in Langkawi.  What I really liked about this one is if you get a group of people together, you get your own private boat and guide.  They pick you up from your hotel, and drive you to the other side of the island where the tour begins.  There’s a bunch of different areas and highlights.  From monkeys, bat caves, more eagle feeding, and amazing landscape, this trip does not disappoint.

3.  Stay in Pantai Cenang


This is where the action is.  There’s tons of youth hostels that all seem to be in the same area.  I happened to go and met an amazing group of people, that ended up going out and partying together every night.  This area also has great beaches, shopping, bars, and much more.  I definitely would not stay anywhere else on the island except in Pantai Cenang!

4.  Rent a Moto

Langkawi is definitely one of the best places I have ever been to rent a moto and explore the island.  The roads are perfectly paved, the roads are not curvy at all, and it is really safe.  If I had to choose anywhere to learn how to ride a moto, this is where I would pick.  As well, there’s moto rental places everywhere, for really cheap.  I’m talking $6 dollars a day!  If you rent even longer, you can get a great deal.  Rent one, and explore the beautiful island of Langkawi!

5.  Explore Oriental Village

A term my friend liked to describe this area is “kitschy”.  It almost seems like it could be it’s own area of a Disneyland themed park.  There’s just something about it that is really interesting.  There’s a great little food court, a nice little lake in the middle, and some really cool souvenir shopping.  Don’t miss it.

6.  Cable Car Ride

After exploring the oriental village is the perfect time to take the Cable Car up to the Sky Bridge.  This incredible ride will give you the best views of Langkawi!  Tickets cost 35 Ringit, but it’s definitely worth every penny.

7.  Berjaya Resort Crash

This was by far the best part about Langkawi.  Just around the corner from the Oriental village is this amazing 5-star resort called Berjaya.  You park your moto, cruise through the lobby, and head straight down to the pool.  I did this at least 4 different times during my stay there.  No questions were raised at all.  There is a perfect temperature pool, a private beach, and an amazing happy hour!

8.  Eagle Square

It’s a sort of a welcoming spot for tourists to Langkawi, because Eagles are a big deal there!  It’s a giant eagle with it’s wings spread, and definitely is worth a short little visit.

9.  Sunba Retro Bar & Sun Karma Chill Out Lounge

This was the nightlife spots that beat out all the rest.  What is great about these places is that they are located right next door to each other.  So start out with a few drinks at Sun Karma, and then when you are ready to head inside the club, cruise over to Sunba.  I’ve heard all different types of music played, but it’s guaranteed to be a great night no matter what.

10.  Water Sports

On a bunch of different beaches in Langkawi, you will be able to find watersports available.  The jetskiing was a little pricey for me, but a group of us all did the Banana boat.  Kind of lame, but hey, it was a great time.