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10 Famous Landmarks in China You Absolutely Must See

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Have you ever wondered what the most famous landmarks in China are? Well, China is renowned for more than just the kung-fu movies we all grew up idolising. This ancient country is endowed with some of the world’s most beautiful landmarks and…
Eiffel Tower Paris France

11 Famous Landmarks in France You Absolutely Must See

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There are so many famous landmarks in France that you’ll likely want to plan a second or third holiday to get around to them all. The many landmarks and monuments are spectacular representations of the many historic periods France has gone…
Famous London Landmarks

TOP 14 Famous Landmarks in London to Visit

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If you’re heading to the UK, there are many famous landmarks in London you won’t want to miss. This bustling city is filled with both historic and contemporary architectural masterpieces and monumental sites. You can find many of the…
Borobudur Temple

17 Famous Landmarks in Indonesia | Historical Sites, Monuments & More

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Explore 17  famous landmarks in Indonesia to unearth the secrets of the "Emerald of the Equator". Indonesia is a stunning display of thousands of emerald green islands that peak high above a turquoise ocean. The Republic of Indonesia consists…

14 Famous Landmarks in Malaysia | Buildings, Places, & Attractions

As you might expect from a small country that ranks highly in the world tourism charts, the famous landmarks in Malaysia are plentiful and culturally fascinating.   The primary cultural makeup of Malaysia is a flavorful mix of…
Cologne Cathedral - Famous Landmarks in Germany

13 Famous Landmarks in Germany | Best Sights & Monuments

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Looking to visit some famous landmarks in Germany? Then you’ve come to the right place. Known as the land of beer, sausages, and fairytale castles, Germany is a country that should be on your European bucket list. Filled with a rich history,…
Landmarks in Ireland

12 Famous Landmarks in Ireland | Top Sights & Monuments

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Looking to visit the most famous landmarks in Ireland? Then you’ve landed on the right page. Ireland is a charming country located just off the coast of England. Nicknamed “The Emerald Isle”, Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries…
City Palace Jaipur

Famous Landmarks in India | 14 Top Monuments & Sites to Visit

Are you planning on visiting the most famous landmarks in India? It’s no secret that India has a rich historical past with numerous ancient architectural gems found all around the country. From impressive forts and palaces to tombs and…
Westminster Abbey in london, england, uk at night

Famous Landmarks UK | 18 Historical Places & Buildings to Visit

If you’re wondering what the most famous landmarks in the UK are, you’ve come to the right place. The United Kingdom sits just northwest of Europe’s mainland. It’s a highly scenic sovereign country that’s made up of England, Wales,…

Famous Landmarks in Thailand: 17 Must-See Buildings & Iconic Wonders

Whether you are interested in ancient temples or breathtaking views, there are a wide variety of famous landmarks in Thailand to astonish and inspire you. This post will point you in the direction of the country’s top attractions, so you…
Mount Fuji

11 Famous Landmarks in Japan | Iconic Monuments & Attractions

Small though it may be, there are dozens of famous landmarks in Japan to explore. This island country of East Asia is brimming with cultural and historical significance. Visitors are welcomed to immerse themselves in the dynamic fusion of ancient…

Famous Landmarks in Mexico | 22 Top Tourist Attractions

The famous landmarks in Mexico are an assortment of ancient temples and fascinating natural wonders. This exotic paradise, known for introducing jalapenos, Tequila, and Salma Hayek to the world, is more than a spring break vacation spot.…