Glamping Resort Varie - Japan

15 Best Places To Go Glamping in Japan

Glamping in Japan is a fantastic way to admire the country from a different perspective. While Japan is more famous for its rich culture and bustling cities, it also has stunning natural beauty. The best way to experience Japan's great outdoors…
Ishigaki Seaside Hotel - Japan

15 Best Beach Resorts in Japan for Your Bucketlist

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Japan is famous for its majestic temples, rich culture, and fascinating history, but you will be surprised to know that there are numerous beach resorts in Japan. In fact, the country is home to many beautiful beaches, especially in Okinawa,…
Mount Fuji

11 Famous Landmarks in Japan | Iconic Monuments & Attractions

Small though it may be, there are dozens of famous landmarks in Japan to explore. This island country of East Asia is brimming with cultural and historical significance. Visitors are welcomed to immerse themselves in the dynamic fusion of ancient…
Kyoto, Japan

2 Days in Kyoto Itinerary | Where to Stay, Places to Visit & Essential Travel Tips

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Are you planning a quick stop or weekend getaway and only have 2 days in Kyoto? Look no further, since I have just the perfect itinerary for you, combining the most spectacular places of this city of contrasts. Present and future, tradition…
Best Japan Airbnbs


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Planning the trip of a lifetime to Japan? Make your way through this beautiful country with my list of the best Airbnb Japan has to offer, whether you want to stay near the city, sea, or Mt. Fuji! I was lucky enough to visit Japan at the…
Hakone Cruise - Lake Ashi

The 17 Best Things To Do In Hakone, Japan | The Best Day Trip From Tokyo

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Hakone is a tranquil mountain region in the Kanagawa prefecture, lying just south of Tokyo. With its beautiful landscapes, world-class hot springs, charming villages, mesmerizing craftsmanship, endless outdoor attractions, unique accommodation…
2 Days in Tokyo Itinerary

2 Days in Tokyo Itinerary – The Gateway to the “Land of the Rising Sun” in 48 hours!

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Bustling downtown streets and calm shrines, cutting-edge high-tech and ancient traditions, the biggest metropolitan space in the world will surely capture you in no-time! Whether this might be the first stopover before exploring the marvelous…
Best Places To Visit In Japan

16 Amazing Japan “Off the Beaten Path” Destinations & Hidden Gems

Looking for some of the best off the beaten path Japan destinations? Smart decision! And I've put together an amazing list of unique destinations and hidden gems that Japan has to offer! There’s no doubt that traveling to a foreign destination…
Best Quotes About Japan

The 68 BEST Quotes About Japan | Unique & Fun Japan Quotes

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Looking for the best quotes about Japan? I have the ultimate list of the 68 best quotes about Japan, including short quotes, inspiring quotes, Instagram captions, movie quotes, song lyrics and so much more! Check them out!  There’s…
Oita City Sunset

The 18 Best Things to do in the Oita Prefecture, Japan

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Oita serves as both a major prefecture on the island of Kyushu (the most southwest of Japan’s main islands), as well as the prefecture's capital city. Similar to many other regions of Japan, Oita is the culmination of unique and breathtaking…
The Best Hakone Airbnbs

The 15 Best Places To Stay In Hakone For a Relaxing Getaway | Hakone Accommodation Guide

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Overwhelmed from hitting the pavement of the hectic, fast-paced streets of Tokyo and dreaming of partaking in some of the traditional Japanese rest and rejuvenation you've heard so much about? Hakone awaits! An enjoyable 90-minute journey…
Lake Komo, Sado Island

Sado Island, Japan | 21 Amazing Things To Do on The Island of Exile & Gold

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Sado Island (佐渡島, Sadogashima) is well known as the "island of exile" or the "island of gold", and for being deeply connected with historical figures, tradition and ancient culture. It’s one of the largest Japanese islands, located 32km…