2 Days in Paris Itinerary

2 Days in Paris Itinerary | The Best Way to Explore Paris in 48 Hours

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Planning on spending two days in Paris? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because Paris just so happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world. With its iconic landmarks, unbeatable cafes, and wonderful Parisian vibes - spending…
2 days in copenhagen itinerary

2 Days in Copenhagen | How to Spend 48 Hours Exploring Copenhagen

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Planning on spending 2 days in Copenhagen? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Copenhagen was one of my first and by far my most enjoyable and memorable Europeans weekend trips. Why? Because the city is just so beautiful and scenic, …
2 Days in Budapest Itinerary


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Planning on spending 2 days in Budapest and looking for the best travel itinerary?  Well, look no further because I’ve put together a solid destination guide for first-time visitors to the vibrant capital of Hungary!   The…
Berlin Itinerary 2 Days

2 Days in Berlin | How to Spend 48 Hours Exploring Berlin

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Planning on spending two days in Berlin? You've landed in the right place, as I have put together this two-day itinerary, which includes everything you need to know to make your trip to Berlin simply perfect. As a city with such a…
Sydney to Cairns - East Coast of Australia Itinerary

Greyhound Bus Pass Hop-on / Hop-Off: Cairns-Sydney Route Bus Itinerary

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I had always known about the Greyhound Bus Pass options in Australia, but for some reason I was skeptical about it.  I was afraid the system would be flawed, and thought it might be a bit too complicated.  My dream of traveling…
Best Perth Itinerary

The Ultimate Perth Itinerary | 7 Days in Perth & What to Do

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Looking for the best Perth Itinerary to make your time Down Under unforgettable? Look no further, because I've put together everything you need to start planning your trip!  Perth, the capital of the Australian state of Western Australia,…
Northern Territory Australia Outback Itinerary

The Ultimate Australian Outback/ Northern Territory Travel Itinerary

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They say you haven't been Down Under until you've been to the Outback, and after recently finishing a two week long Northern Territory trip - I would completely agree with that statement!     Known for its adventurous spirit,…
Night market Hong Kong

2 Days in Hong Kong Itinerary | What to Do in Hong Kong in 48 Hours

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Wondering how to spend 2 days in Hong Kong? Well, that’s a complicated question, and there’s no easy answer to it. But I think I’ve put together the ultimate 2 days in Hong Kong Itinerary to make the most of your time in this absolutely…
Singapore to Bangkok

Singapore to Bangkok Overland Backpacking Itinerary

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Planning a trip from Singapore to Bangkok overland...?  You've come to the right place!  One of the most common routes for backpacking in South-East Asia is traveling from Singapore to Bangkok overland, and it's an absolute amazing…
Backpacking Bali

Backpacking Bali: The Ultimate Trip Itinerary, Budget Guide & Travel Tips

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Backpacking Bali soon? I'm here to help!  Bali is one of the first destinations in Southeast-Asia I really felt like a true solo backpacker, and it's become one of my favorite places in the world!  I've spent a lot of time backpacking…

One Week In Bali: The Best Travel Itinerary

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Welcome to Paradise! If you're wondering how to spend 7 awesome days in Bali then you've come to the right place! Bali is truly one of my favorite places in the world...