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Famous Greek Landmarks | 7 Ancient Buildings & Historical Monuments

Crumbling temples and turquoise tranquil coves are just a few of the many famous landmarks in Greece. This article is here to list some of the best Greek monuments and tourist hot spots to help you plan the ideal vacation around Greece and its…
Where to stay in Coron


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Planning a trip to the Philippines and wondering where to stay in Coron? Well, look no further because I’ve put together a pretty solid list of Coron Hotels & Coron Resorts to choose from! The truth is that wherever you decide to stay,…
Thailand Backpacking Tips

17 Amazing Photos of Palawan, The Philippines

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Palawan is known as the destination in The Philippines that if you visit there during your time in the country, you'll definitely be making a return trip.  This amazing archipelago has something for everyone, but the key highlights for me were…

Coron Island Hopping: Perfectly Picturesque

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I’m watching the sun go down up at the top of Mt. Tapyas after a long day of exploring by myself, when a German girl hears my music (from my portable Beats Pill music player) and sits down next to me.  We do what any two solo travelers in…

10 Things To Do In Langkawi

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1.  Island Hopping Tour When you first get on the island, you'll hear about the couple different tours available.  The cheaper tour is the 3-stop island hopping tour.  They first take you to the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.  This is…