Giglio Island Italy

Best Islands in Italy to Visit | 13 Stunning Places to Explore

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Looking for the best islands in Italy to visit this year? Italy is one of the most charming places in the Mediterranean, and while the mainland is pretty awesome, so are its picturesque islands. Italy has one of the oldest civilizations…

Best Islands in Spain to Visit | Your Guide to 16 Spanish Islands

Planing a trip and looking for the most beautiful and best islands in Spain to visit this year? Most are easily accessible by ferry or short flights, and offer some of the destination's most exciting adventures.   Spain is a beautifully…
Madeira Island Portugal

The 14 Best Islands In Portugal For Your Bucket List

You cannot deny that the mainland of Portugal is rich in historical sites and cultural attractions, but the islands off of Portugal deserve some acclaim too! So I've put together this guide of the best islands in Portugal to visit in 2021! The…

Famous Landmarks in Thailand: 17 Must-See Buildings & Iconic Wonders

Whether you are interested in ancient temples or breathtaking views, there are a wide variety of famous landmarks in Thailand to astonish and inspire you. This post will point you in the direction of the country’s top attractions, so you…

Best Greek Islands to Visit | 11 Most Beautiful Isles To Explore

Looking for the best Greek Islands to visit on your next vacation? Greece is an amazing country to explore, and while the mainland is pretty awesome, so are the gorgeous islands. Greece is located in the southeastern part of Europe, with…
St Peters Basilica

Famous Landmarks in Italy | 19 Major Buildings & Places to See

If you’re looking for the most famous landmarks in Italy, you’ve come to the right place. This stunning southern European country is full of historical structures, grand buildings, and natural sites. It doesn’t matter if it was built hundreds…
parthenon athens greece

Famous Greek Landmarks | 7 Ancient Buildings & Historical Monuments

Crumbling temples and turquoise tranquil coves are just a few of the many famous landmarks in Greece. This article is here to list some of the best Greek monuments and tourist hot spots to help you plan the ideal vacation around Greece and its…
Sagrada Familia aerial view

7 Famous Landmarks in Spain | Iconic Spanish Buildings & Monuments

The magnificent architecture, vibrant music scene, and dozens of famous landmarks in Spain make it one of the most visited countries in the world. This article lists some of the top landmarks in Spain for every traveler’s bucket list. There…
Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

Famous Landmarks in California | 21 Iconic Must-See Attractions

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The most famous landmarks in California boast stunning cliff-lined beaches, rocky national parks, and famous sites that you have to add to your bucket list. California,  coined as Cali, West Coast or Tinseltown by the…
Best Travel Backpack for Europe

The 13 Best Travel Backpack for Europe  | Lightweight Packs

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If you are planning a new adventure through the EU, you are going to need one of the best travel backpacks for Europe. On this continent, you’ll find love, adventure, and incredible food. Everyone dreams of taking a trip there, whether it’s…
Beautiful Cities in Spain To Visit

Top 25 Beautiful Cities in Spain For Your Bucket List

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From scenic landscapes to dancing the Flamenco on cobbled streets - the most beautiful cities in Spain encapsulate the country's vibrant versatility. Spain's beauty lies in its culture, traditions, architecture, and history. There is never…
Famous Landmarks in Asia

Top 24 Famous Landmarks in Asia | Must-See Sites & Monuments

There are dozens of famous landmarks in Asia to appreciate and adore but which ones should you add to your bucket list? This incredible continent is so diverse, rich in culture, and full of history - that you may be stumped on…