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Two Days on Magnetic Island: The Bungalow Bay Experience

Magnetic Island was right at the top of my Australian bucket list, and it completely exceeded all my expectations. I was only on the island for exactly 48 hours, but I can confidently say that I made every single minute count.  Magnetic…
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Exploring The Great Barrier Reef: Incredible Day Of Sun, Snorkeling, and Scenery

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always dream of witnessing the beauty of the The Great Barrier Reef, and just two days ago that wish finally came true.  It's obviously one of the biggest tourist attractions in Australia, and was one of…
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11 Reasons Why The Groove Cruise Is The Ultimate Festival Vacation

It's been one week since I got off The Groove Cruise, and I've have had a bit of time to reflect on what just happened. I feel like I've said this quite often -- about a lot of different experiences...but I think it needs to be said once…

Hey what‘s up? I’m Dave…

…but I’m more commonly known as my nickname / travel alias JONES. I’m originally from Southern-California, but have made long-term travel into a lifestyle. I’ve lived in 6 different countries, love learning new languages, and have a strange obsession with hummus. You’ll most likely find me on a tropical beach, at a music festival, or anywhere I can get a cold beer. I’m also an aspiring travel photographer, so you’ll rarely find me without my camera. I’m on a mission to explore the world, live abroad, and make every day count.

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