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Groove Cruise Cabo: The World's Largest Floating Dance Music Festival

San Diego to Cabo ->  5 Days ->  120 Hours of Non-Stop Music. Sounds like a good time, yeah?  Well, that's exactly what I'll be doing over Halloween weekend! This all just happened out of nowhere, but I couldn't be more thrilled…
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Dirtybird Campout: The Ultimate Festival Summer Camp

As Claude Von Stroke accepted his award for America’s Best DJ before his set on Friday night, I thought to myself…it won't be long until Dirtybird Campout starts receiving it's own awards for becoming one of the best festivals in America.…
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Two Days of Sun & Techno at CRSSD Music Festival

Atmosphere.  Venue.  Music.   These are the three key components I look for in a quality festival.  On October 1st and 2nd, thousands of underground house & techno lovers flooded to San Diego in what can only be described as a complete…
Hey what‘s up? I’m Dave…

…but I’m more commonly known as my nickname / travel alias JONES. I’m originally from Southern-California, but have made long-term travel into a lifestyle. I’ve lived in 6 different countries, love learning new languages, and have a strange obsession with hummus. You’ll most likely find me on a tropical beach, at a music festival, or anywhere I can get a cold beer. I’m also an aspiring travel photographer, so you’ll rarely find me without my camera. I’m on a mission to explore the world, live abroad, and make every day count.

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