South America

Safest Countries in South America

Top 12 Safest Countries in South America & Latin America To Visit

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If there was ever a place in the world that perfectly encapsulated vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and love of life - it’s the whole of South America! With passionate Latin blood running thick through every country on the continent, it's…
Best Music Festivals in South America - EDM & Techno Camping Festivals

Top 20 Music Festivals in South America to Experience Before You Die

Looking for the best music festivals in South America!?  Well, look no further, because I've got you covered!  With a surface area of 18 million square kilometers, you’d be right to assume that there’s a lengthy list of South…

Top 10 Amazing Things to Do in Brazil

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Brazil isn’t only known for its amazing soccer (or futbol) team. This huge country is home to biodiverse rainforests, colorful festivals, over 2,000 pristine beaches, and an eclectic cultural history.  It's been a country that has…