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Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  I actually lived there over a year and half, and fell in love with the lifestyle and culture.  It’s a small city that’s easy to walk around, plenty of amazing restaurants, and incredible nightlife.  If you’re planning a visit and looking for some recommendations, here are 10 amazing things to do in Florence.

1.  Sunset at Piazza Michelangelo

Easily one of the best piazzas in Firenze, and definitely the best place to watch the sunset.  Grab a bottle of wine, some cups, and some good company; you are in for a great night.  It is a really common thing to do in Florence.  Sometimes there’s live music, and people sit there for hours enjoying the beauty of one of Italy’s finest cities.

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2.  “The Bruno Special” at La Spada

My favorite restaurant in the city is called Ristorante La Spada, and is located just a few minutes away from Piazza della Repubblica.  Most importantly, order the “Bruno Special”.  You get three different types of pasta, and then a ton of meat and potatoes.  It’s best to go with a group of people, because it’s family style.  Oh, did i mention it includes bottomless wine!  Amazing dinner + best pre-game = La Spada.

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3.  Walk the Steps of the Duomo

The most iconic church of Florence, and quite possibly Italy, the Duomo is something you have to witness in person to understand it’s beauty.  Walking past the Duomo everyday was easily one of the best parts about living in Florence.  There are 417 steps to the top, and is a pretty intense work-out, but the views are worth every step.

4.  Pino’s Panino’s

There’s a lot of places to get a panino in Florence, but hands down Pino’s is the best.  Very popular among study-abroad students, this place is one of my favorite spots to eat in the city.  Every ingredient is fresh, and the meats are sliced right in front of you.  There are a ton of panino’s on the menu, but you can never go wrong with “Pino’s best” or the “turkey best”.  Also, check out his wine tasting as well!  This guy is truly a Florence legend.

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5.  Write on the Walls at Uncle Jimmy’s

I can’t even begin to tell you the stories of the nights I’ve spent at Uncle Jimmy’s.  A relatively new bar to the city, and I was there when it first opened.  It’s a crazy vibe when it’s busy, full of Karaoke, drunk study abroad students, and an insane amount of Sambuka shots.  The ceilings are covered with various undergarments, and feel free to grab a pen and leave your mark.

6.  Day Drink Along the Arno

I probably like to drink too much, but Florence is an amazing city to do some day-drinking.  I mean, look at the pictures.  How can you not want to sit down on the grass, play some music, and drink a Peroni.  There’s no open-container law in Italy, so drink anywhere you want.  But I just love sitting along the river, walking the streets with a beer in my hand, and soaking in the views of Florence.

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7.  Bar Hop

I worked in Italy for two years as a tour guide for study abroad students, and Florence could be described as “little america”.  There’s a ton of bars that are flooded with college students out every night for various parties.  My favorite is Lion’s Fountain.  Some other popular bars that I recommend are Naima, BLOB, Astor, Red Garter, and Kikuya.  Drink up.  It’s Italy.

8.  The David + Uffizi Gallery

I couldn’t make a list of things to do in Florence that are strictly alcohol related, so definitely soak up the art and culture in Florence.  From seeing Michaelangelo’s masterpiece “The David”, or strolling the long halls of the Uffizi, Florence definitely has some amazing works that will satisfy all your art and history needs.  If you don’t want to wait in line to see the real David, check out the fake one in Piazza della Signoria.

9.  T-E-N-A-X

Florence might be a great place to bar hop, but there’s also an abundance of clubs.  If you want to experience a real Italian discoteca, then you have to check out Tenax.  It’s mostly Italian club goers, and the vibe is amazing.  Great club, great music, but it is a bit outside the city center.

10.  The San Lorenzo Leather Market

You can’t come to Florence without buying something leather.  Italy is known for having some of the finest leather goods, and you definitely should treat yo self to something.  I spent about 130 euros on a leather jacket at the market for my birthday, and it’s still one of my favorite items of clothing.  Even if you don’t get something, it’s a must-see in Florence.  Remember, you have to BARTER.

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