Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is an incredible city that has something to offer everyone.  From the stunning Petronas Towers, The Menara Tower (the tallest tower in SEA), the Batu Caves, incredible shopping, amazing food, and a solid nightlife scene; this city is definitely one of my favorite places in Asia.  I’ve spent a good amount of time here, and I’m going to share with you guys this incredible secret, which I believe to be the absolute best thing to do in Kuala Lumpur.

The Regalia Condominium Infinity Pool


I first discovered this gem (which I actually think is one of the coolest pools in the world) back in September 2014.  I had friends who stayed at the Regalia, and I felt so lucky that they were able to show me this incredible pool.

Now you might be asking yourself, do you have to be a guest to use this pool? ….NO!

**Update October 2016**

Unfortunately, the security has become extremely strict at the Regalia Condominium, and YES YOU DO HAVE TO RENT A ROOM AT REGALIA CONDOMINIUM TO HAVE POOL ACCESS!  There’s a security guard who works at the pool entrance, and you need to have a elevator key-card to show.

If you sign up for AirBNB with this link, you’ll get $38 off your first visit!  Which is easily a free-nights accommodation at The Regalia!  Trust me.  You want to stay here!  It’s so awesome!  :-)

If you’re not a Regalia guest…

You can still head up to the 37th floor to check out the new restaraunt, The Hemisphere which is open to everyone.  You’ll get amazing views of the city, and if you’re smart you can get into the pool area for some quick photos!


How Do I Get There?

For those who haven’t been to Kuala Lumpur before, you’ll quickly learn that the public transportation system works very well, and the Regalia Condominium is well connected to two different metro stops — PUTRA or PWTC.  It’s also just a short minute walk from the new Sunway Putra mall.

An easier option would just be to take a Taxi or Uber.  Pretty much all of the drivers know of the Regalia Condominium.  First time taking uber, sign-up with code “SUD89” for a free ride.


How Do I Get Up To The Pool ?


The pool is located on the 37th floor.  If you’re not staying at the Regalia, you’ll need to have a security guard buzz you up to the restaurant.   You MIGHT be able to sneak into the pool area , but it’s pretty tight these days.  You should be able to at least go in for a few minutes to take some photos.


Extra Tips

  • If you can, go on a weekday…it’s a lot less busy than the weekends.
  • Bring pool essentials.  Sunscreen, Book, Sunglasses, Towel, Music player, Headphones, etc.
  • Bring some booze of your own.  The Hemisphere alcohol is really pricey.
  • The food at the Hemisphere is expensive for Malaysian standards, so bring some snacks, or prepare to spend a decent amount of money.

Definitely make sure you check out this view at night as well.  A night swim is also a great idea!


No matter what you do during your time in Kuala Lumpur, make sure you make your way up to this pool!  The pictures you’ll get are incredible, and it’s just one of the best places to relax, take a swim, and enjoy one of the best views of the city.

Update:  I have heard from one of my readers that the security has become more strict in the past year, so I’d highly recommend booking an AirBNB!   But if you can’t get into the pool, definitely check out the Hemisphere Restaurant views up on the 37th floor.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Great post! I’ve been thinking about traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket by train, is this something you can recommend? Thanks!

    • Jones says:

      Yeah, absolutely. If you have time, you should make a stop in Penang, or Langkawi. I’ve taken the sleeper train from Surat Thani – Butterworth before, and it was really comfortable. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too complicated getting to Phuket.

  2. Sally says:

    Great pictures! I love KL… I definitely stayed in the same apartments in a Arbnb! The view was amazing! I have nominated you for the Liebster award… Check out the link :)

  3. Lilie says:

    Hi is march a good month to travel for island hopping? Going to start from kl-kohsamui-kohphangan-krabi-kohlanta-phuket-bangkok-pattaya-kl haha 16d 15nights travels. Will keep on reading ur blog for pointers

    • Jones says:

      Yeah absolutely! It’s so amazing during March! I’ve traveled the islands around March and it’s amazing. Hope you find some of my stuff useful! Feel free to email me with any questions!!

  4. Mudit says:

    Hi Jones

    Loved your description of the pool and have actually booked my stay out there for 1 day next week…..(and its a weekday!!). Since am coming from the airport…..am thinking of taking bus to City Centre (which one would you recommend?) and then a public transport from KL Sentral to either PWTC or Putra……? Which of these two would you recommend more for a person with small luggage.

    Also, any update on other areas to eat in Regalia building (Since we are vegetarians) and go walking nearby to see?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • Jones says:

      Putra is a little bit closer, but PWTC is also right by the mall which can be nice to walk through if you need to.

      It really doesnt matter though, Regalia is really easy to get to. I actually was just there about a week ago! :-) The Regalia has a restaurant on the 4th floor which is decent, and the Dhal is pretty tasty. It’s not the best meal in KL, but is pretty great.

      Also, you can check out a restaurant called Hyderabad which is by thw PWTC station. It’s so damn good!

  5. demirbilek_71@hotmail.com says:


    Thanks for the info. How to use the pool if you are not staying in a residences ? and what would be the price – how to purchase ?


    • Dave says:

      You could go up to the restaurant and take pictures, but unfortunately they have gotten a bit more strict. I would recommend getting an AirBNB! It’s really not that expensive!

  6. Barry Devlin says:

    Loving your web page. I have a question.. Is there a location in Kuala Lumpur where we can leave a backpack securely while we travel around Borneo?
    Many thanks in advance,

  7. Ieqa says:

    Hi may i know can we go to the pool for any kind of room we rent ? I mean like studio room or suite or else. So with the rent room we can go to pool ? Is it ? Sorry for my language


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