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Groove Cruise Is More Than A Music Festival…It’s a Family Reunion

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Have you ever attended an event where afterwards you feel completely physically and mentally drained, but at the same time spiritually revitalized…?

Top 10 Artists To See During Groove Cruise Cabo

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Just a few days ago I announced that I'll be attending Groove Cruise Cabo, and ever since I literally can't stop thinking about how insane this experience is going to be.  I've always dreamed of attending a music festival at sea, and I…

Wonderfruit Festival 2014: Festival Review

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LIVE.  LOVE.  WONDER.  It's only been a little over a week since the first day of Wonderfruit, and I'm already counting down the dates to next year.  This "3-Day Journey Through The Arts" was one of the most fun and unique festivals…