Top 17 Travel Tips for Backpacking the East Coast of Australia

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Looking for the best Australia Travel Tips for traveling down the east coast?  Well, look no further, because you've come to the right place!   From snorkeling in the jaw-dropping Great Barrier Reef, sailing through the idyllic…

25 Tips for Backpacking Thailand

Backpacking Thailand is like enrolling in "Backpacking 101"!   It's the absolute perfect destination for new backpackers and travelers, because it's an amazing country with a little something to offer everyone!  With that being said, going…

77 Amazing, Helpful, and Money-Saving Tips for South-East Asia

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I've spent in total over 15 months backpacking around South-East Asia.  I think it's the absolute best part of the world for long-term travel, and can truly be a life-changing experience.  I got an email the other day asking about advice and…