Jai Thep Festival Thailand - Best Festivals 2020

The 10 Best Music Festivals in Thailand

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If you're looking for the best music festivals in Thailand, you've definitely come to the right place. There are tons of festivals in the "land of smiles!"


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  Looking for the best places to party in South-East Asia?  Well, I'm here to help.  I've spent a good time traveling, backpacking, and partying around this corner of the world, and this place definitely has some top-notch…

3 Reasons Why I’ll Never Go Back to Koh Phangan for New Years Eve

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Planning a trip to for Koh Phangan New Years Eve...? Well, maybe you should re-think that decision!  But please don't let the title mislead you; I actually love Koh Phangan!   The epic parties, the house music, the stunning…

Why Every South-East Asia Backpacker Should Read "I Of The Sun"

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"I stepped into a new continent, the biggest of them all.  Elevated train ride to the main building and through Immgration.  I grabbed my backpack from the belt and gazed around the huge glass arrivals hall.  Outside a wall of eager taxi…