Well, I’m currently writing this in Cambodia, but I’ve only been here a few short days.  It’s always fun to write posts like this where I get the chance to look back and reflect on what I’ve been up to the past month.  November has been great, but it has had its up and downs.  From spending an amazing week in Langkawi with a great group of friends, exploring the southern Thailand islands in the Andaman sea, and getting a lot of homework / recharging my travel batteries in Kuala Lumpur, the past 30 days have been amazing.  I did however get a bad case of food poisoning in Ao Nang which was rough, and dealt with a fair amount of bad weather.  But traveling does not always go perfectly.  It’s all about the journey though.

Where I Went

November 1st – 3rd – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 4th-9th  –  Langkawi, Malaysia
November 10th-11th –  Krabi Town, Thailand
November 12th-16th– Ao Nang / Railey Beach
November 17th-20th- Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
November 21 – 23rd- Koh Lanta, Thailand
November 24th – 28th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 29th-3oth – Phnomh Penh, Cambodia

Blog Posts I’ve Written This Month

Favorite Instagram:

This was taken early on in the month during my first night in Langkawi.  The sunset that night was easily one of the best I’ve seen during this backpacking trip in Asia.  The colors were amazing, and kept changing over the course of a couple hours.  I was also with some great company, so that definitely helps the memory.  :)

Head in the clouds.

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December is in full swing now, and I’m currently in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.  I got a week left here before I head back to Thailand for a month or so.  Then, who knows.  I think it’s either going to be staying in Koh Tao for a month, backpacking Myanmar, or moving to Kuala Lumpur.  All I know is that I look to the future with excitement.  Life as a traveling grad student is almost over, and I start my last two classes early January.  Been having an amazing time out in Asia, and I know the future has got much more in store for me!

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