Before I get into anything about my time in KL, I have to give the biggest shoutout to my host Danielle.  I couldn’t be happier we met that beautiful day in Langkawi in March 2014!  Travelers UNITE!  You’ve shown me the best parts of KL, and I can’t wait to cruise back for round 2.

Original Plan – Stay 3 days –  Then Onto Bali

I actually came to Kuala Lumpur back in March for a music festival, and too be honest…was not that impressed.  It just seemed like an extremely smoggy city, rather expensive for South-East Asia,  and did not have much to offer besides marveling at the massive Petronas Towers and a quick day-trip to the Batu Caves.

After my first weekend here, I realized I needed to stay longer.  Why?  Well the very first night we went out I saw a completely different side of KL.  “The Expat Side” as I would call it.  An awesome group of friends from England, Canada, and New Zealand just teaching English here and loving it.  Had dinner, drinks, attended a rooftop party, and a late night kebab.  Perfect night, right?


An incredible place I’ve never heard of before.  Tons of amazing restaurants, bars, and clubs with a wide variety of options.  I had dinner there a few times, and the food was delicious.  If you’re looking for a great and affordable dinner, Changkat is where it’s at.  Absolutely delicious.


Family Style….

The Swimming Pool.

By far the best infinity pool I’ve been to.  Can you blame me for wanting to stay?


Oh, just admiring the view…

Little India

I honestly don’t know how I missed this part of KL the first time I was here.  Really cool street with great and incredibly cheap food.  I’m talking $1.50 for a full meal where you’ll be too full to walk after.

Aristo Club

Nightlife.  Always great to see how a city parties, and Aristo is an incredible venue.  Good vibes, beautiful people, and just an overall great time.  Came here twice during my 10 days, and would definitely will be going back.

Luxury Living


air-conditioning is luxury to me…

Honestly, this might be the biggest factor that made me extend my time in Bali.  You should have seen my reaction when walking into Danielle’s apartment.  After 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, sleeping in a simple hut with a fan, I forgot how comfortable an apartment could be.  I had my own room, incredibly comfy bed, and my own bathroom.  A great way to decompress, relax, and unwind.

The Homework Factor

Did you forget that I’m a travelling grad-student?  Yeah, homework takes up a lot of my time.  It’s nice to be able to do it abroad and travel at the same time, but I had a massive 15 page paper due on Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi.  It was so nice to have a nice apartment, quick wi-fi, and could really focus on finishing my work.  I finished my paper and all my weekly assignments, and had a great last weekend in KL!

Overall, I just fell in love with Kuala Lumpur.  Maybe I went into thinking it was just not the city for me, but it’s an amazing place to live and work.  Maybe I’ll move there one day.  Who knows?  Thanks to everyone I met during my 10 days in KL!  You guys are incredible!


Pre-game on Floor 5…

Have you been to Kuala Lumpur??  What’s your favorite thing to do in the city?  Leave me a reply!


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