After realizing how amazing Kuala Lumpur is, I could not wait to get back here to celebrate Halloween.  My good friends Danielle & Hutchy, who I met back in March in Langkawi decided to throw a party at their condominium in KL.  I got to admit, normally for Halloween I would be planning on going to some big music festival, club event, or a long night bar hopping.  However, I could not have been more stoked for this party.  I even strategically planned my month in Bali so my 30 day visa would end right in time for me to head back to KL for the party.

My Costume:  A Hipster…


Danielle didn’t smile all night…costume commitment

Lame, kinda, yeah.  I don’t care.  It was still fun to dress up in a fake ridiculous mustache, rock a fedora, pop out the lenses of my fake ray bans, throw on a scarf, and drink my adult beverages out of a Starbucks cup all night.

The Facebook Event had about 35 people attending, so I was expecting a pretty decent crowd, but it actually turned into an absolutel rager.  I’d say at one point there were 50-55 people in this condo.

The music was blasting, the drinks were flowing, and there was actually food provided.

The best part about this party was the amount of diversity.  I’ve never been at a small gathering where so many cultures were represented.  Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, Turkey, France, Spain, Croatia, China, Malaysia, Germany, etc.  It was also kinda fun being the only American there.

Overall – it was just an epic night.  It was awesome to see a great group of people come together, dress up, and have a blast.  Special shoutout to Danielle and Hutchy for opening up their condo to let us party in.

Check out some of the photos below.












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