The 28 Days of February came and went by extremely quickly.  The first half of the month, including my birthday on the 14th, I spent entirely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  As may or may not know, I’ve been living there on and off for the past few months.  I got a great deal on an amazing room in the best condo’s in KL, and love when I get to go there and relax.  What is funny, is that my pace of life changed drastically from the start to end.  In Kuala Lumpur, I live very leisurely.  I have a nice comfy room, fast wi-fi, an an awesome rooftop pool.  It’s relaxed.  But right when I got to Hong Kong, things changed quickly.  I was out and about doing something new everyday, staying in very cheap dirty dorms, and went back to my “backpacker roots”.

Where I Went:

February 1st- February 15th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

February 16th- February 23rd – Hong Kong

February 24th – Macau

February 25th – 27th – Manila, Philippines

February 28th – Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines


1.  My birthday was definitely a great night out in Kuala Lumpur.  Unfortunately, all my friends who live in KL were either traveling, or having date nights (as my birthday is also Valentine’s Day), so I journeyed out into the city alone.  Lucky for me, as a solo traveler, it is not too complicated for me to meet people.  I actually posted something in a FB group about going out in KL, met a guy who said he was in the same situation, and we met up at the popular backpacker’s hostel, Regge Mansion, and partied at their rooftop.  It was a great night, met some cool ass people, and celebrated my 26 years of being alive.


2.  The Hong Kong Lunar Year Firework Display was one of the most incredible fireworks shows I’ve ever witnessed.  My entire week in Hong Kong was very memorable, but that was definitely a highlight.  Going to Disneyland was great as well, along with seeing all the major sights in the city.


Favorite Instagram

In the past month, my instagram game has improved so much.  It’s all because I got my a new Nikon D3300.  All I’m upset about is that I didn’t buy it earlier.  Having a nice camera has given me a whole new purpose for travel.  I’m obsessed.

Overall, February was a solid month.   A good mix of relaxing, and recharging my batteries, and seeing new places, and feeding my wanderlust.  March is already in full swing, and I’m in the Philippines, and absolutely loving being back around beaches.  :)

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