I was rudely awoken from a deep (Melatonin & Valium) induced sleep.  An AirAsia stuardess tapped me on the shoulder, and  told me I had to put my chair back to it’s upright and locked position.

Come on lady, I know we won’t be landing for at least another 30 minutes.

Once we arrived, I grabbed my backpack, and continued to Immigration and Customs…

I’ll admit I was a little nervous for my Australian arrival.  Would they find the extra couple packs of cigarettes I decided it was worth to sneak in…?  Nope, they didn’t.  The ginger hair and glasses always throw them off.  Maybe I should become an international smuggler…?  

I collected yet another visa stamp, picked up my backpack from baggage claim, and walked through the exit…

I’ve made it to Sydney…

I proceeded to the train station, and began to to follow the directions on how to get to my friend’s house where I’ll be staying for my first couple weeks  in Sydney.  

 – Little background – 

In January 2014 I attended the hedonistic all-night rave known as the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan.  I had only been in Thailand for no more than two weeks, and was a complete rookie to backpacking South-East Asia.  The girl I was traveling with at the time, Cathy, and I got all settled at our booked accommodation, and were fortunate enough to meet three of the coolest Aussie dudes I’ve met during my travels.

The Full Moon Party is epic, especially if you’re with the right people.  We put on our neon outfits, drank copious amounts of buckets, and danced the whole night until the sunrose on Haad Rin Beach.  You never forget your first Full Moon Party — it was an epic experience.  


Anyways, Cathy, myself, and our Australian mates all met back up in Bangkok for another couple wild nights filled with Chang Beer, Soi Cowboy, and Sukhumvit Clubbing.   We then said our goodbyes not knowing when our paths would cross again.  With the help of Facebook, we’ve been able to stay in touch.

I reached out to my good friend Ed, and fortunately was told I’d be able to crash at his place for a week or two while I get settled here in Sydney.  This is helping me out tremendously, because hostels / accommodation is ridiculously expensive.  This is saving me at least 400-500 A.U.D.

– The First Day Jitters –  

I boarded the train and got off at Central Station.  Once I stepped foot out that first door, I had this overwhelming feeling that is hard to explain.  It was truly a clusterf*ck of emotions…

I couldn’t help but ask myself — What am I doing here?  Why didn’t I go back home to California?  Why didn’t I stay in South-East Asia?  

I had so many options to choose from, did I pick the right one?    

Change is not an easy part of life that comes easy.  I’ve been talking about moving to Australia for so long, but now that it has finally arrived — it freaked me out.  

It wasn’t until the train I was on passed over Sydney Harbour bridge, and I got a brief glimpse of the iconic Opera House.    


 —Yeah, I’m ready — 

I might have to work my ass off to live in Sydney, but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

My feelings of doubt and nervousness are completely normal.  I remember I had the same emotions the night before my first ever flight to Bangkok.  I had lived in Europe for so long, it was comfortable and normal to me.  I was actually terrified to leave Europe, and begin my travels in Thailand.  

I know LAUGH at how scared I was, because going to South-East Asia completely changed my life

But now I’ve put myself in that same position.  

I spent a lot of time out in Asia, and I really do love it out there…but it was time for another change.  

I’ve learned that you can’t be scared about making these types of big decisions.  

  • What if I never studied abroad in Rome?
  • What if I chose to do graduate school in the States rather than in The Netherlands?
  •  What if I never boarded that plane to Bangkok?
  • What if I chose to move back home to California instead of coming to Sydney?  

Getting back to city life

Life is all about NEW experiences.

I have no idea what the next year has in store for me.

All I know is that I’m going to make the most of it.  I’m going to have to work pretty damn hard because I’m currently FLAT BROKE — but it’s all about the experience.     

If you’re currently living in Australia, or planning on visiting anytime soon, please let me know!  

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