If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with electronic music.  Having lived in Europe for several years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend many different electronic music festivals.  During the Fall 2013 when I was studying in the Netherlands, I went to all three of these festivals, and had some of my favorite nights in Europe.  If you get the chance; visits these incredible cities, and party all night to some of the best DJ’s in the world.    

1.  Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

Amsterdam Dance Event – October 15-19, 2014

Having been to this event the past 3 years, I can strongly say that this is an experience that will never be forgotten. What is different about this than an ordinary music festival, is that it is mainly a massive electronic music convention. The biggest artists from around the world are all in Amsterdam playing different shows throughout the 5 days.

Amsterdam is also one of my favorite cities in Europe, and there is no better time to visit this city than during this massive festival. The city comes alive, and there is an amazing vibe going in the air. Or maybe that’s the weed? Either way, it’s an amazing experience.

Check out the website for the massive line-up and confirmed events and venues.


My Recommendations
  1. Definitely go to at least ONE event at the Awakenings Parties at Gashouder.
  2. Amsterdam Music Festival is at an amazing venue and impressive EDM line-up.
  3. Check out an event at TROUW Amsterdam, as it closes it’s doors at the end of the year.
  4. Hit up one event at Escape Club.  (Roger Sanchez on Sunday night is amazing)
  5. Attend one of the Warehouse Nights with HYTE


2.  I Love Techno – Ghent, Belgium

I Love Techno – Saturday, November 8, 2014

One of the oldest and most well-known festivals in Europe, I Love Techno will definitely not disappoint. Held in a massive convention building with six different rooms, I Love Techno has something to offer everyone. It’s loud. It’s grimey. It’s techno.

It’s held in a small but amazing city called Gent, which is just a short train ride away from Brussels. There’s typically cheap flights available, and is an ideal location for a quick weekend trip.  This is perfect for a weekend trip to explore Brussels, Ghent, and get your dose of quality music.  OH……. and Brodinski B2b Gesaffelstein!!


3.  Transmission Festival – Prague

Transmission – Prague – November 25, 2014

Transmission is one of Europe’s leading Trance festivals, and was one of the best nights I had during the Fall 2013 semester! The production value in the arena is insane, and I have never seen better lasers and light shows in my entire life.  Every year they bring the best Trance DJ’s, and they play nothing but the best pure trance.  Even if you don’t like trance music that much, it is still an incredible party with an amazing atmosphere.

Prague is also one of my favorite cities in Europe. It’s cheap, beautiful, and there’s tons to explore. As well, when the music festival is not going on, the nightlife in Prague is ridiculous.

For more information, check out their website

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